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It's easy to measure and fit a simple Glass Splashback for behind your cooker, there's no need to hire anyone. Just watch our tutorial video for guidance, it..

Do you want to place a glass splashback in the kitchen? Watch the video to see how works Measure the width and height of your kitchen splashback installation space. The standard sizes for acrylic, stainless steel or glass splashbacks are 600mm by 750mm, and 900mm by 750mm. At this point, it's a good idea to make sure that the wall is clean and free from dust. If it's not, wipe the area down with a damp cloth It is easy to do, as long as the extractor fan is high enough on the wall for the splashback you choose to use. Best bet would be a stainless steel one, the same width as your cooker...they are just either clipped on or screwed to the wall. You can get them anywhere...DiY stores et In terms of positioning, one point to note is that if you want to add an acrylic splashback behind a cooker you will first need to check with the manufacturer to confirm that this is safe to do so. When plastic, perspex and acrylic get hot they melt so you will need to make sure that the material you choose will resist any high temperatures

Divert the work surface For a sleek, coordinated look, consider carrying your work surface up the wall to form a splashback. This will give a visual flow up and over the cooker with nothing else to disturb the eye It also withstands heat, so it can be fitted behind your hob.' This Wicker Charcoal motif from the Laura Ashley collection at Splashback.co.uk, is a simple way to dress up a plain room, and has a peel-off backing to allow it to be DIY fitted. 14. Select a backsplash for a cook's kitche Explore stainless-steel splashbacks. Toughened glass. The gloss finish of a toughened glass backsplash reflects the light, making your kitchen brighter. It also withstands heat, so it can be fitted behind your hob. Explore toughened glass splashbacks. Ceramic. With a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, a ceramic tile backsplash will allow you.

Glass splashbacks will work perfectly well with gas hobs, provided that there's a decent gap between your hot pots and pans and the surface of the glass. As a general rule of thumb, this should be 110mm or more, as measured from the rear of the hob. Repeated cycles of heat and cold will cause the glass to crack, so it's best to keep the. How to fit a cooker splashback with adhesive. COVID-19 Update. We are open! Our Customer Service, Sales and Delivery Departments remain open and are operating business as usual. Our phone lines are limited at present, so please contact us via email or live chat and we will respond asap. Subscribe If you have a stainless steel or glass splashback, you'll need to install a fire resistant board up to the same distance (200mm from the nearest gas burner) behind the glass or stainless steel splashback that complies with the requirements of AS 5601/AG 601 Gas Installations, Appendix C substrate A glass splashback is an easy way to improve the look of your kitchen. They come in a variety of colours, and they'll help protect your walls from messy cook..

To install the splashback, apply the silicone to the back of the glass in 20mm sized blobs and around 100mm apart. Lift the splashback into position and gently push down to make sure its flat against the wall. Use spacers to keep the splashback from resting directly on the cooker Re: fitting s/s splashback. Posted: Dec 13, 2007 9:29 PM Reply. sorry, dude, thought you meant normal splashback, not s/s!! It is stainless steel but like said some like the ones screw fix sell come with mdf backing so you just need something universal that will bond to mdf or s/s. MOONSHINE, Dec 14, 2007 Woodie's will show you how to tile a splashback in a kitchen. Not only is it a nice feature but it makes your wall easier to clean Fitting glass splashbacks is very easy, the below instructions apply to a simple rectangular splashback, a glass upstand or even a full wall glass splashback. Tools required: A silicone gun. Method. Clean the area of the wall where the glass splashback will be fitted. Apply adhesive in 'blobs' on the rear of the splashback If your Cooker or stove is free-standing, you will probably want your splashback to continue below the work surface height at the rear of your cooker / stove to give a clean visual finish to your splash back.

