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Explore The Greatest Yashica Mat 124g Deals Online. Top Deals With Free Shipping Included. Find Our Lowest Possible Price! Cheapest Yashica Mat 124g For Sale When it comes to loading film into the Yashica Mat-124G, this camera works very similarly to most medium format cameras. You can use both 120 or 220 film with this camera, and loading it into the camera is quite simple. Twist the dial on the bottom of the camera to pop open the back. The film is loaded at the bottom of the camera by pulling the. Hello Gang. I am soon to be in possession of a Yashica Mat 124g . I want to shoot in colour, but I am not sure which film to buy. Im a beginner, so will be having it processed in a lab - Im in London, is there a decent place to take my film to be developed? Many thanks - cant wait to get started. D A great camera to learn the ins and outs of for using 120 film and getting used to the unorthodox feeling of composing those images through the waist level viewfinder. Why Shouldn't You Get The Yashica Mat 124G? Medium format film is expensive to shoot on. Depending on what you plan to use the photographs for it can be debated whether it. The Yashica Mat 124G pressure plate slides between 12-exposure and 24-exposure settings, (depending on 120 or 220 film). The 124 it pulls out and rotates. But who shoots 220. You can't even buy it any longer. So it's a preference is a non-issue. The covering is not leather

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Where the Yashica Mat 124G was an affordable twin lens reflect camera with a fixed lens, the Mamiya C330 was a professional version with interchangeable lens pairs, which was introduced and became popular in the 1970s as a less expensive and less complex alternative to the Hasselblad 500, THE professional medium format camera of the time I finally managed to get the edit done for this video about the Yashica Mat 124G TLR. Part of a new ongoing series that I'm calling 'First Rolls'. My '35mm F..

George tries out shooting with a Twin Lens Reflex for the first time.Thank you to Fat Lama for sponsoring this video, get £25/$25 off your first rental here:.. The Yashicamat 124G is a 6×6 TLR camera that was produced in the 1970's and came with an in-built light meter, which is great if you're stepping into medium format photography for the first time. The Yashica Mat 124G standing tall and is ready to be used. This was my first medium format camera and I loved using it So I made a compromise by making my Yashica Mat 124G my main night photography camera and used it for that purpose from 2007-2009. Pros. Large Negative: While not nearly as large as the 4×5 equipment I often use, the medium format Yashica Mat still records an image 3.6x larger than 35mm. I find the extra resolution to be quite welcome This beautiful Yashica Mat 124 G 6x6 medium format twin lens reflex camera has a Yashinon 80mm f/3.5 lens. It has been fully tested and all mechanical functions perform well. We have installed a FRESH 1.5v battery for the light meter. The meter functions but we cannot guarantee accuracy. A 1.3v Weincell battery should be used as this was the. After about 33 years of making TLRs, this was Yashica's best. A beauty - here's what a modern TLR looked like back in 1985. The design of the last box that held the 124G (1985-1986). This gorgeous camera was the first to carry the company name - Yashica Flex made in 1954. For contrast, compare the Yashima Flex to the Yashica Mat 124G

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  1. Overall, though, this is a good entry-level medium format setup. With a little research and patience, you can find an excellent Yashica Mat 124G for $150 to $300, a light meter for $50 or so (unless you want to go ahead a get a new one), and a used tripod for $50. Total investment, for me, is about $400 including the camera, light meter and tripod
  2. L.A. May 17, 2010. #4. I bought a 124G back in the 1980s when they were a current model offered. by Yashica. It cost around $180. One of the few new cameras I ever. bought. I was very impressed with the quality of the prints I could get
  3. Yashica Mat 124G TLR. The Yashica Mat 124G is a medium format film camera from Japan. Harking from the 1970s, It has a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) design, which means there are two lenses. You use one to view the image, and another one to capture it. The viewing lens is f2.8 (which gives a brighter picture in the viewfinder), whereas the maximum.
  4. The Yashica Mat 124G, and the Mat 124 - its almost identical version - have an 80 mm taking lens (roughly equivalent to a 50 mm frame of view on 35 mm cameras) with a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The viewing lens has a bigger aperture of f/2.8 to allow for easier focusing via the brighter ground-glass screen
  5. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (47) 47 product ratings - Vintage ~ Yashica Mat-124G Medium Format TLR Film Camera - Estate Find Japan. $265.95. Was: $279.95. $13.45 shipping. or Best Offer

