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Top 10 Weird Images in Renaissance Paintings July 2, 2021 Religion Top 10 Catholic Saints with Crazy Origin Stories July 1, 2021 Movies and TV Top 10 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever July 1, 2021 Creepy Top 10 Unexpected Things About Denmark. by Theresa Maher. fact checked by Jamie Frater Drinking Copenhagen. 32. Grab a glass of wine at the trendy Pate Pate. 33. Head to Huset-KBH cultural center for one of their monthly Movie Drink-Alongs where they screen a cult classic and serve you guessed it! Drinks. 34. Get a craft beer at Mikkeller, a craft beer bar serving a mix of in-house brews and imports Speaking of weather, it rains (or snows in the winter) every other day in Denmark. On average the country gets 171 days of precipitation - of 0.004 inches or more - per year. It's one famous thing about Denmark. Denmark has 7,456 Miles of Bike Track Once you've ticked off Denmark's main sights, like taking a selfie with The Little Mermaid or a few days of fun at Tivoli and Legoland, you may start looking for something different. Well, Denmark has plenty of quirky attractions for off-the-beaten-path adventure seekers. Check out our list of unusual things to see and do The Danish Flag The flag of Denmark (Dannebrog in Danish) isn't an uncommon thing to see in the country. You can find it waving from the flag poles of houses, gardens, or even on top of their birthday cakes. The Danish flag is an important symbol to most Danes because it shows their love and connection to their country

Throne of Denmark Opulence and fantasy collide in this royal chair which is supposedly made with unicorn horns. See All 28 Things to Do in Copenhagen Cool Places to Eat & Drink in Copenhage In Denmark, culture can be described by these three aspects of Danish life: simplicity, politeness, and equality. A simple life is the essence of the culture of Denmark. Not much weight is given to possessions or high income, and bragging is considered rude. Another major aspect of Denmark culture is hygge, which is the concept of feeling.

Ole Worm's Cabinet of Curiosities. Flying lemmings, a unicorn's horn and the thigh bone of a giant — just some of the extraordinary objects on display at The Geological Museum's All Things Strange and Beautiful exhibition, made up of original pieces from the 17th Century Museum Wormianum, Denmark's very first museum Just some random things that I like about Denmark🤣comment below any cool things you like about the country! don't forget to subscribe and like the video ️ S.. Lets explore the best things to do in Denmark: 1. Visit the animals at Copenhagen Zoo Source: flickr Copenhagen Zoo. Copenhagen Zoo has the claim to fame of being one of the oldest zoos in the whole of Europe and it was first opened in 1859. The zoo sprawls over 27 acres of land and you find 264 different species here as over 3,000 animals call. 7. Denmark Is One of the World's Happiest Countries . With a score of 7.55 according to the 2018 Happiness Index, Denmark is the third happiest country in the world, while Finland and Norway occupy the top two positions. A prosperous economy, controlled population, equitable distribution of wealth, liberal social laws, high standard of living, and healthy work environments are all factors.

When someone in Denmark is very slim, they will be described as eel slim. (Åleslank) 12. When it's really windy, the weather will be described as half a pelican. (det blæser en halv pelikan) 13. In Denmark you don't get lucky instead you'll shoot the parrot. (skyder papegøjen) 14 Copenhagen is effortlessly cool, culturally rich, and the essence of Scandinavian chic. There is a lot to love here, to investigate and discover at your own pace, but in case you require some inspiration, I've put together my favorite 50 unique things to do in Copenhagen Well, this is it. After nearly seven years of living in Denmark and covering the Danish news in English, I'm on my way back to the US. I already know there are a lot of things I'll miss about this wonderful country and its people - and things I won't, but we'll save those for another day - but I'm sure the real impact won't be felt until I've been gone for a few months Jaywalking. While walking around Denmark, tourists will notice locals patiently waiting for the green-traffic light before crossing the street. That may not feel weird unless it's 4 am, it's snowing, and there are no cars to be found in a foreseeable distance. Danes never jaywalk

