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  1. L134 - 10 day old fry A few months after this initial spawning I have decided to experiment somewhat in how to breed this Peckoltia. To this end, I divided the five individuals into two groups and gave both a new tank (130L) with a very simple setup. These contain only gravel, a proper cave and a piece of driftwood for them to hide
  2. Author Note: There have been reports of the L134 exceeding the 10-year mark, but that's quite uncommon. Average Size. The average Leopard Frog Pleco size is between 3.5 and 4.3 inches in length. This makes them one of the smaller plecos in the aquarium scene (along with the Bristlenose)
  3. Without knowing how old they were when you got them, but if it was tank bred, probably 6 months or less in age. They've be maybe 1 year old currently. At least 1 more year before they are old enough to start breeding. Often times it takes until year 3 to see breeding happen

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  1. Dec 10, 2018. #1. It's the first time I've set up a special tank for some of my L-numbers. At the moment it contains some small (LDA-16, L-333, L201, Farlowella vittata) and my breeding group L134 (6) and L168 (3) all wild caught. My intention was to release the L168 in my Rio Negro 1400 Liter main aquarium
  2. L134 Breeding set up Q's, high temp Q's. Hello all, first time post on here. I have been keeping tropical fish for a while and have raised several species of pleco, but now I'm ready to put my dream tank together. I am setting up a breeding tank for L134 peckoltia compta, leopard frog plecos. Here are the specs on the tank before I begin asking.
  3. Spawning Peckoltia sp. L134 - posted in Breeding: Leopard Frog Plecostomus or Gold Banded Peckoltia By Eric Bodrock Like many hobbyist, a few years ago when the Pleco craze hit the hobby, I too was hooked and started a “wish list†of all the species I would like to get and work with. Even today, I am still adding to the list, unfortunately, my space restriction has put a hold on.
  4. e are quite young so it could be several months or a couple of years before I expect to see anything. Anyway, I'm wondering if my plecos will breed while living with cory cats and some small..
  5. Usually, a pleco aged between 1-1.5 years works the best. The younger plecos are not much interested in mating. Moreover, they are inexperienced and can't take proper care of the eggs. There's a high chance that the first few times a new male mates, the eggs never hatch or get infected
  6. Just thought I would document my L134 Leopard frog breeding efforts. This mirrors a thread on CanadaPleco, but thought it belonged here as well. I started out with a dozen L134 that I had shipped out from Rich of Canada Pleco. A fellow hobbyist (2wheelsx2) and I ordered a total of 24 of them along with a few L047 and a L114

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  1. Bristlenose Pleco 101: Care, Lifespan, Size, & Breeding. Bristlenose Plecos (sometimes called the Bushy Nose Pleco or Bristlenose Catfish) are incredibly unique and fun creatures that are quite popular in freshwater tanks. They're also rather polarizing. Some aquarists think that they look fun and unique (like us), while others think they.
  2. Age of L183 by breeding? Post. by Lihn » Sun Oct 12, 2008 10:36 pm. Hello everybody. I have 8 L183 in my 110 litre tank. The 8 fish is about 9-10 centimetre and they are about 1½ year old. I have the fish with the target to breed them, because I think it is interesting to breed fish, as many of you
  3. So in today's video we're going to be talking about the L134 leopard frog pleco. Now, these guys are a fish that is very near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love these guys. I've had them, for, I think, seven months now and I've got a long time to keep them
  4. Plecos Otos and other Loricariids . L134 Breeding... Thread starter juggernuts; Start . L134 Breeding... Thread starter juggernuts; Start date May 30, 2011; click to enter! juggernuts Fishaholic. Joined Dec 16, 2008 Messages 460 Reaction score 0. May 30, 2011 #1 After just seeing a post about L134's I thought to myself about maybe trying to.