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  1. Yashica MAT-124G. The Yashica MAT-124G is a well-loved Japanese TLR model. Its control features are similar to the Rolleiflex. Made in the 1970s, this vintage TLR is popular to this day. It is budget-friendly and great for taking subjects in motion. The model has 80mm f/3.5 Yashinon lens and is compatible with both 120 and 220 films
  2. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 47 product ratings. - 【Top Mint w/Case Meter Works】 Yashica Mat 124G 6x6 TLR Film Camera From Japan. $649.99. or Best Offer. +$49.99 shipping. from Japan. Free returns. Watch
  3. Yashica Mat-124G - Perspective From a Newbie - By Salman Rameli. Gear acquisition syndrome got the best of me during this quarantine, and I found myself as the new owner of a Yashica Mat-124G on first week of May. It was pretty easy to convince myself to acquire this beauty frankly, telling myself that I bought the camera as birthday gift.
  4. Firstly, the Yashica Mat shoots onto a 6cm x 6cm (more accurately about 56mm x 56mm) section of the film, whereas a standard 35mm camera shoots a negative measuring 35mm x 24mm. Therefore you are getting a much larger negative to scan giving far more picture detail. This also means smoother gradation and a sharper image
  5. 46 product ratings - Yashica Mat-124G Medium Format TLR Film Camera. C $569.76. C $82.48 shipping. Very MINT! Yashica Mat 124 G TLR Film Camera + Lens Cap + Case No Reserve! C $348.96. 1 bid
  6. Yashica Mat-124 Medium Format TLR Film Camera, sold as-is. $190.00. $23.15 shipping. or Best Offer. 12 watching
  7. t and came with a case that's almost

Yashica Mat 124g review. I wrote this review on the Yashica Mat 124G that I used to own. A great intro especially for people who have never shot medium format before. All photos were taken on Kodak Ektar 120 film. I am still absolutely amazed at the image quality of medium format film and these simple 80mm Yashica lenses I recently received a Yashica Mat 124G bought from the 'bay. It arrived yesterday. It's a pristine copy, with a lovely case, and I have a return guarantee. I am putting the camera through its paces now. This is my first TLR, but I have medium format experience with Mamiya 645s. Lots of 35mm film experience. So, on to my problem

There are two classes of Yashica TLR: those with Yashinon lenses (Mat, 12, 24, 124, 124G) and the other ones. Your 124G has the same lens as the 'Mat, and should theoretically be part of the best lot I'm relatively new to medium format shooting, I am using a Yashica Mat 124G for a photography class I am taking at my college. I loaded a roll of film earlier today, shut and latched the loading door, and things seemed to be going well at first. Shot the first exposure, and while trying to use the crank to advance the film the crank became stuck Any of the Mat LM, Mat EM, or Yashica Mat are likely to be excellent TLRs but without a working light meter, and without the ability to shoot 220 film. So, if you use only 120 film, and a hand held meter, any of those 3 will be the best choices, and working ones can probably be found for well under $80 with a high quality Yashinon (Tessar clone.

recently purchased a seemingly good condition yashica-mat 124g. all going fine until last two rolls (but now i look back very carefully at previous negs maybe happened before too), seems there may be an issue. see below frame - this is the worst it has been, mostly a subtle division of tone around half way across the frame in approx. 50% of the. The Yashica Mat-124G was produced between 1972 and around 1988? I've owned two Ds, and a 124G and while the 124-G I own is the best quality medium format optic I have ever used, the D with 3 element Yashikor is no slouch either, and takes pictures on the par of the Rolleicord III I formerly owned (Xenar lens). Very sharp and contrasty