Weird? i think so. 3. You'd think that being like -81720198012801 degrees, noone would ever eat or drink anything that isnt hot as. well, no. i dont think ive ever been anywhere that eats as much as icecream as they do here! 4. this isnt something funny about denmark, but more about my lack of being able to speak danish A lot of things that a typical Dane tries to joke about also happen to be things that probably shouldn't be joked about. We can be as subtle as the Germans and as sarcastic as the Brits, but we also have a dark side to our humour that revolves around challenging political correctness and provoking what can be called a 'guilty laugh', often forgetting that a lot of foreigners find it. 50 Weird Laws Around the World. Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. We've compiled a list of 50 weird laws around the world you may not believe exist Denmark does a lot of things right - but it has been painted as a utopia by many, and it's not. * Relatively boring nature. Yes, there are some beautiful places, but overall the landscape and animal life will not leave many jaws dropped * A signif.. A money-saving, sanity-preserving, pleasure-maximizing guide to Denmark. Denmark is expensive. Japan expensive. Here's what $5 will buy you: a cup of coffee, a soft drink at a restaurant, a single metro ride, a postcard, half of an open-faced sandwich, two beers at a 7-11, a few minutes on a public phone

Leave a Comment on Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Denmark. Today we are taking a look at a country that is quite wealthy, has only 5.6 million citizens and is one of the smallest countries set within the Scandinavian region. I am talking about Denmark and here are the very best things to see and do if you are planning a visi Here're 10 things about Denmark that you should be aware of. { 1 } Watch Out For Bikes. Cyclists are the kings in Denmark. While you can't see as many cyclists in China today as 30-years ago, the number of cyclists in Denmark has been increasing. There're an estimated 7,000 kilometres of dedicated bicycle paths and lanes in Denmark And we asked our new students what they considered strange in Denmark and among Danish natives. A few of the suggestions are a bit cryptic. So if any of you can come up with explanations or a new interesting discovery, please enlighten the rest of us by giving us a comment in the box below There are definitely some of the weird and wonderful things to do in Denmark and see Scandinavia's smallest empire from the whole new perspective! In Denmark, Denmark is a country that manages to blend Scandinavian history with modern design. Once home to relentless Vikings and ancient fortresses, Denmark has since transformed to become a trendy country rich with friendly locals, contemporary museums, and gourmet gastronomy, all while remaining true to its prehistoric roots

If the body of water called øresund becomes solid and a swede tries to cross the ice you are legally allowed to beat the swede with a stick till they go back Origin of law: back in the 19th century the øresund would annually freeze over. It also d.. Linguists argue that Danish is one of the hardest languages to learn. Due to an overabundance of vowel sounds, it is proven that Danish children learn to speak later than most other European countries. With a reversed word order and 3 unique letters (æ, ø, and å) that non-native Danish speakers find hard to pronounce, it is no surprise that when translated into English, the Danish have some. With these 112 facts about Denmark let us learn more about its history, culture, people, economy, government and more Facts about Denmark's history. 1. Between 1397 and 1523, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were ruled by Kalmar Union. [1] 2. The constitution of Denmark was signed on 05 June 1849. [2] 3 15 Strange Rules Every Visitor To Denmark Should Know About. 2. What's In a Name. Sorry Gwyneth and Kim, but in Denmark you wouldn't be free to name your kid Apple or North. Baby naming is regulated by several government Ministries here, to ensure that you don't saddle your offspring with a whimsical, frivolous or silly moniker

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  1. The University Post recently collected a list of 119 great stupid questions asked by Copenhagen's new exchange and guest students. Funny, honest and some almost obscene, the questions were all about the bizarre customs of the Danish people. Now we're back. This time with what you find strange. why Danes are so strange. by Anna Meera Gaonkar
  2. However, there are some things that make Denmark unique. Today we take a look at our favourite facts about our Scandinavian siblings, Denmark. 1. They have the oldest flag in the world. The white cross on a red background that comprise the Dannebrog or 'Danish Cloth' is instantly recognisable to many
  3. A break from the usual this week - I'm going to write about a few things that are different in Denmark from Australia. While I have been fairly surprised at how similar a lot of things are to Australia, there's many, many subtle and not so subtle things that occur here that would be very strange if they occurred anywhere else
  4. There are definitely some of the weird and wonderful things to do in Denmark and see Scandinavia's smallest empire from the whole new perspective! In Denmark, have the pleasure of diving with.
  5. The title of weirdest moon in the solar system could go to many celestial objects — Jupiter's overly volcanic Io, Neptune's geyser-spewing Triton. But one of the strangest looking is Saturn's.