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L134 peckoltia spawning in the cave to the right. The male l134 in the left cave is guarding eggs Our experience is that the bristlenose plecos generally leave Java Fern, Java Moss and bolbitis fern alone, so using small groups of plants for security and natural look works well. Though many claim to breed plecos at a wide variety of temperatures, I have found that breeding them at 77-78 degrees works best A quick update on some of the current active breeding projects here at TM Aquatics, and a look at the most recent spawn from the L134 Leopard Frog Plecos.#Pl.. My main focus is to keep & breed exclusive plecos in the best conditions possible. I'm not looking to breed in high quantity, high quality is my main goal. Some exemples of plecos I was able to breed in the past are L046, L082, L134, L173, L174, L236. If you are looking for other species, please feel free to ask through the contact form My 55 Gallon L134 Leopard Frog Pleco breeding project. I have 8 plecos total in my group. I am considering adding 1-2 more. This tank has been up and runn..

In this video I remove a clutch of eggs from my L134 Leopard Frog Plecos. #Pleco #FishRoom #Corydoras #TropicalFish #AquariumFish #FishTank #PlantedTank #Ma.. The L134's have been on fire for the past three weeks. We have our fourth and possibly fifth confirmed spawn. I'm also making progress on the new double 75.. Bred L144 L182 Common BN Albino BN Trying to breed L134 The Imperial Tiger Plecostomus L-134 (Peckoltia compta) is also known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Leopard Frog Pleco, Leopard Pleco or Tiger Pleco.. Imperial Tiger Plecos are found in moderate to fast flowing water over rocky bottoms, as well as the still, slower moving waters and tributaries of the Rio Tapajós (Pimental) and Rio Jamanxim, Pará in Brazil

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L134- Leopard Frog Pleco - Small size 3-4 cm - High Quality Pleco. $59.99. or Best Offer. +$15.00 shipping. 2 watchers. Watch. S p o 5 n s E K o r e V E A I 7 R d S Q Discover the 13 photos in web Album 'L134 LEOPARD FROG PLECO BREEDING PAIR SALE' by happyfishonline Arowana Breeding in India. The farm, removing eggs and hatching are shown beautifully. Watch till the end. The fry are very cute and amazing. L134 Leopard Frog Pleco! Fishes N Inverts · August 9, 2014. 0:13. Blue Spotted Sea Robin. Fishes N Inverts · May 11, 2013. 0:46. Asian Arowanas. Fishes N Inverts · May 11, 2013 The specimens you guys bought from me are now about the age my F1 L134 do usually begin to spawn. from other breeding plecos eg BNs can have this effect, its not necessary to have them in the same tank though, it may interfere with breeding of the groups. Species tanks are better for most plecos, and providing parameters are safe and the. Common name: Leopard Frog Plecostomus, L134 Scientific name: Peckoltia Compta Average Adult Fish Size: 4.3 inches / 11 cm Place of Origin: Brazil, South America Typical Tank setup: South American biotope with rocks, roots, driftwood, or bog wood. Live plants are not necessary, but are appreciated. Does best if there is a moderate current

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Fish Breeding ; L134 Leopard Frog Pleco Watch our video on the rules of this forum. L134 Leopard Frog Pleco. leopard frog pleco get another female as the male can be territorial I usely go with a ratio of 2-3 female per male if your trying to breed them Link to comment Share on other sites. More sharing options... Leo2o915. Posted May 31. B reeding a pleco fish is not as hard as you think. This is quite an easy process and anyone of you can do it. To breed a pleco fish you have to know the process and after that, you can help pleco fish to breed. The pleco fish need a separate breeder tank to breed. The male and female ratio should be 1:3 in that breeder tank

Now we are specialized in breeding plecos such as Hypancistrus Zebra L046 Hypancistrus L333 gold line Peckoltia Compta L134 Hypancistrus L174 Scobiancistrus L082 and many other difficult to breed and rare species. Just in 2020 we were able to breed more than 3 000 specimens. We estimatie to breed 7 000 pieces in 2021 Page 1 of 2 - my L134 and L333 Porto De Moz breeding for the first time - posted in Breeding Discussions: I just found L134 and hypancistrus L333 porto de moz males guarding the eggs in 2 separate caves next to each otherF1 parents Thanks shawn F2 juvi pic adde L134 Leopard Frog PLECO Tank-breed Specification: 1. Size: 3.2~3.5 cm (1.25~1.4, TL)2. Sexuality: un-sexed Juv Peckoltia compta l134 common name: L134 leopard frog pleco (peckoltia compta) and zebra pleco (hypancistrus zebra) i'll do some quick water changes on their aquarium and you can decide. 4.3 inches / 11 cm. 4.3 inches / 11 cm. South american biotope with rocks, roots, driftwood, or bog wood Brilliant Ancistrus L184 Breeding - posted in Breeding Discussions: These are some of my young L184 plecos. I have found this strain to be more difficult to breed than other bushy nose types. They spawn infrequently with small batches and the fry are very sensitive to raise. Now if my LDA08 (Ancistrus Claro) would breed that would be good news lol