Measuring for a splashback is fairly straight forward. Just follow guidelines below to ensure your splash back fits perfectly. Use a spirit level to check the walls and surfaces are straight and level. If they are not we can make the splashback with sloping edges . Measure the width and height with a tape measure and take off 2mm to allow for. We can create your ideal glass splashback to really bring your kitchen to life. Choose from our huge range of beautiful glass splashback colours as the ultimate finishing touch for your kitchen design: Black, Clear, White, Silver , Greys, Creams, Purples, Reds ,Greens ,Yellow, Pink, Browns, Orange etc. Choose From RAL Palette Colours Ensure that the silicone blobs aren't too close to the edge. Place the 2mm spacers on top of your counter or hob. Place the splashback onto the spacers and slowly press it onto the wall. Apply firm pressure to the entire splashback. Once secured, use the silicone to seal the edges of the splashback Unless the splash back is non combustible it should not be fitted behind a gas hob unless it is 15cm from the heat source. Typically this is possible using a 70cm deep top and measuring from the burner. Otherwise cover with a suitable clear glass panel - your best solution. I would have thought that your hob could be moved forward 5mm also Shop cooker splashbacks now >> Stylish and stain-proof. A Premier Range glass splashback will add an impressive focal point to your home - while also protecting the walls behind your cooker and hob from hot water and splashes, sauce spills and unsightly stains. And with glass upstands to complete your look, they're an affordable way to.

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  1. Apply a suitable adhesive to the rear surface of the splashback. Use a silicone, 'Grip Fill' or similar product. Apply the splashback to the wall and push firmly to the wall to ensure a good contact between the wall and the adhesive. One may also ask, can you fit Splashbacks over tiles
  2. Mike Millsted New Member. Hi there, I'm trying to install the white plastic splashback in my daughters kitchen. It's the 600mm high white splashback (Howdens) with a different sized square pattern on each side. When trying to cut it it's VERY brittle and I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to cut cleanly. So far I've found that a fine handsaw.
  3. Splashbacks have been a part of our kitchens for decades, if not centuries. They were designed to protect the walls of your kitchen from food, liquids and grease. And, they're still used for this purpose today. Kitchen splashbacks are best placed behind a cooker, whether you have a gas, electric or an induction hob. But a splashback is also.
  4. What sizes do the splashbacks come in? Our glass splashbacks are available in 600mm(w) x 750mm(h) & 900mm(w) x 750mm(h) which fit perfectly behind most cookers, hobs, ranges, and sinks. Cut to Fit splashbacks are available in 3000mm x 600mm panels. Can I cut the splashback to size? Glass splashbacks cannot be cut to size
  5. Splashback Tempered Glass Heat Resistant Toughened Decorative - 90 x 65 cm - 4 mm Thick - Perfect behind Gas, Ceramic and Induction Cookers - Easy to Clean and Hang 4.8 out of 5 stars 16 £73.00 £ 73 . 0
  6. The map is digitally printed onto this toughened glass splashback and makes a wonderful focal point behind any kitchen cooker or downstairs cloakroom. Choose from our set sizes listed above by clicking customise & add to cart or contact us for a bespoke size quote. To fit your panel(s
  7. 1. Black acrylic oven splashback. A modern kitchen look that is fresh and clean is the use of glossy white cabinets that are teamed with black splashbacks. Use a black acrylic oven splashback behind the cooker to complete this look. Toughened acrylic is suitable for use behind hot surfaces and will not easily stain. 2

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  1. ate splashback comes in. Double sided white marble effect, patterne
  2. The glass splashbacks can then be made to the exact size and shape of the templates. For a tidy finish, all electrical sockets should be removed during the templating process (it may be safer to use an electrician for this). This will allow your glass splashbacks to fit neatly behind your sockets leaving no visible gaps
  3. Kitchen splashback behind gas cooker. If we can provide you (or anyone else reading this) a sample, prices, details of stockists, an install guide or a quote just let me know mardi@pressedtinpanels.com Visit our website for more info and ideas: www.pressedtinpanels.com Regards Mard

Fitting PVC cladding behind an electric cooker Overview: however, potential splashback from hot oils and cooking fats will certainly do so, so if your electric cooker also has an electric hob on which you may be boiling or frying, then stainless steel will prevent any potential panel damage from taking place. If you don't anticipate. Finding the right glass splashback for your gas hob. Glass splashbacks are installed behind gas hobs every day in this country. So, is there a way of ensuring a glass splashback is fit for purpose? Well, yes, there is. Most hob manufacturers will recommend a glass splashback that is fit for use with their hob Splashbacks and gas. Most installation requirements relating to splashbacks have to do with gas. When you consider that many splashbacks will be built behind ovens and other cooking implements, this is an important factor so you don't burst a gas pipe or blow yourself up Select sheets of stained glass in colours that coordinate with your space. Cutting the round pieces does take time, so a smaller area, such as behind the hob, may be the best location for this project. TIP For a dynamic look, divide your splashback into 50% 2in circles, 25% 1in circles and 25% ½in circles I've just installed a new kitchen in my brand new extension and would like to install a glass splashback behind the ceramic hob. The walls are insulated to current regulations and painted with emulsion. I have heard that in some cases you could get mould forming on the wall behind the glass

