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Free Shipping On eBa Up to 45% Off on Full Line of Range Finders by Authorized Dealer. Choose Yours This table is an effort to give a quick overall view, so minor variations and rare limited production cameras have been left out. Info was compiled from 3 sources: 300 Leica Copies by Pont/Princelle, Leica Copies by HPR, and The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet Camera by Jean Loup Princelle The Fed 2 Russian Rangefinder is not a complicated camera. As I said earlier. Its essentially a light tight box with an adjustable shutter. The shutter speeds are limited to Bulb, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250 and 1/500. That's it. It does have diopter adjustment though. And a cold shoe with sync socket on the front

The best would possibly be the Zorki 6 as it has the most modern features but in reality, the best Soviet rangefinder is the one (still) working. Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2015. Soles occidere et redire possunt: Nobis, cum semel occidit brevis lux, Nox est perpetua una dormienda. - Catullus - Kiev 4. A better 35mm rangefinder than any FED or Zorki, the Kiev rangefinders were copied from Contax and used the same Contax lens mount. KMZ and FED made mass-market, super cheap cameras for the masses but Kievs were aimed at professionals so they were (usually) better made and more advanced than their Russian contemporaries. - Horizon MISCELLANEOUS RUSSIAN RANGEFINDER CAMERAS and LENSES Leningrad #582527, c.1958, spring drive, Jupiter-8 5cm/2 #6603946, n/w shutter, case, Ex+ $145.as-is Leningrad #586329, c.1958, spring drive, Jupiter-8 5cm/2 #5427948, n/w shutter, case, Ex+ $145.as-i

Best Russian rangefinder. Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by bstinshoff, Mar 12, 2008. bstinshoff. I've been toying with getting one of those Leica copies like a Zorki or Fed. Which model would you recommend for a shooter rather than a collector Zeiss Ikon C Biogon T ZM 2.8/35 Wide-Angle Camera Lens for Leica M-Mount Rangefinder Cameras, Black (1486-393-L) 4.0 out of 5 stars 6. $903.00. Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Industar-50-2 M42 3,5/50 USSR Soviet Union Russian Pancake Camera Lens 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 8 offers. The designers removed the rangefinder housing and replaced it with a ground-glass screen and prism. Then they added a mirror below and pushed the M39 thread mount a little forward to make space for the mirror. These were the most exported Russian cameras, and the cameras themselves went through frequent redesign FED 5 - Russian Rangefinder Love! With exact specifications as Leicas, the FED found its way into the hand of many photographers who grew to love the quirks of this camera. Adapting the designs of its predecessors, the FED 5 was an improvement more than a complete makeover. From its roots from Leica, the external cosmetics are similar to those. Want to get into rangefinder photography? These bargain rangefinder cameras from the former Soviet Union are great to get started with!Cameras: Zorki 1, Zork..

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  1. Russian SOVIET CAMERA FED 5v Rangefinder camera 80s with lens Industar-61 L / D 2.8 / 55 Rangefinder camera. SovietBoxUA. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) $39.99 FREE shipping. Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Favorite
  2. Produced 1959-61 (1960) KMZ, Krasnogorsk (Moscow), Russia Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24 x 36mm Weight Lens LTM Jupiter-8 (KMZ copy of Zeiss Sonnar) 50mm 1:2-22 Filter size 40.5mm threaded, 42mm slip-on Focal range 1m to infinity Viewfinder coupled rangefinder Exposure meter none Read More.
  3. This is it, the one that started my buying binge, the collector's item that infected me with the Russian rangefinder bug and the Classic Camera bug. The Kiev 4 had been described in an ebay auction by a camera dealer — the irony was lost on me at the time — as a 'Poor Man's Leica' (aren't they all!) and I thought, hm, I'll never.
  4. The Zorki family of rangefinders, produced in the Soviet Union from the 1950's to the 1970's, are often thought of as the archtypical russian camera. Kitschy and the subject of a small cult following, they're heavy, being entirely metal, are fully mechanical,.
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The first thing you'll notice about Russian cameras, and the thing that initially draws most people to them, is the price. They are incredibly affordable. A Leica from the 1960s might cost you $600, a Zorki or Fed from the same period might cost $60. The same principle applies to the lenses. Initially I just wanted to get a rangefinder camera A group test and comparison of seven Russian Rangefinders - Fed 1, Fed 2, Zorki 3, Zorki 4K, Kiev 3A, Kiev 4 and Fed 4. Which will come out on top?You can su.. The manual that came with it is entirely in Russian so it's of no use and I understand that the rangefinder in the lower left is a scale for a 1.5 meter object at various distances (starting with 200m out to 1000m). My question is three fold. What standard object were the russians thinking of to use as the 1.5meter standard Russian rangefinders 10 tp 12 years ago were very inexpensive. One could buy a Zorki 4; Jupiter-8 5cm F2 lens; case for 9 to 12 bucks; say 16 to 19 with freight to the USA. I bought over a dozen of them like this as singles; paid with a 20 dollar bil ie cash thru the mail Soviet Rangefinder Camera Zorki-1 film 35mm+Lens Industar-22 USSR Russian Leica. $50.00. $25.00 shipping. or Best Offer. EXPORT EDITION! RUSSIAN USSR ZORKI 4 CAMERA + JUPITER-8 LENS, f2/50mm. $69.99