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Sale! Euro triangle pleco cave. $ 6.50 $ 5.50 Select options. Pleco Breeding Assortment. $ 41.25 Add to cart. Pleco cave stacking plate kit. $ 65.00 Add to cart. Pleco cave stacking plates. $ 21.00 Add to cart L134-Leopard Frog. L135-Worm Line. L142-Snow Ball. L177-Gold Nugget. L183-White Seam. L191-Dull Eyed. L200-Lemon Spot. L204-Flash Pleco. L260-Q. Arabesque Hi Guys Have setup a 2ft breeding tank for L134. I'm doing a bare bottom setup using only driftwood. I have been running my 2 ft tank with 5 plecos, 15 cardinals, 3 cories on a 2028 and an air pump with no problem. In fact, I am converting to a 2026 next week. Filtration rate is still OK with a 2026 How much expirience in breeding do you think is needed for the zebras? Or for any of the other pleco's mentioned (excluding BN's and GN's) I've been toying with the idea of not breeding BN's and going straight for next years project ie L066, L134 or L046 Cheer

Pleco Breeding Farm, Tingkao, Hong Kong. 1,182 likes · 30 talking about this. Pleco Farm H The point here is that a 6-month-old female will be smaller than a 2-year-old male Pleco. However, if both the males and females are the same age, you can use their size to determine if the Plecos are males or females. Related: Don't forget to get your Plecos some good algae wafers, you can check out our top 5 picks here Our pleco breeding room. Related Videos. 0:12. L306 Takutut Tiger Panaqolus claustellifer pleco #l306takututtigerpleco #l306pleco #plecotank #plecobreeding #plecobreeder #ornamentalfish #freshwateraquarium #freshwaterfish #sanjosepets #sanjosepleco #sanjoseaquatics #sanjoseaquariums #joesaqua #joesaquacom The common Bristlenose pleco - Ancistrus cirrhosus - grows to between 4 and 5 inches, but there are cases where a well-kept specimen has reached almost 6 inches. However, in this section, I'd like to point the spotlight at two somewhat exotic fish species of the Ancistrus genus.. The first one is called the Gold Marble Bristlenose Catfish, also known as Ancistrus claro

Common Name: Leopard Frog Pleco L134 Scientific name: L134 Pleckoltia Compta Wild Origin: captive bred Maximum Size: 10 cm or 4 inches. Leopard Frog Pleco: Tank Parameters Required: pH - 6.0-7.5 gH - 5-15 kH - 1-5 TDS - 100-600 Temperature - 23 - 28C or 73 - 83F. Temperament: Feed vegetables, algae wafers, and frozen foods. My one spawn of BNs yielded over 230 plecos and I've only lost less than a handful. There was a master breeder that had a group of zebras that spawned regularly but stopped once he moved (different water source). He couldn't get them to breed again. I have a group of L134 (6) and L128 (5) that I'm raising to breed

Pets Current Age : 2 years, 3 months old (England) Regulations 2018 came into effect. Breeding Dogs An animal activities license is required for anyone who keeps a breeding establishment (Including private dwellings) for dogs which meets the following conditions : These Pleco's can be sold separate for £20 each or £50 for all 3 of.