If I thought the Yashica was lacking I'd have been taking a Rolleiflex when we visit Turkey. My suggested upgrade would be get a second 124G, a bit of patience and you'll find one in near mint condition for under $130, or maybe be lucky like I was and a Rolleiflex for even less. Ian. My APUG portfolio. Aug 18, 2017 #4 Yashica Mat 124. click for sample. Produced 1968-71 Yashica Co., Ltd. Japan. Film type 120 or 220. Picture size 6cm x 6cm. Weight 2lbs, 6.8oz (1,100g) Lens coated 4-element Yashinon 80mm f3.5-32. Filter size Bay I (Bayonet type I) 30mm In comparing the landscape photos from the Nikon Z6 and the photos from the Yashica Mat-124 G, the photos from the Yashica were my favorites. The intentionality that naturally came with having 12 shots per roll of 120 film with a 6×6 medium format camera allowed me to meaningfully select and compose the images that I ended up shooting for this trip I have recently purchased a Yashica Mat 124G. I've shot a few rolls of film through it and to be honest my results are very hit an miss right now. I'm shooting Ilford HP5, developing with D76, and scanning at 2400dpi on an Epson V500. which are, well, smudgy, lacking sharpness and detail. And although I hate to be a pixel peeper, I have to say.

I used a yashica mat 124g that had no seals in it, and it didn't leak. But I always kept it in the leather case unless I was loading or unloading the film. So as long as you have the case you're probably okay. But it's pretty easy and cheap to replace the seals The Yashica-Mat takes 120 roll film and makes square 6×6 centimeter images (really more like 56 millimeters wide by 57 millimeters high). The focal length is fixed but the lenses have Bay 1 mounts to which filters, lens hoods, and close-up lenses can be fitted. This model cannot use 220 film, though the later Yashica-Mat 124G can As a 6×6 format twin lens reflex camera, the Yashica Mat-124 TLR is considered a great entry-level camera for people who are moving up from 35mm to medium format film. For me, however, the 124 was not the first medium format camera because, several years ago, I bought Zenza Bronica ETRS (6×4.5 cm) SLR and I also happen to own Sinar F1 (9×12 cm) Image size on the film is 2 1/4″ by 2 1/4″, or 6x6cm, which is more than four times larger than the negative taken with a 35mm camera. The top photo shows the Yashica Mat-124G set up to take a photo of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The bottom photos shows the reversed image on the focusing screen

I have only done this with an old Ilford Sporti, with a manual wind-on knob. I really wouldn't do this with a Yashica Mat for fear of doing something nasty to its complex automatic winder. I would recommend using your Yashica Mat for its intended purpose - with 120 film. It's what it is best at Yashica Mat 124G Full Focusing Knob Assembly. 39.99. Yashica Mat 124G Battery Cover. 25.00. Yashica C and D TLR Focusing Knob Cover. 20.00. Yashica Mat 124 TLR Film Advance Crank. 19.99. Yashica Mat 124G Focusing Knob Cover/Film Indicator Window The Yashica Mat-124 G was made from 1970 until 1986 and was the last TLR produced by Yashica. It is not a very fast camera, with a Yashinon 80mm f3.5-22 (roughly 50mm equivalent) and shutter features speeds 1 to 1/500 sec., plus Bulb. It can handle 220 films, with a simple sliding of pressure plates

Live. •. Though several years out of production the Yashica Mat-124G is still one of the most widely used TLRs around. The reasons for its popularity are simple: quality, affordability and ease of use. A favorite of photographers getting started in medium format, it's dependability and features such as 120/220 capability, bright fresnel. Yashica mat-124g tlr film camera The Yashicamat was the first Medium Format Camera I bought. I got it off eBay, and it was in mint condition. It looked like it had never been used. I sold it 2 years later for more than I paid for it I got a Yashica Mat ( Lumaxar 80mm f3.2 viewing lens & f3.5 taking lens) with the self timer set ON and stuck. I opened the front cover and got to the shutter and self timer mechanism trying to fix it. Now shutter is working fine, but the film crank winding has problem Although words like best and ultimate are fun to throw around, of course there is no objectively best camera out there for a beginner. But to me, the Yashica Mat 124G is pretty close for a.