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Russian Rangefinder Lenses. Nov 27, 2015. 2. While the lenses I use most on my Sony A3000 are my Konica Hexanon AR equipment, there are certain applications for which I like the effects provided by my older Russian lenses. I originally bought a FED 3 rangefinder back in 2002 and it came with a standard Industar 61 50mm f2.8 lens A picture is worth many words but it doesn't have to be worth many dollars! At Used Photo Pro, we carry used rangefinder lenses from Russian Made, Leica, and other brands at unbelievable prices Russian Rangefinder Lenses Started Nov 27, 2015 | Discussions thread Forum: Parent: First: Previous: Next: Flat view: MOD Tom Caldwell • Forum Pro • Posts: 40,850 Re: Russian Rangefinder Lenses In reply to.

Leica M7 0.72 35mm Rangefinder Camera body black with 0.72 viewfinder magnification u.s.a. #10503 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 FED-2 Type C USSR Soviet Union Russian 35 mm Leica copy Rangefinder Camera Industar-26M len I notice many of the Russian ships have what appears to be double arms on their rangefinders. This seems unique to Russian ships and I was wondering what the purpose was. They are on some pretty big gunned ships so I assume it isn't separate aircraft and surface optics. Edited June 3, 2020 by Sabot_100. Share this post

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Warning on Foreign Laser RangeFinders!! Everyone needs to understand that these are Russian military lasers that are either normally a FDA class IIIa or IIIb laser device, which means that they definitely are not eye safe and can permanently damage someones eye if they lase a person on purpose or by accident Rangefinder. From The Dreadnought Project. Jump to: navigation. , search. A rangefinder (sometimes range-finder or R.F.) is an optical instrument used to estimate range to an object. A single such observation, or cut , was subject to errors which generally increased in proportion to the actual range

Inexpensive lenses can be had by using the often high quality -- but inconsistent -- Russian lenses made for the Kiev Contax copy. See Contax profiles. Voigtlander also introduced the classic Contax Rangefinder mount Bessa R2C in 2002 Trust your Bushnell for precision distance that makes all the difference. Upgrade your game by adding the #1 rangefinder in golf to your bag Namely, the combined view- and rangefinder with a large (67 mm) base distance. This got shorter again in later models. In addition, the Russian engineers replaced the removable bottom with a removable camera back making the loading of the film a lot easier I processed the film excitedly, hoping I would finally see in-focus results from a Russian rangefinder. As I hung the developed negatives up to dry I noticed an odd repeating pattern. They almost looked like half-frame negatives. First roll through the second FED-5c, which came equipped with an Industar 61-L/D 53mm lens

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  1. But after shooting and writing about the Zenit-E SLR and the medium-format Kiev 60, I began to feel the need to round out my socialist shooting experience with a third camera, and a rangefinder seemed the perfect fit. And when it comes to Soviet rangefinders, the FED is a strong choice. I loved the first two Soviet cameras I reviewed
  2. In Soviet Russia, DIY Laser Rangefinder Scan YOU!! Yakov Smirnoff used to say, In America, you can always find a party. In Soviet Russia, Party finds YOU!!. Only here, it's a laser.
  3. e is a revision 2 model which puts it somewhere in the second half of that period
  5. Rangefinder cameras have big problems with focusing closer than 23-40 inches. But even at this distance, the viewfinder is not far enough from the subject to tune into it comfortably. Best Rangefinders. Don't confuse rangefinders with rangefinder cameras. A laser rangefinder is an electronic optical device used for measuring the distance to.
  6. Fedka Web Site. About Fedka and Russian Cameras. Many camera collectors already know me as fedka on eBay, but a website is a more personal endeavor, so let me introduce myself. My name is Yuri Boguslavsky, and I live in New York City. I was born in Ukraine (part of the Soviet Union until 1991), moving to America in 1989. I am currently working.

Accessory Finders . by Karen Nakamura . Overview Although in this day and age of 100% coverage SLR finders and digital LCD viewscreens, it's hard to remember that in the golden days of early 35mm photography before the 1950s, it was possible to buy a camera that didn't have any coupled focusing mechanism - this was euphemistically called scale focusing - or a camera whose built-in finder. All these models are derivatives of the pre-WW2 Contax rangefinder bodies, and were made after the WW2 by Arsenal factory in Kiev, former USSR. 1 Unmetered models 1.1 Kiev-2 1.2 Kiev-2A 1.3 Kiev-4A 1.4 Kiev-4AM 2 Metered models 2.1 Kiev-3 2.2 Kiev-3A 2.3 Kiev-4 2.4 Kiev-4M 2.5 Kiev-5 3 Notes and..