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Why you need a Kitchen Splashback. A well fitted splashback in your kitchen can uplift the look of your kitchen quickly and at relatively little cost too as well as being functional. Kitchen splashbacks are now widely used, mainly on wall areas behind cooker surfaces, to protect the wall from any splashes from cooking If the joint is behind the sink, the best place for it is behind the tap. For creating a real 'piece of art' in your kitchen, go for graphic, patterned, or textured glass. At London Splashbacks, we offer Cooker Splashbacks, Mirror Splashbacks, Painted Splashbacks, and Printed Splashbacks, among other things Alternately, if you're looking to make a statement with your splashbacks, opt for patterned tiles or a contrasting colour to add another accent to your decor. Material A splashback should be both stylish and functional, it's there to protect your kitchen walls and work area, as well as complete the look so it needs to be durable, waterproof. I want to fit a Black glass splashback behind my gas hob.What is the best thing to (a) fix it to the plastered wall.(b) seal between it and the surrounding tiles.Baring in mind the proximity of the hob. chocolate, Mar 24, 2010 #1. joinerjohn New Member Well-known Member. Mar 11, 2014. #2. The one in my kitchen has two screws it slots onto at the top and then a lip that sits behind the upstands (or worktop if you don't have them). Meaning if your extractor is sat directly on top of the splashback you'd need to remove that before being able to lift it off. Hope that makes sense

Hi You do not say in your inquiry as to whether or not the S/S splashback is above a sink or perhaps its above a cooker or some other appliance, if it is above a sink then its not a good idea to have socket outlets in the plate, equaly if its above a cooker then I presume there will be no socket outlets, therefore if its just an extranious piece of metal I see no reason to include it in the. The upstand stops either side of the hob then the splashback is above the hob. If that makes sense. Ours is the same as bluntness - just the splashback behind the hob and host and every where else. We have the upstand all the way around, and a mirror as a splash back sitting on top of the upstand. This Your splashback is made in 6mm low toughened pilkington glass and conforms to BS 6206-EN-12600. All splashbacks are heat proof and toughened and can be used behind hobs and gas cookers. Even our mirrored splashbacks are toughened unlike most of our competitors whom use standard mirrors which are not suitable for use behind hobs The important thing is to plan exactly where you want to install the stainless-steel backsplash so you can measure and make a template for the metalworker to cut out the sheet metal. Because it's so important that the sheets fit correctly in your home kitchen, Commerce Metals suggests you completely ignore the standard sizes of sheet metal that are available and figure out what you want in.

The complete guide to splashbacks including how to fit both glass and acrylic splash backs in your kitchen. We give you specific information about how to work with acrylic safely and effectively so that you can cut and fix it to the wall to create a dramatic looking splashback behind your kitchen units Kitchen splashbacks & wall panels. Laminate splashbacks Quartz splashbacks Ceramic splashbacks Acrylic splashbacks. Easy to clean, stylish and durable, splashbacks and wall panels protect your kitchen's walls while you cook. You can choose from plenty of different styles: acrylic, ceramic, laminate, quartz and glass Our 6mm toughened glass is heat resistant and can be used as a splashback behind hobs and cookers. Cost effective. All of our hob and cooker splashbacks are made from affordable materials, giving you the opportunity to jazz up your kitchen without the added cost. Colours. Why not make a statement with your hob or cooker splashback

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks. Above is a kitchen with an ice-blue glass kitchen splashback. The one below is brilliant white. And yes, you can fit a glass splashback behind a gas hob. Glass is easy to keep clean and looks fabulous, whether coloured, neutral or patterned Once the fit is confirmed, place the glass back up to the wall and using a pencil, make a mark in the centre of all the fixing points on the wall so that you know where to drill them. Before attempting to drill suitable sized holes to the required depth ensure that the splashback is in a safe secure place How to fit an acrylic splashback The best finishes are obtained when wall surfaces are flat and clean. If that doesn't sound like your walls, some upfront preparation will reward you with a better finished splashback and below is our handy guide to help with this. You'll be able to fit your acrylic splashback into place in quick time