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Yashica Yashica Mat 124G Medium Format user reviews : 4.4 out of 5 - 39 reviews - photographyreview.com. Login / Register. Be sure to look for the best quality 124G you can find because even the rougher ones seem to still command a fairly high price. Mine was $220, but it came with the taking and viewing telephoto lenses in perfect shape. Re: SB-600 with yashica mat 124g In reply to whoosh1 • May 23, 2006 The cheapest way (that I know of) is to buy a no-name (like Kalt, sorry Kalt) hot shoe adapter that fits in an accessory shoe and has a PC socket on the side

Fotohuis (Robert): I just got an almost brand new Yashica Mat 124G on the Dutch fair. This one is really in perfect condition and very complete. I had this type of camera before from 1991 till 1995. Sometimes you can wonder how a camera from maybe 30-35 years old is cared over the time. Fortunately I still have some 1,35 V (mercury) batteries left but on longer time schedule the solution with. For all of its relative convenience compared to larger field cameras, a Yashica-Mat simply takes longer to position and adjust its parameters than the popular automation-assisted film cameras of the 1970s and 1980s. This requires effort. But the effort is rewarded with an unusual rendering and a high resolution image achieved at an absolute. Capture Life's Interesting Moments with a Yashica MAT 124G Camera. The award-winning Yashica MAT 124G is a medium-format, twin-lens reflex camera that was manufactured during the 1960s and is still a popular choice today. The camera made use of two lenses, which made it quite interesting but required a somewhat adapted shooting technique Best of luck with your Mat. The Wein Zinc Air battery cell will supply the correct the proper voltage for older cameras and light meters. I shoot with two old non-metered Yashica TLRs: a 635 and a Yashica-Mat c. 1957 and 1958 and much prefer using a hand held light meter as suggested by Agfapan-25 This Yashica Mat 124G is categorized as a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex System), but before we get too technical, let's first have a look at what kind of photos, this oddly handsome, camera can capture. Continue on for the review of this unique looking camera

Yashica Mat-124G Medium Format TLR Film Camera 80 mm Yashinon Vintage With EXTRA. Pre-Owned. C $310.69. Time left. Ended (12-08, 07:00 p.m.) 41 bids. From United States. +C $40.67 shipping estimate Non-124-G Yashicas are undervalued. The best of them is undoubtedly the plain-vanilla Yashica-Mat, a Rolleiflex clone without the film-thickness sensor, unmetered and usually available in excellent condition for much less money than a comparable Rollei TLR Yashica Mat-124G Medium Format Film TLR Camera Bundle W/ Manuals & Extras! EUR 295.22. EUR 84.36 postage. or Best Offer

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  1. The Mat left the Yashica factory in Nagano, Japan with Lumaxar lenses make in West German. The 635 now renders negatives as sharp as the 124G or the 124. The Mat renders negatives that are sharper. The model of the camera is unimportant. It is the quality of the camera and it's lens which are key
  2. This item Bayonet 1 (Bay1/B-30) Mount Lens Hood for Rolleicord, Rolleiflex, Yashica EM, Mat, Mat-124, Mat-124G TLR Fotodiox Pro Replacement Lens Hood for Original Rollei Camera with 75mm F3.8 Take Lens, Twin Lens Rollei (TLR) Bay-I, Bay 1, B1,Original Rolleiflex Camera with Carl Zeiss JENA Tessar f/3.8 Len
  3. View Details. Yashica MG-1 35mm Camera with 45mm f/2.8 Yashinon. $22.38. 327929. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. View Details. Yashica 70-210mm F/4-5.6 Macro AF Lens for Yashica AF Mount {52} $16.85
  4. 2 x WeinCell MRB625 Replacement Battery for PX625/PX13. 4.6 out of 5 stars 189. $11.99. ICE Bay-1 to 52mm metal Adapter Ring for Yashica / Rollei TLR Camera. 4.6 out of 5 stars 4. $14.95. Archival 35mm Size Negative Pages Holds Six Strips of Six Frames, Pack of 25. 4.7 out of 5 stars 349. $10.50
  5. The last eighteen Yashica-Mats in my database, starting with camera MT 1090xxx, have Yashica Mat-124G type focusing knobs. There are a couple of cameras from January 1972, with MT 2010xxx and MT 2011xxx serial numbers, plus another two with similar lens numbers, all four between 772xxx and 784xxx