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Name: Leopard Frog Pleco L134 Located: The Rio tapajos at Pimental I am running a special from now to April 15th for L134 and L333 where you pre-order 6 and make a $50 deposit to reserve your order at the special prices. When weather permits safe mailing I will send 6 and add one more for free. The postage is paid by the buyer. We will coordinate a mutually agreeable shipping time based on the weather. The L134 are 6/$240 plus one free Personally we find that such knowledge is must have for each aquarists who want to breed plecos especially such complicated species as L046, L134 etc. Undestanding of Basics of promoting fish maturation and spawning will help you to realize practical lifehacks on breeding plecos, which we will post in near future

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Details about L134 Leopard Frog Pleco (Peckoltia compta) TANK-BREED. 2 viewed per hour. L134 Leopard Frog Pleco (Peckoltia compta) TANK-BREED Breeding Pair Pleco Live Aquarium Fish, Breeding Pair Tropical Aquarium Live Plecos, Breeding Box Indiana Aquariums & Tanks, Breeding Cages L134 LEOPARD FROG PLECO (Peckoltia compta) 3 Regular price $99.99 L14 SUNSHINE PLECO (Scobinancistrus aureatus ) 2-6 From $79.99 L141 GHOST PLECO (Ancistomus snethlageae) Regular price $59.99 — Sold Out. L142 SNOWBALL PLECO (Baryancistrus.sp L142) Regular price $79.99.

Not sure on price but I assume you mean $25.00, and that sounds reasonable to me. They really are great plecs. Very attractive and out going. Mine are always out and about in my 55 gal community tank L134 Leopard Frog Pleco Tank-Breed (Peckoltia compta) Specification 1. Size: About 3.0~3.5 cm (1.2~1.4, TL) 2. Sexuality: un-sexed Juvi. Shipping Service & Cost. Fedex Overnight . Pickup: San Jose, CA (zip code:95132) * We ship our pleco with breather bag, heat pack and styrofoam box If you have the ability to get clean rain water, you should try to collect this and use it for the breeding tank. After adding this water to the plecos' tank, they will hopefully start getting interested in each other. The water should be warm (about 27° to 32°C [80° to 90°F]), soft, and neutral to slightly acid Currently Available: - L340 pleco (breeding group) w/c (pending for pickup) - L066 pleco w/c - L333 King Tiger pleco adults. w/c <2 left> - L333 king tiger plecos juveniles. tank breed - L134 pleco (breeding group) w/c - Longfin Albino BN pleco juveniles - Corydoras sterbai (breeding group) w/c (pending for pickup) Sold Out: - L397 pleco - L134.

x1 2.5 Male chocolate short fin bristlenose pleco (Ancistrus) Breeding age. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box L134 Leopard Frog Pleco! Fishes N Inverts · August 9, 2014. 0:13. Blue Spotted Sea Robin. Fishes N Inverts · May 11, 2013. 2:14. Arowana In The Wild. Fishes N Inverts · May 9, 2013. 2:53. Arowana Breeding in India. Fishes N Inverts · May 9, 2013. 1:14. Arowanas courting and laying eggs. Fishes N Inverts · May 9, 2013. Related Pages See All

L333 King Tiger Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.) TANK-BREED. Regular price. $22.00. Shipping calculated at checkout. Pack. 1 JUVENILE 3 JUVENILES 5+1 JUVENILES 10+2 JUVENILES. 1 JUVENILE - $22.00 USD 3 JUVENILES - $66.00 USD 5+1 JUVENILES - $110.00 USD 10+2 JUVENILES - $220.00 USD. Quantity L134 Leopard Frog Plecos. 4 of 6. L128 Blue Phantom and L253 Sunshine L075 Para Pleco Rubberlip Pleco. It's blurry b/c I had to zoom in to get the shot. He's a bit shy. 3.5 bn pleco breeding coloration We provide World Wide Shipping! IDEAL FOR Hypancistrus zebra L046, Hypancistrus L174, Peckoltia Compta L134, Ancistrus Wabenmunster, Bristlenose plecos, Hypancistrus L333 gold, Hypancistrus L236 - Our pleco caves for aquarium based on more 10-year experience in breeding plecos.; NATURAL DESIGN - aquarium decorations resembles the natural materials. . They will look very realistic in fish tank. [Pre-Order] L056 Chubby Pleco (Parancistrus aurantiacus yellow) TANK-BREED From $50.00 L134 Leopard Frog Pleco (Peckoltia compta) TANK-BREE Got 2 very large pleco (40cm) male and female for sale.only selling as I haven't got the time anymore to maintain the fish tank. Also last year we had some eggs but wasn't quick enough to safe them. Also got about 40 guppies ( male and female they are breeding like mad) and a couple o