Here are 30 Interesting and Unusual Things That Are Illegal around the world. 1-5 Unusual Things That Are Illegal 1. American eggs would be illegal in a British supermarket because they are washed and British eggs would be illegal in a US supermarket because they are unwashed. - Source 2. Dying is illegal in Longyearbyen The Davis Memorial in the Mount Hope Cemetery is one of the most famous attractions in Hiawatha, Kansas. It was erected by John Milburn Davis in memory of his wife Sarah who died in 1930. The memorial features 11 life-size Italian marble statues of the couple. The cost of this massive memorial is estimated to be about $200,000, during The Great.

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So, since I've just been posting what i've been doing here in Denmark, in this post I will also add what I find weird or different about Denmark compared to Canada. Since my last post I have done a lot of things! Last Saturday I had the district conference for district 1440. It was ver 13. Ok, so it's a piece of art, but 'Water Closet Palace Hotel' is still a pretty cool toilet from around the world. Venice, to be precise. Thanks Son of Groucho. 14. A one-style-fits-all toilet. This design in New Delhi enables you to sit and pass your business, or you can get your feet up and crouch, it's up to you

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Here are the best things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark! Editor in Chief at One Weird Globe, Aaron Radcliffe is a serial entrepreneur and world traveler. Born in the USA, Aaron now travels the world as a Digital Nomad while running his many online projects It is hard to visit Denmark and not visit a castle or two. If you don't have a lot of time, one of the best things to do in Denmark is visit the Renaissance castle Egeskov in Funen. [8] The Crazy Tourist - 25 Best Thing To Do In Denmark In fact, it is one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Let's face it: America has some really weird quirks. In Denmark you. 17.8 miles from Denmark, WI. Among the eerie occurrences reported here are orbs, mists, strange things that appear in photos, apparitions, cold and hot spots, phantom aromas, and many sounds, including whispering, flute-playing, moving furniture, breaking glass, and a child's running footsteps. The sound of a woman sobbing is also heard on floor 2

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Visiting Copenhagen anytime soon? Explore the capital of Denmark which is usually part of the happiest-places-on-Earth lists. This culturally rich haven is known for many things. Thus, do not hesitate to take a tour of their stunning museums, experience the city's well-established transportation system, and be sure to not miss tasting sumptuous Danish cuisines. Ready to live [ One rich trove of accounts pertaining to these mystery creatures is a book called White Things - West Virginia's Weird White Monsters, by Kurt McCoy, and some of these reports are even weirder. Take the account of an unidentified hunter who was out in the West Virginia wilderness with some companions Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 38.4 miles from Denmark, ME. The 1871 castle is said to be haunted by 1800s publisher and poet Sylvester Beckett. Reports say he appears as a ball of blue light, causes cold spots, and jerks blankets off freshly made beds. This is a private residence, and no trespassing is allowed From its royal palaces, fairytale Christmas villages, innovative museums, and annual music and design events, there's something magical about visiting Denmark in the winter. So keep warm and explore the best of Scandinavia with our list of the top 24 things to do in Denmark during the winter Life in North Korea is not fun for its citizens, and much of that comes down to the creative ways the regime finds to oppress them. Even other tyrants don't manage to crush their populations with so much originality. Thankfully, for some comic relief, their isolation also means North Korea has to come up with their own versions — usually slightly ridiculous ones — of the things the rest of.

Highly rated couples activities in Denmark: The top romantic things to do. See Tripadvisor's 1,209,539 traveler reviews and photos Denmark romantic couples' attraction There's a lot of things to do in Copenhagen, and we made sure to pack as much as we could in the short amount of time we had in Denmark's capital city. Our tour of Scandinavia with Go Ahead Tours gave us the opportunity to stop in all the great capital cities of the region. Copenhagen was definitely our favourite. 12 Things to do in Copenhage

