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Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), the official government-owned news agency of Bangladesh, was created on 1 January 1972 from the Dhaka bureau of the state-owned. Abul Kalam Azad , who was formerly Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina 's press secretary, became its chief editor in 2014 United News of Bangladesh, founded in 1988 was the country's first fully computerised privately owned agency. Other private news agencies include News Network of Bangladesh (NNB) and BD News 24 which also launched the country's first photo agency, Focus Bangla It is conjectured that the first printing press in Bangladesh was in Rangpur during 1847, about 335 kilometres (208 mi) away from Dhaka. The first printed piece from this printing press was a weekly newspaper named Rangapur Barttabaha (রঙ্গপুর বার্ত্তাবহ) in August 1847 Despite the growing popularity of Bangladeshi Newspaper websites, bangla newspaper print versions (prothom alo, bd pratidin, jugantor, and the daily star) are highly trusted.In Bangladesh there are thousands of Bangla news sites constantly providing updated news and information. bdnews24, bd24live, banglanews24 and bangla tribune are the largest Bangla news sites.Also List of Bangladeshi TV.

Press freedom had its first blow in June 1975 when the then regime shut down all but four newspapers through an executive order. Then the country fell into the grips of the successive military juntas which undermined both democracy and independent journalism for the subsequent 15 years Ittefaq is the oldest daily newspaper in Bangladesh. It is still popular among the readers

The Daily Ittefaq (Bengali: দৈনিক ইত্তেফাক translit. Doinik Ittefak) is a Bengali-language daily newspaper. Founded in 1953, it is the oldest newspaper, and one of the most circulated newspapers in Bangladesh.This newspaper format is broadsheet and is printed by Ittefaq Group of Publications Limited Bdnews24 (বিডি নিউজ) is the most popular news portal (বাংলা সংবাদপত্র) in Bangladesh. It was have both bengali and english version. They have a team of over 500 journalists and photographers around Bangladesh. They give update of every event time to time 24x7 bangla news An extensive interview on Bangladesh's evolution as a nation after its creation in 1971, with author and journalist Salil Tripathi. Representative image | Photo Credit: iStock Images In 1986, Author and Journalist Salil Tripathi travelled to Bangladesh on assignment with Debonair to cover the Presidential elections 1971 - Awami League proclaims independence of the province as Bangladesh. Pakistan is defeated in brief war, with Indian assistance. Pakistan is defeated in brief war, with Indian assistance News Agency in Bangladesh at a Glance News Agencies' allocate and disseminate news, usually for newspapers and periodicals and broadcasters. One of the oldest news agencies in the world, the Reuter Telegram Company, known in short as R, had its branches in different parts of British India including Bengal

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Civilisational history of Bangladesh dates back over four millennia, to the Chalcolithic.The country's early documented history featured successions of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms and empires, vying for regional dominance.. Islam arrived during the 6th-7th century AD and became dominant gradually since the early 13th century with the conquests led by Bakhtiyar Khalji as well as activities of. The new Bangladesh government focused on relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of the economy and society. In December 1974, in the face of continuing economic deterioration and mounting civil disorder, Mujib proclaimed a state of emergency, limited the powers of the legislative and judicial branches, banned all the newspaper except four government supported papers, and introduced one. History of Bangladesh Betar PDF. Download. News from Bangladesh (NFB), a New York-based organization, has joint syndicated Radio talk- show in Bangladesh in collaboration with Metrowave. The show is designed mainly to inspire the younger generation in Bangladesh. Trend of media reach Considering the socio-economic condition of Bangladesh. DHAKA, Bangladesh -- A fire engulfed a food and beverage factory outside Bangladesh's capital, killing at least 52 people, many of whom were trapped inside by an illegally locked door, fire. History of Insurance Industry Development in Bangladesh. After the liberation the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in 1971, nationalized the insurance industry along with the banks in 1972 by Presidential Order No. 95. By virtue of this order, all companies and organization transacting all types of insurance business in.

The history of mountaineering in Bangladesh is not long and can be traced back to only a few years ago, unlike its neighbouring countries which started well ahead of it. There are reasons for that. The most convincing reason, apparently, is that the country doesn't have what it takes to climb a mountain: a mountain March 11, 1948. Students demonstrating for Bangla as state language is baton-charged and a large number of students are arrested in Dhaka. The situation grew worse in the days that followed. The Quaid-i-Azam was due to visit Dhaka from 19 March. The provincial government became nervous and Nazimuddin under pressure of widespread agitation. Bangladesh has a tragic history of industrial disasters, including factories catching fire with the workers locked inside. In 2013, CBS News visited a factory in Bangladesh with a hidden.