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  1. The above Dulux First Dawn splashback was fitted in the entire recess with our Measuring & Fitting Service. Our network of fitters can visit your home to measure, then return to fit your splashbacks. For more information on our Fitting Service, click here. *Please note that we can never guarantee a direct colour match to your AGA
  2. Rest assured: all our splashbacks are made-to-measure for a perfect fit. We have several years' experience of creating splashbacks to fit behind various types of Aga, and if needed can shape the glass to fit around the flue box or incorporate a join behind the flue itself. You can either choose from our collections of made to measure stock.
  3. Finish the tile height up the splashback at the same level as the bottom of the wall cupboards leaving a gap between the top row of tiles and cooker hood that can then be emulsioned. Tile up to the glass on the cooker hood - bit of curved cutting to do to take in the shape and then stop there. Tile up past the height of the glass on the cooker.
  4. Measuring and fitting a standard cooker splashback, or a splashback and upstands is very simple as you are literally measuring a rectangle and sticking it to the wall. If you require a supply only option that you can fit yourself then you can quickly and easily get an instant price using any of the below instant quote pages/tools

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Image to Glass order in 4 easy steps! 1. Measure the area for your Glass Splashback. View our Measuring Guide for assistance. 2. Use the Splashback search to find an image. Tip: Entering Glass size in the search will save time browsing Splashbacks in your size. 3. Select the image area to print Splashbacks. Kitchen splashbacks are a perfect place to combine style and functionality in your home. And we have easy-to-clean splashbacks in a variety of colours and finishes right here. Choose one to compliment your kitchen worktops and get ready to enjoy your stylish new space. Whether you have your own kitchen splashback ideas or you're. Splashbacks provide protection to the walls of your kitchen but they are also a way to add colour, images and patterns to your kitchen. Heat resistant perspex and toughened glass are perfect materials for use with hobs and cookers. Below we explore some creative ways to use a splashback behind a cooker: Add a splash [ Bespoke glass splashbacks for kitchens & bathrooms. Glartique Countryside in alcove behind AGA bespoke glass kitchen printed splashback 1. Wall Cladding Kitchen Pictures New Kitchen Kitchen Ideas Modern Kitchen Design Kitchen Backsplash Kitchen Lighting Aga Kitchens

Upstands & splashbacks. Kitchen splashbacks are used to protect walls from cooking splatter and stains. They are easy to install and maintain, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. Available in a range of materials, colours and finishes, cooker splashbacks are a stylish addition to any kitchen. Choose from various thicknesses and widths to. How to Measure for a Glass Splashback. How to Fit a Glass Splashback. Order times and delivery. Lead times on bespoke sizes vary throughout the year but you should see our latest estimates in the quote tool. Our coloured glass splashbacks are available in over 30 stock sizes for fast shipping within the UK, usually 7-10 days

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  1. g the preferred alternative to tiling.Splashbacks offer a modern, clean and visually appealing approach to kitchen design. Our Glass Splashbacks are made from toughened glass, so they are designed to be heat resistant to cooking temperatures
  2. Easy DIY Fitting. All our splashbacks can be fitted without the need for professionals. For more information on how to fit your splashback please visit our Help Guides. We also offer a specialist fixing kit that can be added to your order in the checkout process
  3. ium Composite Splashback. Our copper-style splashback brings a warm and sophisticated finish to suit a variety of different spaces. Upload a sketch to help us process your order - must include a diagram with exact measurements of your splashback and its cut out areas. Large files may take a
  4. Behind an Aga cooker. Handmade tiles offer durability combined with a uniquely created design. These days, however, you can achieve the hand-painted look with custom printed tiles for your Aga cooker's splashback. UniqueTiles will create custom tiles with your chosen design, colour preferences and style to use on the splashback behind your.
  5. Splashback Brushed Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooker SPLASH BACK 700mm (70cm) High. £27.28. Free postage. 952 sold