Capture all your special moments with this Yashica Mat-124G Body Only TLR film camera. It is a reliable piece of equipment that will be a valuable member of any photography lover's collection. Thanks to its manual focus mode you can capture crisp and clear images of still and moving objects. Product Identifiers: Brand: Yashica: UPC. Amazon.com: yashica mat 124. Skip to main content.us. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Best Sellers Prime Customer Service New Releases. Yashica Mat-124G 6x6 TLR Medium Format Film Camera Japan. Parts Only. C $199.99. Time left. 5d 23h left (12-13, 07:30 p.m.) 1 bid. +C $19.95 shipping The film may fail to advance if the film leader is not inserted properly into the slot. [6] After ascertaining that the trimmed edge of the film leader rests flush against the edge of the slot, turn the Film Wind Crank-handle gently in the direction of the arrow and check whether the film is advancing properly. 7 Medium Format. Brand: Yashica. Yashica Mat 124G 6x6 Camera functions are untested. Sold for parts or repair. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping.

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  1. Re: Yashica 124 Medium Format It is a Yashica Mat 124, though I've just noticed that the G is missing. The Yashica 24 only takes 220 film, and the instruction booklet that came with the camera is for a Yashica 24. I can't find a photo of a Yashica 24 on the internet but the photo in the booklet shows a camera that looks exactly like a Yashica.
  2. In today's video we look into the Twin Lens Reflex Yashica Mat film camera. If you have noticed, the editing quality has gotten a lot better thanks to Final Cut Pro X. Comment down below if you.
  3. Last weekend I found myself with a Yashica TL-Electro in my hands and the quest for a battery replacement began. So what follows is the ordeal of trying to find a battery for this bad boy and sharing my Yashica TL Electro review. Read Next: 19 Best Film Cameras For Beginners; Canon AE-1 Program vs Pentax K1000; Your Guide To Film Photography.
  4. The Yashica-12 makes 12 square photos on each roll of 120 film. The better-known Yashica Mat 124G takes both 120 and also 220, which is the same film as 120, but there's twice as much of it on a roll. I don't think I'm missing out by not being able to shoot 220
  5. e. Some pro tips: Wind your film tight when you load the camera. Use some pressure from your thumb on the film reel when you're winding onto the take-up spool
  6. Yashica Yashica-Mat (1957) This is a Yashica-Mat twins lens reflex (TLR) camera made by Yashima Optical Company in 1957. Although not considered to be a direct copy, the Yashica-Mat took a lot of design and features from the German Rolleiflex TLR such as the auto-cocking shutter and folding advance lever. It uses 120 roll film and produces.
  7. Now:$139.00. Get your Yashica-MAT serviced and back to factory specs! Depending on the issue, here you can purchase a number of flat-rate services that expedite our repair process. If you don't see your issue here, or you're not sure what the problem is, feel free to reach out to us at repair@lezot.com for more information

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The Japanese-made Yashica Mat 124G TLR looks identical to the Rolleicord and Rolleiflex cameras of the same era. Essentially, what Yashica did was take the best features of the Rolleiflex and Rolleicord and did one better - they added a CDS battery-powered light meter in it which operates well if you use the Wein MRB625 or PX625 battery in it Did some cleaning for my Yashica Mat 124G last week, following a video from Japan Vintage Camera. Turned out it wasn't so hard for a beginner like me to do it. Though I haven't opened the winding lever side The Zorki-and its Jupiter 8 lens-is a great carry around camera that works really well in the street, but for a slower style of photography I've taken to using a Yashica Mat 124G. This is a black brick-shaped hunk of metal from the early 1980s which produces square negatives on medium format 120 film and makes images with fine detail and. Yashica-Mat 120 Film Camera Set - 1960. March 5, 2017. April 13, 2019. Chris and Carol. Pretty close to the way it looked when it was unboxed back in 1960. This one was part of a short production run of only a handful of cameras. It was for sale at US Military Exchanges (stores) in Japan as it is marked *EP* which meant an exempt purchase There is a Yashica brochure which shows the Yashica Mat-124G and the last versions of the Yashica-Mat, Yashica D and Yashica 635 together. Apart from the 635 35 mm kit, the only accessories shown are one of the wide/tele lens kits and one of the close-up lens kits (all black). The leather cases for these accessory items are black. 1983-198