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Mir is a 35mm film rangefinder camera, manufactured by Krasnogorsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (KMZ) , (=Mechanical Factory of Krasnogorsk), in Moscow, former USSR. Мир = Mir, means Peace. All Mir produced between 1959-61. The Mir is slightly simplified version of the well known former Soviet Union Leica inspired camera, the Zorki 4, lacking the slow shutter speed mechanism (it also lacks the. Choose AOFAR,Enjoy Life! Contact us with Official mailbox,reply with in 24 hours,Product with Two-year warranty Compass: Ideal for Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Mountaineering, Boating, positioning, mapping. Rangefinder:Ideal for Golf, Hunting,Golf Tournament(slope switch function) Rangefinder Adjustment. some Russian lenses were calibrated with vodka). To do this, you need a good ground glass focusing aid on the focal plane of the camera. Dave Passmore (DavePDawg) has sent me some photos of a focusing aid that uses the focusing screen off an old Nikon camera mounted on a cheap 20x magnifying loupe (linen checker).. The Lomography New Jupiter 3+ 1.5/50 L39/M is a clone of the classic Russian Jupiter 3 lens, fresh off the production line, but you pay a big premium for buying new. MSRP $649.00 $649.0

Hacking A Cheap Laser Rangefinder. When a new piece of technology comes out, the price is generally so high that it keeps away everyone but the die hard early adopters. But with time the prices. POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope w/ 1000 Meter Rangefinder, AK Version. The POSP series is world famous for its quality and is current military issue for the Red Army. It is built battlefield-tough from magnesium alloy and has fully multi-coated optics. A great assault weapon scope with 1000m Dragunov marked metering grids, these illuminated reticule.

Customer Reviews by Jupiter 9 rangefinder Russian lens M39 black. There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Create review. Product description. Jupiter-9 M39 lens Telefocus fast lens for rangefinder cameras. Equipped with iris. Originally had the title HCC-85 - Zonnar Krasnogorsky, 85 mm, and exist in. This is a Russian Zorki C 35mm rangefinder film camera body in very good overall condition. c.1957. I have owned this camera for around eight years. It takes L39 thread mount lenses. The shutter fires on all speeds and sounds accurate to the ear. Though not tested. The rangefinder is accurate and the focus spot is clearly visible Zeiss Optical Company was the primary developer of German rangefinders, and attempted from the beginning to deliver the highest possible precision. In spite of their best efforts, they found that they were unable to prevent their rangefinders from giving poor results

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Contax II 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera W/ Sonnar 50mm F2 & Case - READ. $336.75. Was: $449.00. $14.00 shipping. or Best Offer. 21 watching The Hi-Matic E was one of the many film cameras produced as a part of the company's 35mm rangefinder lineup. Our favorite model, and the one featuring the best value, is the Hi-Matic E. Released.

Where are Rangefinder Reticles Used. The main areas where rangefinder reticles are used in connection with binoculars and monoculars include: 1) Marine Binoculars. Many of the best marine binoculars come with a reticle rangefinder, that enable those aboard boats, yachts and other marine vessels to calculate the distances. 2) Golf Rangefinders In 2018, leading Russian small arms research, development, and testing institute called TSNIITOCHMASH (and yes, even Russians can't pronounce this name) presented a new pistol called Udav (in Russian, Udav means Boa constrictor). Last year at the Army 2019 exhibition, they also presented a civilian version of the same pistol called Aspid (Viper) MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Finland's decision to supply laser rangefinders to Ukraine may be interpreted as direct support of 'party of war', Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday. Deliveries of potential elements of lethal weapons may be interpreted in Kiev as a direct line of support provided to the 'party of war','' a statement on the.

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Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933-1968. Hove Collectors Books. West Sussex, United Kingdom. 1985. ISBN -906447-30-5. Peter Dechert's book is the most important expert source of information regarding Canon Rangefinder Cameras. 2 Kitchingman, Peter. Canon M39 Rangefinder Lenses 1939-1971. A Collector's Guide. Published by Peter Kitchingman Fed 2 USSR Russian 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera w/ Industar-26m f2.8 52 mm Lens. AU $66.59. + AU $26.64 shipping. + AU $26.64 shipping + AU $26.64 shipping. Seller 100% positive. Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive