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Rana de leopardo Pleco, Peckoltia sp.L134. Rana de leopardo Pleco, Peckoltia sp.L134. Rana de leopardo Pleco, Peckoltia sp.L134. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Common name: Green Phantom Plecostomus, L200 Scientific name: Hemiancistrus Subviridis, L200 Average Adult Fish Size: 7 inches / 18 cm Place of Origin: Rio Orinoco, Venezuela Typical Tank setup: Rocky S. American biotope with a lot of caves and hiding places. Driftwood or bogwood is considered unnecessary by some, and a requirement by others L134 and L333 Pleco special I am running a special from now to April 15th for L134 and L333 where you pre-order 6 and make a $50 deposit to reserve your order at the special prices. When weather permits safe mailing I will send 6 and add one more for free L134 Leopard Frog Pleco (Peckoltia compta) $ 59.99 - $ 89.99 One of the most attractively patterned and sought after members of its genus, the Leopard Frog or Imperial Tiger Pleco is found in the clear waters of the Rio Tapajos and its tributary the Rio Jamanxim in Brazil

L134 Leopard Frog Pleco Breeding Group - posted in CanadaPleco Marketplace: Buy & Sell: Breeding group of L134 Plecos WC 3m / 2f. Had the group for over a year now but selling as I just got in some amazing L236sw RB line and need to make room. Can ship anywhere in Canada. PM me for detail Selling breeding group L134 - posted in CanadaPleco Marketplace: Buy & Sell: In no rush to sell. Just dont have the time to focus on breedings. 10 fish in total. 8 full grown f1 Mix is 4f/4m Two f2 in the same tank. Just a bit too small to sex. Will include all the small D shaped caves as they seem to prefer these for breeding efforts. This a plug and play breeding group AquaBid.com: Item # fwcatfishp1614299112 - BREEDING PAIR OF L134 LEOPARD FROG PLECOS!!! Been growing out these L134 Leopard Frog Plecos to breed and was going to add more to the colony but lost interest. I no longer have the time, patience, or space for another dedicated spawning setup so I'm hoping to move this breeding project on to someone else. Most are about breeding size..

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CCA Members. Hello if anyone have some of these Plecos. L46 - Zebra Pleco. L134 - Leopard Frog Pleco. L397 Red Tiger pleco. for sale or know where I could get some please let me know. Rather get them from a breeder or someone local Bushynose Plec. Trio Breeding Age. Plecostomus, lot number 1813. Bred by KJE-KEITH. This picture is of the exact item. Male from the trio you are bidding on. Google image search or look for this on Seriously Fish. Lot will include 3 - Breeding Age (young adult) Bushy-Nose Plecs . (One male and two female) The picture is of the Male you will. Temperature: 70-80 F (20-27 C) Maximum Size: 6 inches (15 cm) The bristlenose pleco ( Ancistrus cirrhosus), also known as the bushynose pleco, has a wide distribution throughout the Amazon river basin in South America. It can be found in a variety of habitats, from shallow low oxygen floodplains, to the deep, dark waters of rivers Furthermore, the acidity should be kept between 6.5 and 7.5 pH while the hardiness should be 20 to 25. These are the perfect conditions Bristlenoses require in order to thrive. The tank size also depends on the other species you accompany them with but the default tank size for them is 25 gallons