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Yashica Mat 124G. Explore alanabramsphotography's photos on Flickr. alanabramsphotography has uploaded 1958 photos to Flickr. Article by Ayu Medina. Vintage Cameras Casio Watch Binoculars Digital Camera Film Accessories Movie Film Stock Digital Camo. More information... More like thi I have a Yashica Mat 124G for auction. The camera is in really nice condition and works perfectly, except for the aged meter. $20 film camera - Dan Bracaglia and the Minolta Riva Zoom 90EX. Leica Q2 Monochrom sample gallery (DPReview TV) The best cameras for under $1000 should have good ergonomics and controls, great image quality and. The first two images below show a first type Yashimaflex and a Yashica Mat-124 representing early and late fixed guides. Image three is a Yashica 635 which features a roller instead, presumably to assist with the smooth transport of 35 mm film. Image four is a Yashica Mat-124G, the only other model fitted with the roller guide. (Back to Contents

Earlier this year when I longed to get a medium format camera, I originally set-out to get a TLR — either a Yashica Mat-124G or some flavor of Rolleiflex, ideally an Automat MX-EVS (a/k/a 3,5B). But when the Pentax 645 showed-up , well, that scratched my medium format itch and then some The film may fail to advance if the film leader is not inserted properly into the slot. [6] After ascertaining that the trimmed edge of the film leader rests flush against the edge of the slot, turn the Film Wind Crank-handle gently in the direction of the arrow and check whether the film is advancing properly. 7 Yashica Yashica Mat 124G Medium Format user reviews : 4.4 out of 5 - 39 reviews - photographyreview.com these cameras are THE best performance for money available. low contrast and soft compared to Mamiya. · Film loading while on a tripod is virtually impossible. · Not a very bright focussing screen, but useable · Lens not. Yashima sold a truckload of the the early Mats. The basics hardly changed for subsequent models which simply added various styles of exposure meter and film type options. With the Yashica Mat-124G, it was the equal longest production run. A Special Case - Yashica Mat-124G. I did say three

The Yashica Mat 124G's build quality and lens are its greatest assets. A lot of photographers are quick to recommend it as the perfect camera for medium-format newbies. They're right, but it's more than capable for professional work. You have to see the negatives that it produces to really appreciate the lens it has on board Yashica Case for Yashica Mat 124G, Black. Keh Model# 342718. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more 1) Include the film stock and camera used in your post title. If you do not know some of the required information, state that in either the title or top-level comment e.g. [Nikon F3, 50mm f/1.8, Unknown Film], or use [Found Film] for auction/thrift store finds, family photos, and so on. 2) Maximum of three image posts per day

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Yashica 635 Medium Format TLR Camera With 80mm F/3.5 Yashikor, With 35mm Conversion Kit. 279548. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. Out of stock. View Details. Yashica D Medium Format TLR Camera with 80mm F/3.5 Yashikor, Black (120 Film) 341878. Add to Wish List Add to Compare The Yashica Mat-124 and very late examples of the Yashica D 66, Yashica 635 66 and Yashica-Mat 66 continue with the established colour scheme (shown in that order below, the Mat being the unnamed purple example) but have a horizontal orientation similar to the following Yashica Mat-124G box, except like the Yashica 12 box. About Yashica. Yashica is a Japanese camera brand beloved by photography bugs and collectors. Its history is tightly linked to the history of the Japanese camera. Two models in particular are legendary in their respective classes and are still prized today: the Yashica Mat 124G Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) and the compact 35mm Yashica/Kyocera T4 Yashica was a Japanese camera maker, founded in 1945 and absorbed into Kyocera in 1983. It notably manufactured 35mm SLR cameras under the Contax brand from 1974 onwards. 1 Company history 1.1 Yashima period 1.2 Yashica from 1958 to 1973 1.3 Yashica and Contax lines 1.4 Into Kyocera 2 35mm film.. Save Big on Yashica Film Cameras and our wide variety of models like yashica t 4, yashica mat 124 g, Yashica Electro 35 & more. Find exactly what you need from our extensive online inventory. Free Shipping for many items

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