Bangladesh has had a rich history of feminist organising, as shown above. Throughout our history, women have recognised and prioritised the same core feminist issues of choice, autonomy, and. Bangladesh has a tragic history of industrial disasters, including factories catching fire with workers locked inside. Big international brands, which employ tens of thousands of low-paid workers.

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Last modified on Sat 10 Jul 2021 07.57 EDT. Bangladeshi police have arrested the owner of a factory where at least 52 people died in an inferno, as it emerged that children as young as 11 had been. In this article I am going to give an overview of Radio & Radio Broadcasting History of Bangladesh. Advances in technology have given people more ways to access an increasing amount of information. Local and international news can be read in the newspaper, listened to on radio, watched on television and found on cell-phones or online A History of Bangladesh Prehistory and ancient. Humans likely migrated from the Indus Valley to modern day Bangladesh around the year 700 B.C. This year marks the earliest known pottery from the Ganges delta. This culture grew and evolved into a state called Anga Mahajanpada, one of 16 such Mahajanpada, or kingdoms, in the Indian subcontinent Bangladesh has a tragic history of industrial disasters. In 2019, a fire in the oldest part of Dhaka, a 400-year-old area cramped with apartments, shops and warehouses, left at least 67 people dead

Indian Newspaper Reports: The Liberation Times [TLT]- is a commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of India's greatest Military Victory in the last century and the birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. TLT tracks the day to day events of the short 14-Day war, that took place in 1971. Click here for the news reports. Pakistani Newspaper Reports The early history of press freedom in Bengal. Raja Ram Mohan Roy in London (1833), portrait by Rembrandt Peale. In mid-eighteenth century Mughal India, slowly but surely, the old was giving way to. Dhaka Tribune - Fastest growing Bangladeshi daily: BDNews24 - Bangladesh initiative of a group of newsmen offering reports and pictures: The Daily Star - The first Bangladeshi daily on the net.: New Age - Dynamic Daring Daily: The Daily Sun - True and Impartial: Independent-Bangladesh: The New Nation - The New Nation internet edition

Bhorer Kagoj is a Bangladeshi daily newspaper based in Dhaka. The newspaper was founded in 1992.Shyamal Dutta is editor of this daily bd newspaper.Bhorer kagoj pyical address -Karnaphuli point,70 new circular roads,Malibagh road ,Dhaka Bangladesh .visit Bhorekagoj online for Bd news Newspapers of Bangladesh, in fact from the days of Hickey's Gazette, have suffered political pressure which has often ended in economic control and in extreme cases, complete closure Bangladesh war: The article that changed history. On 13 June 1971, an article in the UK's Sunday Times exposed the brutality of Pakistan's suppression of the Bangladeshi uprising. It forced the. The first printing press in Bengal was that of a Mr. Andrews at Hooghly in 1778. Halhed's grammar was printed here. Of this, we know but little more. In 1780, James Augustus Hickey founded the. 1979-02-18 President Zia ur-Rahman's National Party wins elections in Bangladesh. 1981-05-30 Bangladesh President Ziaur Rahman is shot by group of rebel officers. 1986-04-14 Double-decker ferry sinks in stormy weather in Bangladesh killing 200. 1986-05-25 Ferry boat Shamia sinks on Maghna River Bangladesh, 600 killed

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Bangladesh and parts of India look to lockdowns as a wave of cases hits South Asia, and more news around the world. Some countries in the densely populated region, home to one-quarter of the world. Women, War, and the Making of Bangladesh: Remembering 1971 (HISTORY) By Yasmin Saikia Oxford University Press, Karachi ISBN 9780199064762 324pp. Rs675 Rs675 Advertisemen In Bangladesh: History. Although Bangladesh has existed as an independent country only since the late 20th century, its national character within a broader South Asian context dates to the ancient past. The country's history, then, is intertwined with that of India, Pakistan, and other countries of the. Read More History of aviation in Bangladesh Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. History of aviation in Bangladesh Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes.co

History of Bangladesh. For centuries, the area that is now Bangladesh was part of the Bengal region of India. It was ruled by the same empires that ruled central India, from the Maurya (321-184 BCE) to the Mughal (1526-1858 CE). When the British took control of the region and created their Raj in India (1858-1947), Bangladesh was included Bangladesh - Bangladesh - Bangladesh since independence: In January 1972 Mujib was installed as the first prime minister of the new parliamentary government of Bangladesh, and Abu Sayeef Choudhury became president. Still troublesome, however, were various local paramilitary forces, known as Razakars, that supported the Pakistani cause. The Bengali Razakar force was called Al-Badr, while the. Jessore is a district in the of southwestern tip of Bangladesh.It is bordered by India to the west. The district produces a variety of crops year-round. Date-sugar, called patali, is made from the sap of locally grown date trees. It is cooked, thickened and crystallised using a traditional method Bangladesh has a tragic history of industrial disasters, including factories catching fire with the workers locked inside. Continuing corruption and lax enforcement have resulted in many deaths over the years, and big international brands, which employ tens of thousands of low-paid workers in Bangladesh, have come under heavy pressure to improve factory conditions after fires and other. Latest Education news in Bangladesh. Primary and high schools will be allowed to reopen when the Covid-19 situation comes under control, Sheikh..