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L397 Pleco breeding pairs (SOLD) I have 4 proven breeding pairs of L397's that I would like to either swap for l201 or l134 fry/sub adults, (or may consider x2 l046 4cm fry) to the same value (must be no smaller then 4cm). I will sell each pair for $200 for those who are interested in single pairs. They range from 9-10.5cm L134 leopard frog plecos TRIO BARGAIN! in BUNYA, Queensland for sale These are very healthy and about 22 months old so ready to breed soon. I'm after $400 for the reverse trio (2m/1F). One spawn will give you 2 times that amount easily. 2x Large Sailfin plecos 35cm $80 ( spots in top fin) 30cm $70 Pickup Raceview, Ipswich Can throw in. Butterfly Pleco Breeding. Butterfly plecos breed in caves or cave-like structures. This breeding behavior can be observed in many other pleco species, and they are known as cave-spawners. Large water changes of up to 50-75% can encourage breeding behavior. The water change can mimic the rainy season, which is when they breed in the wild a single potter that creates all of the Gen II Pleco Caves, and he. has agreed to produce larger sizes of the Gen II caves by request. Larger Pleco Breeders have requested this cave that is 11.5. deep, 4 high and 6 wide, and these will be kept in stock, and can be shipped on the day following payment

Breeding: Like most Loricariid catfish, Hypancistrus sp. L-260 receives its breeding trigger from water temperature changes. In Brazil, the fish's breeding is triggered by the monsoons, which bring cool water (roughly 60 degrees fahrenheit) to the rivers they inhabit. Breeding must occur in a properly-equipped tank Breeding Plecostomus Common plecos are not bred in captivity and we don't know much about their reproductive behaviors or requirements. They likely require at least a 300 to 500-gallon pond-style enclosure to induce spawning, but there are no successful breeding reports to work off of Plecos 8 and Under I got this list from here 30 plecos under 8 inches/ but it was old and wasn't super accurate so I have redone the list , added fish to it, and provided a species link to the data on each fish so that all the info is available to people 01. Pitbull Pleco LDA25..

L134 pleco breeding group 7. $700. Posted 8 minutes ago. Hamilton, ON L8K 6P8. Favourite. Description. 3M 4F proven breeding group of l134 leopard frog plecos. Have bred and been kept in Hamilton tap water. Price is firm. Show more. 0 visits. K. Kijiji User. Owner. 1 listing--avg reply- Breeding. Zebra pleco becomes reproductive at the age of 2-4 years old. Except tank water temperature and flow, availability of proper shelters is a crucial factor that influences the breeding process. The tube has to correspond to the breeders size. Tank water temperature can't be lower than 25°C. Aeration should be increased

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It then takes up to 2 years for bristlenose pleco to reach the average maximum of 6 inches. Breeding starts while the fry are between 6 months to a year old (sometimes 1.5 years), with an average body size of 3 to 5 inches. Below is a quick (summerized) bristlenose pleco growth rate timeline: pH. 6.5-7.5. Size. 6 inches (15 cm) Here are the most optimal conditions to keep this fish in a tank successfully: water temperature should be about 24 °C (75 F), dH — up to 20—25°, pH — in the range from 6,5 to 7,5. Water renew should be done at least weekly - ¼ of old tank water should be renewed with fresh water

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The Redtail Leopard Plecostomus has not been bred in an aquarium and little is known about their breeding habits. Feeding the Redtail Leopard Plecostomus is not difficult due to the fact that it is not a picky eater. Feeding off the bottom of the aquarium, it gets most of its nutrition from left over food and algae The clown pleco can breed randomly without triggers, especially when there are male and female species in the tank. However, it is a controversial conversation between aquariums; some believe the clown pleco breeding is difficult others think otherwise. You can breed them effortlessly under the right conditions and set-up discussed below Breeding group l134 leopard frog plecos. Breed about every 42 days. Pick up only . Email for pic The Para is pretty exotic. They're also large (10), like the Sunshine (10-12) and a bit harder to breed. I only have 1 Para and 2 Sunshines (still unsexed). I have a group of 5 L128 and 6 L134 in hopes to breed them in a couple of years. The BN was a fluke. I had 2 males and a female in 3 different tanks Plecostomus or common pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) June 15, 2021 June 9, 2021 by Sergey Schulz Common pleco (lat. Hypostomus plecostomus) is a type of suckermouth catfish, which is often encountered in home aquaria