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  1. 8. Iceland is the Best in the World, Per Capita. ' Per capita ' is one of the most used phrases in Iceland. Icelanders, with just over 360,000 people, suffer from a small nation complex, and to make up for it, we claim we are, in fact, 'The Best Country in the World' for a number of reasons
  2. 1. Bornholm. Bornholm is known as the sunshine island because it's the sunniest place in Denmark. There's a unique and idyllic landscape on this Baltic island, which is why Danes love to visit. Whether you're looking for white sand beaches, dramatic cliffs or quaint fishing towns, Bornholm is the perfect destination. It has also become a mecca for glorious food, so do stop by.
  3. 50 Unique Things To Do In Copenhagen: Denmark's Trendsetting Capital! Copenhagen is effortlessly cool, culturally rich, and the essence of Scandinavian chic. There is a lot to love here, to investigate and discover at your . Read More
  4. Clearly, I could go on and on about other unique attractions that makes Sweden such an incredible country to explore but instead, I will let you discover and get to know it for yourself. Between its cityscapes, rugged landscape, incredible people, and a variety of things to do, Sweden is a must visit for travelers eager for unique experiences
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Weird things you will notice: Porsche have to work with the Danish police when a body is found exactly halfway on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, leading to the trail of a serial killer. This is the mother of all Scandi noir TV series, and lead to the US series of the same name Ophelia's Madness. by Sam Ruck (Circle 5) Ophelia in the fourth act of Hamlet is demonstrably insane, but the direct cause of her slipped sanity is something that remains debatable. While it is evident that Ophelia is grieving over the death of her father, Polonius, as Horatio says of her She speaks much of her father, says she hears. As Denmark and the UK pretty much lie on the same latitude they share similar changeable weather, particularly in the spring and autumn months. But that shouldn't put you off visiting cities like Copenhagen, as there's enough to keep you occupied whether the sun is shining or the heavens open. Things to do in Copenhage Weird Things Are Happening With The Toyobaru Twins In Britain Adam Ismail 2/4/2021. Rare whooping cranes raised for wild as COVID rules relax

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Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Denmark Today we are taking a look at a country that is quite wealthy, has only 5.6 million citizens and is one of the smallest countries set within the Scandinavian region. I am talking about Denmark and here are the very best things to see and do if you are planning a visi I felt like sharing a short fun article on some of the things I found funny/strange when I first came to Denmark. 1.Bikes. It's probably the most obvious one, but I cannot stress enough on how different this is from I came from. It's so different that when I first arrived I would just walk freely on the bike lane, like a complete jerk #tourist As her name indicates, Nivedita Eskesen is herself an example of a meeting between two cultures. She was born in India, grew up in the UK, and has lived in Denmark for the past 12 years. She has specialised in cultural differences, including the things that people from other countries find difficult in Danish culture. Photo: Lise Balsb

I'll be in Denmark a while and I'm looking for special food things and food places I have to know. Not your Michelin-starred restaurants, but your weird culinary concept restaurants, quirky food and kitchen tool stores, community dinners, etc. They don't even have to be delicious, just unusual 5. Illegal Stuff: Denmark has some strange rules about what things to bring from home that are legal and it may surprise you. A big controversy is over knives and people are being jailed for carrying hobby knives, that they use for work, in their cars or out in public 20 interesting facts about copenhagen Amalienborg Palace Christiania Christiansborg Palace Church of Our Saviour Copenhagen Attractions Copenhagen Interesting Fact Copenhagen Opera House Copenhagen Things To Do Denmark Frederik's Church Gefion Fountain Langelinie Little Mermaid Nyboder Nyhavn Rosenborg Castle Gardens Stroget Tivoli Gardens In Denmark, you cannot give your baby a weird name (and in Norway, you can't name yourself Sonic the Hedgehog if you're under 18) Blue Ivy and Beyonce Knowles attend the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards. This Community In Denmark Lives In Surreal Circle Gardens. There are many urban spaces in the world that are so uniquely planned it leaves people speechless. With the help of satellites and aerial photography, we have the ability to see just how carefully buildings are laid out in the areas. One of such captivating sights is Brøndby Haveby or.