According to the product page, the Zenit-M was designed in Russia and was assembled in Germany. The rangefinder camera will be paired with a 35mm f/1.0 Zenitar lens. Unlike the camera body, the. The Russian camera brand Zenit has announced a new full-frame mirrorless camera. Called the Zenit M, it's a rangefinder based on the Leica M (Type 240) created in collaboration with Leica.. A rangefinder scope isn't that uncommon, many brands make them. One thing to note is that there can be some variation in the exact design of the rangefinding scope. Some brands will use different types of markings, different distances, and/or play with size and color in the reticle ©2021 Newcon Optik (Division of Newcon International Ltd.) All rights reserve


LEICA IIIf rangefinder and viewfinder windows. enlarge. The 1.5x rangefinder telescope often needs its own focus adjusted so that you can see it most clearly so that you can in turn focus the camera. This adjustment is the little lever around the rewind knob. One time a Russian border guard tried to confiscate this LEICA EXPORT RUSSIAN USSR ZORKI 4 RANGEFINDER CAMERA + INDUSTAR-50 lens f3.5/50. Showing Slide 1 of 2. Zorki-6 Camera Lens Industar-50 & Industar-50 3.5/50. Soviet USSR Rangefinder. C $120.34. + C $27.62 shipping. + C $27.62 shipping + C $27.62 shipping. Seller 96.1% positive

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A Leica-built, Russian-designed Zenit M rangefinder clone with a 35mm f/1.0 lens. The Russian Zenit is making waves at Photokina this week. We've been to the Zenit booth to find out what all the fuss is about. The Leica phenomenon. We're in Cologne, Germany for Photokina 2018 and it's a German company that keeps on making the headlines. It is best used on Russian weapons like the AS-VAL and VSS Vintorez due to their low effective ranges (thank you for catching that haxfar) 1: Crosshair and windage markings. These are used in exactly the same way as the PSO-1M2. 2. Stadiametric Rangefinder The Lord IIA is a 35mm rangefinder introduced in 1954 by Okaya Optical Works of Nagano, Japan. It is fitted with a 40 mm f/3.5 Highkor C. coated lens with a Seikosha-Rapid shutter. The cocking lever is located on the shutter itself and the camera is equipped with a double exposure prevention system. It is in a somewhat rough shape, but appears. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for everything related to Bushnell. Here you can find everything from our popular riflescopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes to our laser aiming, trail cameras, telescopes, and night vision optics. No matter what you're looking for, Bushnell products come standard with a reputation for excellence and.

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The Rangefinder is an Epic Tactical Attachment in Unturned 3.. The Rangefinder allows the player to view the range from the gun to the exact point the gun is aiming at. The distance is measured based on the measurement system the game is set to, which is meters if metric is set, or yards if imperial is set Zorki 4 - 35mm Rangefinder Camera from Russia KMZ. About Zorki and KMZ. Zorki is a series of cameras manufactured by the KMZ factory in Russia. In 1942, KMZ was setup in Krasnogorsk around Moscow to manufacture military optical devices for Soviets. KMZ started to produce the camera in 1946, including the 120 bellows camera Moskva, which is a. Zorki-4 rangefinder from 1967 - 50 years of Soviet Power! $ 129.95 Read more. Zenit TTL 35mm film SLR Helios-44M 58mm f/2.0 from 1980 $ 89.95 Add to cart. m42 Macro Ring Extension Tubes - Soviet made, 3x $ 16.95 Add to cart. Excellent soviet Helios-44m-4 58mm f/2.0, s/n 9037599 Like anything Russian, the engineering and finish isn't always elegant but it just goes on forever. Their rangefinder cameras were copies of Leica and Contax cameras. I did have a Fed3 and it was excellent, My abiding memory of it was the wind on knob being so stiff it made my fingers sore, but it produced lovely crisp images and the. Neat Russian rangefinder. Functioning is unknown to me. Without film it seems not to work! KMZ 1960-1963, medium format, 120 roll film Agfa Super Isolette copy With Industar-58 75 mm lens Shipping via PostNL

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The Golden Age. The 40's and 50's were the golden era of the 35mm rangefinder camera.Leica,Contaxand eventuallyNikon, along with a huge range of lesser lights, manufactured an array of rangefinder cameras at every price-point.Some of the greatest documentary photography of the 20th century, especially work done in Europe during the war years, and then the Korean War, were predominantly. POSP 4x24 with Simonov Reticule Page. POSP on Dragunov.net. This optic will work nicely on an SGL21 or most any 7.62x39 AK with a side rail and is a great value for the price. Note that the POSP has an MTK83 mount which makes it compatible with most AK rails. Normal SVD style mounts will not fit because the optic has a rivet in front the. range +‎ finder. Noun . rangefinder (plural rangefinders) Any of several designs of optical (or other) instrument that is used to measure the distance to an object (photography) Abbreviation of rangefinder camera. Synonyms . RF (abbreviation) Russian: дальноме́р.