Measuring for and fitting a splashback. Options Splashback are typically a single large piece which is fitted behind either a sink or cooker/hob to catch any food/water residue that 'splashes backwards' and would otherwise mark the wall. There are two main options available for our splashbacks, thickness and direction of the brushing. Bot I have ordered a blue glass splashback for behind my cooker. Its 580mm wide and 690mm high. I've been quoted £150 to fit it, so I want to have a go myself. My major query is - the wall behind the cooker is completely flat, no ledges or anything. When I get the splashback up on the wall, how do I hold it there until the sealant/glue sets Please use this forum for all DIY posts that do not fit into a specific category. Been thanked: 0. Splashback behind freestanding cooker. Post by Malgall » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:35 pm. Puting up a Splashback behind a freestanding cooker Want to use a sheet of stainless steel will that be ok just splashed food and steam. The function of a. RossTiling. A Granite tile would be also ideal, Dark tile that's easy to clean to and does not show dirt as easily to. A porcelain gloss finish tile too. the thing to remember around cooker areas is to avoid light coloured tiles and light coloured grouts as they show most dirt and hard to keep clean. Natural stone tiles can be used as long as. So it's upstand then glass above - it'll look great! Badger - you might like to consider stopping your upstands either side of the range and filling the gap with your splashbacks (bottom edge just below the top surface of the cooker). Symptoms, 5 Feb 2009. #3

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We have a cooker at the end of a worktop, too - I'm planning on building another on the exposed side as it is really dangerous with a toddler and hot pans sitting there even after it's turned off. Behind it on the wall I've got a steel splashback, which I'm tiling up to on both sides. Don't rely on paint - it will be awful to clean 1) Chalkboard Splashback. Endless possibilities with a chalkboard splashback. Perfect for the creative household or for someone who simply wants to draw. Freshen the board up with a weekly to-do list. Either way, it looks fantastic on its own I recently fitted a glass splashback behind my gas hob ( in the instructions it stated there must be 110mm between the splashback and the hob) , and when i measured the gap it 'looked' like 110mm. We haven't hot an upstanding behind our gas hob (on range), as it has a bit of a back to it. We do have a glass splashback though whuch goes down behind. If the cooker didn't have this back, then I might have had a bigger upstand in granite in a semi-circle (sorry haven't described that v well) Oct 28, 2016 - Be inspired with a stylish kitchen splashback. Splashbacks provide protection from those unavoidable splashing sauces when cooking but can still look beautiful and colourful. See more ideas about kitchen splashback, splashback, kitchen design

How to fit a cooker splashback with drill holes and screws. Measuring and installing a Cooker Splashback may seem like a daunting task but it is very easy for you to do it yourself. In this tutorial we break down the 'fittiing with drill holes and screws' process into simple steps to ensure you install your DIY Splashback correctly Quick question for those with more experience; started tiling my kitchen splashback this weekend. U shaped kitchen, mixed mosaic tile behind the cooker then using 600x300 elsewhere. Original plan was 1.5 tiles high at wall behind sink and window in line with end of the cabinets, now thinking of 2 tiles high instead? Is 600 too high for a. I have a glass splashback just behind my cooker. It was a few years ago, but had it cut to fit by a glass manufacturer, as they were not easily available at the time. Plugs are tricky though - you need lots - and a plug socket needs to be a certain amount away from a cooker - the electrician will have details ,( it may be different from when we.

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If your splashback is being fitted between 2 cupboards, subtract around 2/3mm for an expansion gap. Now measure the height you would like. When a splashback is being shaped, simply measure from the base of your splashback, to the lowest metal point of your cooker hood. Leave around 1mm for expansion from this measurement Dirt behind the splashback. Another regular issue with glass splashbacks is dirt seeping in behind them. This occurs when the edges weren't sealed properly during installation. It's possible to remove it off the wall yourself and clean it with a mild soap detergent and non-abrasive cloth. A guide for removing a glass splashback can be found. Glass kitchen splashbacks can go anywhere in the kitchen, maybe just a splash of colour behind your cooker hob, or for kitchen splashbacks to cover most of the wall space, either way you will be creating that wow effect as well as protecting your kitchen walls from splashes and spills whilst cooking. Glass splashbacks transform the appearance.

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Kitchen splashbacks are a perfect example of how kitchen planning and interior design have become intertwined. Elevated from a purely practical role - it is, after all, about protecting the walls from hob and sink splashes - these days, kitchen splashback ideas make more of a statement The Genie cooker splashbacks are exceptionally designed. Created from 6mm heat-treated, toughened glass, to a premium quality that exceeds British Standards, the cooker splashbacks have been manufactured to withstand this high temperature area. The strengthened glass is a hardwearing, heavy weight option that has a beautifully smooth and sleek. and stainless steel screws. The wall plug must not penetrate the wall behind the Caesarstone surface. If the holes are located close to a corner, leave at least 5cm distance between the hole and the edges. We recommend the use of Caesarstone neutral cure flexible silicone for bonding the splashback to the wall cladding and Caesaratone neutra