ariakaltun (@ariakaltun1) has created a short video on TikTok with music All Eyes On Me. | Weird things= best things #fyp #foryou #viral #denmark #milshake #fries | Me: Wanna go to McD and buy some fries so we can dip them in milkshake? | Bro: wtf that's weird Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. This line spoken by Marcellus (and not Hamlet as is commonly believed) is one of the most recognizable lines in all of Shakespeare's works. Despite its fame, this line is left out of some productions of the playÂą. Shortly before midnight, Hamlet meets Horatio on the battlements of the castle More weird late night TV in Denmark. It wasn't only DR Ultra that was freaking us out. We also kept flicking past a channel showing people sleeping. At first, we thought it was just part of an ordinary programme, but before long we noticed just how many sleeping people there were It's interesting to read you observations about the differences, and it seems that you are comfortable with the way things are here, even if they are different. Just a note on Skejby: you will be in the best or second-best hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen probably being no. 1), so you and your baby will be in the best hands

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15 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen (Denmark) Historic, youthful, raucous and refined, Copenhagen can mean many things to many people. If you're young then it's a literal playground, with the world's oldest amusement parks and some of the trendiest shopping and nightspots anywhere Freetown Christiania, also known as Christiania (Danish: Fristaden Christiania or Staden), is an intentional community and commune of about 850 to 1,000 residents, covering 7.7 hectares (19 acres) in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen.. Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971

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How to tip around the world: Denmark; 10 of the most spectacular places to visit in Norway; 14 breathtaking experiences to enjoy in Iceland; 10 weird Nordic foods you've probably never heard of; 13 of the most breathtaking places to visit in Europe; Top 15 coolest things to do in Finlan Teachers sport hand-sanitiser sprays like cowboys in a weird western and all equipment is disinfected several times a day. Split classes, outdoor lessons: what Denmark can teach England about.

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  1. Travel back in time in Denmark's history with exhibitions from the stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History inside this 1700's palace.The National Museum..
  2. So, without further ado, here are some weird things that British people do. Now the first one probably goes without saying. It's a very big stereotype about British people but it is based in truth - that we are very serious about our cups of tea. Tea-drinking is a very big thing in Britain. We have tea houses, um, lots of shops popping up.
  3. There is no shortage of things to do in Denmark's second biggest city: fascinating museums, an historic old town to transport you back in time, plenty of Nordic food, and of course some LEGO bricks! 25 Weird, Wacky, and Offbeat Museums in Brussels, Belgium

The Best Things to Do in Copenhagen. Recently I spent some time in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was surprised at all the city had to offer, from art and design to history and culture. There are so many unique things to do in Copenhagen that you will never be bored! Here are 10 of the best things to do in Copenhagen: 1. Nyhav It seems like 2018 was the year of strange happenings and many things were initially a mystery until proper physics and biology came in to provide some basis for what the world was seeing. While there are unexplainable happenings that we consider to be a miracle or just simply a science blunder, this year saw many things that were unusual.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Copenhagen . If you're looking to get right to it, here is my list of 5 fun things to do in Copenhagen! These are the best things, that are on every travel guide checklist and will really make your Copenhagen vacation memorable. 1. Have the Time of Your Life at Tivoli Garden Denmark. Denmark's very strict Law on Personal Names is in place to protect children from having odd names that suit their parents' fancy. To do this, parents can choose from a list of 7,000 pre. 4 P.M. Design Museum Denmark yelp.com. From rug designs to intricate bed models to antique ceramics, Design Museum Danmark gives you everything to satisfy your want for weird. A chair 10 times the normal size, a dress made entirely of straws and a typewriter that fits in the palm of your hand does not even scratch the surface of all you can find Weird Things; Say Hello; Life in Denmark. Beautiful Danish Towns to walk through centuries of Danish history. by Christina Carlsen 2 years ago Culture, Life in Denmark, Travel. From the buzzing city, Copenhagen to their beautiful coastline towns, Denmark has so much to offer to one planning a visit to this stunning European country. Today w

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Stranger Things season 4's release date hasn't been announced yet. That isn't surprising, what with principal photography still ongoing, so we can't say when it'll arrive. However, fans have been. 12 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Nordic Christmas. Yulia Denisyuk Christmas is the favorite of the Nordic region, a vast swath of land that covers Sweden, Denmark,. The colors recall Norway's past political unions with Denmark (red and white) and Sweden (blue). [13] Beerenberg, at 7,306 feet (2,227 m), on Jan Mayen Island in the Norwegian Sea, is the Norway's only active volcano In reality, though, it's not. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 laid out laws against hacking, but it's just vague enough that even low-level Wi-Fi theft could get you arrested. The.

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  1. Here's our list of top things to do in Denmark . Denmark is the land of Vikings and Danes, and also the man who gave us some of the most awe-inspiring fairytales. With its long stretch of beaches and harbours, museums and castles, royal palaces and amusement parks, the city of Denmark has recently risen to the top of the Scandinavian tourism.
  2. 5 Things to Know about the Church in Denmark. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a rich history in Denmark. Keep reading for just a taste of what that history means for the Danish Saints. 1. The Danish were the first non-English speakers to read the Book of Mormon in their native language
  3. Hamlet's Humor: The Wit of Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark. From Hamlet, an ideal prince, and other essays in Shakesperean interpretation: Hamlet; Merchant of Venice; Othello; King Lear by Alexander W. Crawford. Boston R.G. Badger, 1916. One of the most outstanding characteristics of Hamlet is his subtle and persistent humor
  4. The culture of Denmark has a rich intellectual and artistic heritage. The astronomical discoveries of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), Ludwig A. Colding's (1815-1888) neglected articulation of the principle of conservation of energy, and the foundational contributions to atomic physics of Niels Bohr (1885-1962); in this century Lene Vestergaard Hau (born 1959) in quantum physics involving the.
  5. Denmark, having gone into lockdown relatively early, has started opening up again. A celebration with family and friends has been planned for late June. These are strange times for all. While loved and anticipated traditions are being cancelled, keeping the vulnerable safe and working to find a new normal for Denmark is what is important
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5 thoughts on Raising Kids in Denmark: Things that have Surprised Me Ida Jacobsen on August 31, 2015 at 1:07 pm said: I found your post about raising a child in Denmark very interesting and it made me reflect upon my own motherhood, especially raising a bilingual child (my husband is English) and all the health and social stuff you. Strange teases out all the uniquenesses and eccentricities of his fellow countrymen, and, because he has lived and worked outside of Denmark, is able to compare the Danish culture with others, notably American and British culture

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As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. Here are 18 eye-opening facts about good old Deutschland: flickr/klimenko. 1. On the first. Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish film and television actor who was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 22, 1965. He began his acting career in 1996 and became famous when he played a drug dealer in. The 9 Weirdest And Strangest Things That Have Ever Happened In Detroit. There's no doubt about it: Detroit is a fascinating city. While much of our history has helped shape America as a whole — from the introduction of Motown music to the production of automobiles — we're no stranger to oddities


  1. Things I am Thankful for Living In Denmark On November 25, 2016 November 30, 2016 By oregongirlaroundtheworld In American Expat , Copenhagen , Denmark , Expat Life , ExpatinDenmark Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Denmark
  2. Marijuana is considered a soft drug in Denmark, and penalties for possessing it won't be nearly as strict as they are for carrying a substance like cocaine. However, there are still consequences to breaking the law and those found carrying drugs deemed to be for personal consumption will receive a 500 kroner fine (US$80 or 67 Euros)
  3. Most countries ban things here and there, but when you start restricting items and ideas, it can become a slippery slope. The more controversial things a government bans, the more ridiculous things it starts to put a stop to. These are some of the most ridiculous things modern governments have ever restricted
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In Denmark, gender equality is a very important issue and this will affect so many things. I just mentioned that father could also take paternity leave and this is one of the examples Walking around the whole complex and seeing an astonishing collection of sanctuaries and shrines dedicated to the Theban Triad is among the best things to do in Luxor. Don't miss the Temple of Amun-Ra, the largest of the lot. Location: Karnak, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt. Opening hours: 6 AM - 5:30 PM Its just cool to get to know things i didn't know. Reply. Leo. October 31, 2020 at 9:42 pm . Wow! quite incredible, I need help to relocate to Norway. I'm a Nigerian who wishes to study in Norway and be of good repute and to contribute positively to the country at large. Reply Queen Margrethe II of Denmark celebrated her 74th birthday on Wednesday 16 April. To honour the occasion, HELLO!Online has compiled a list of ten facts you may not have known about the Danish monarch