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A splashback for your cooker hood can catch any stray particles, keeping your wall squeaky clean. Here at Ship It Appliances, we provide a wide variety of splashback covers. From 50cm to 120cm cooker hoods , we can provide a splashback to fit Cooker Safe. Acrylic splashbacks can be used behind cookers. The distance between the outer edge of a ceramic hob and the wall must be at least 60mm. The distance for gas hobs must be atleast 200mm. Colour Advice. If you are unsure of a colour we recommend purchasing a sample so you can check it before placing your order The entire space behind hobs, cookers, ranges and sinks can be filled thanks to our sizeable 3000mm x 600mm splashback panels. With no grouting to worry about, no visible seams on show and panels that can easily be cut to fit around sockets, our Cut To Fit Acrylic Splashbacks are the ideal solution when it comes to protecting your walls from. All our metal splashbacks are made from Aluminium Composite panels which are comprised of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium. This technique creates a strong anti flex splashback. Features: Cut to your exact size requirements Rigid material Suitable to be used behind a kitchen hob (150mm minimum distance Alternatively, you could display your splashback behind the sink or underneath your cabinets - an ideal location for when you are preparing food! A number of our bespoke designed, custom-fitted kitchens in Towcester have featured unique splashbacks, with breathtaking results - so a pegboard splashback is definitely worth considering

An acrylic splashback is cheaper than a splashback made from glass. If you're on a tight budget then a plastic or acrylic splashback is the best call. Heat resistance - A crucial characteristic while selecting the material of a kitchen splashback is its heat resistance. Toughened glass can withstand temperatures up to 400°C Although very similar, the difference between an upstand and a splashback (or backsplash) is the height. Typically, anything over 200mm high is called a splashback, and anything shorter is an upstand. Usually, splashbacks are used for the area behind the hob (and sometimes sink) where there is more chance of splashes from cooking or washing up

How to Install Acrylic Splashbacks If you order directly with us here at The Plastic People, we do all the hard work for you! The first step is, of course, measuring the area of the wall where you want to install the splashback. Remember to make note of any cut-outs you may need or other special requirements/shapes Printed Glass Splashbacks: All of our printed glass splashbacks have the following features: Made from toughened, low iron glass & have polished edges all round. Can be made in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick glass. (Premade sizes are 6mm thick). Heat resistant up to 400°C and can go behind any type of hob or heat source Cooker Splashbacks. Due to it's fire rating, we would recommend using aluminium composite behind your hob or cooker. Available in many of the same colours as our acrylic splashbacks, aluminium composite splashbacks offer a great finish with fantastic heat resistance. This makes them both safe and practical splashbacks for cookers

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While it's true that acrylic splashbacks can begin to deform and melt at around 80C, and become completely liquidised at 160C, they make a great option for some specific locations. Let's take a closer look When acrylic is safe. First of all, acrylic splashbacks are safe for use behind an induction hob. The rings on an induction cooker. The method is the same for either one. Pour a small amount of baby oil or olive oil onto a dry cloth. Rub over the stainless steel surface (remembering to work with the grain). Leave for a few minutes. Wipe the oil away with a dry cloth and give a final polish For a splashback that both looks and performs well, you can't go past laminate. Here's what you need to know. Types of Laminate Splashbacks There are two types of laminate splashbacks that you can employ. The first is where you apply laminate directly to the wall behind the countertop Anyone who is not Gas Safe registered and completes your gas cooker installation has carried out illegal work and will not comply with the gas cooker regulations. The regulations for a freestanding gas cooker with a high level grill require a minimum of 610mm clearance above the grill. A minimum of 20mm is required either side of the appliance Tile splashback ideas are a classic choice for every kitchen and work exceptionally well for country or rustic spaces. These look exquisite when paired with wooden worktops, as well as natural stone. If you're looking for non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas, consider choosing wood or laminate to complement your design LOGIK L90SPLX10 Splashback. DISCOUNT CODE: Get €100 OFF 2 or more large kitchen appliances worth over €1000. Use code LKA100IE. The Logik L90SPLX10 Splashback will protect the kitchen wall behind your hob from food splashes, heat and grime. This sleek stainless steel splashback is just 0.7mm thick and is ideal to keep your kitchen wall.