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  1. The Women's Movement in Bangladesh. The study traces the history of women's movements in Bangladesh and discusses its achievements amidst the rapidly changing economic and political context in the country and globally. Since its independence, Bangladesh has made significant gains in empowering women. The country has formulated and.
  2. The history of cricket in Bangladesh predates the foundation of the Bangladeshi state in 1971, by nearly two centuries. Cricket was introduced to Bengal by the British in the 18th Century but its growth in East Bengal was slow
  3. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia that faces many hardships due to poverty. Many residents are struggling to survive, and in turn, crime follows. A crime like human trafficking is detrimental to Bangladesh and the millions of victims it affects. Here are 10 facts about human trafficking in Bangladesh to broaden the scope of what effects poverty has on human trafficking
  4. More than 50 people are dead from a major fire that erupted at an industrial building in Bangladesh, burned for a full day and wasn't extinguished until Friday, authorities said. Top News U.S. New
  5. al conspiracy David Bergman December 20, 2020. The ongoing construction of the Padma Bridge on November 12th 2019 — the bridge will connect the south-west of the country to the northern and eastern regions in Bangladesh. Photo: Zakir Hossain Chowdhury/Alamy
  6. A fire engulfed a food and beverage factory outside Bangladesh's capital, killing at least 52 people, many of whom were trapped inside by an illegally locked door, fire officials said Friday
  7. The Bangladesh Cricket Control Board is established. Soon after, a cricket league commences in Dhaka and Chittagong. It is a slow start, other things having priority in the war-torn country. Early in 1975 the Dhaka (then Dacca) stadium was still in disrepair, the square having sunk several inches and the Press Club shell-torn

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Welcome to Bangladesh Forms and Publications Office. Bangladesh Forms & Publications Office is a unit office of the Department of Printing and Publications under the ministry of Public Administration, GOB. It started functioning as an integral part of the then East Pakistan Government Press (EPGP). By 1972 it was introduced as a separate unit. Bangladesh news, news papers and news sites. English newspapers and news sites; Bengali newspapers and news sites; Magazines and eZines from Bangladesh; Learn everything there is to know about the history of the Bangladesh's independence from the brutal yoke of Pakistan after a nine month long Liberation War. Historic Mujibnagar Day: A milestone in our history. Not at all. You are not a witness: you're a part of history, Tawfiq. Tajuddin Ahmad spoke these words when Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury thanked. Bangladesh, country of South Asia, located in the delta of the Padma (Ganges) and Jamuna (Brahmaputra) rivers in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and its people are predominantly Muslim. Its capital is Dhaka

Bangladesh civil aviation minister Mahbub Ali, center, addresses a news conference in Dhaka on Monday 25 February AP On 16 December 1971, East Pakistan officially became the independent country of. POLICE in Bangladesh have arrested on murder charges the owner of a factory where at least 52 people died in a fire — with the victims understood to be mostly children. Abul Hashem, the owner of.

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A unique figure in the history of Bangladesh, Azam fought in wars as a fighter pilot in three different countries - Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan. During the 1967 Six-Day War, he was the only pilot. Latest Agriculture news in Bangladesh. Every day visitors are making their way to the 2,000-acre hilly orchard of late Abdul Matin Chand Miah,..

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Bangladesh has a tragic history of industrial disasters, including factories catching fire with the workers locked inside. Continuing corruption and lax enforcement have resulted in many deaths. The last remnants of Bangladesh's tiny Jewish community appear to be extinct. The last well-known Jewish resident in the country was a news anchor for state television. More and more Bangladeshis are aware of the history of anti-Semitism and its parallels with other peoples who have faced genocide - and the notorious politics of genocide. History of RMG Sector in Bangladesh: The foundation of the textile sector was first established in the 60th decade of the 19th century. For the first time, the industry exported shirts (Mercury shirts) to the European market in 1965-66, which was produced from Karachi 52 dead in Bangladesh factory fire as workers locked inside. Firefighters carry the body of a victim at a food and beverage factory in Rupganj, outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, Friday, July 9, 2021. At.

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On March 26, 1971, Bangladesh declared independence, sparking the nine-month war. Pakistan launched a military operation to stop the move to independence, while India joined on the side of what is. Bangladesh (officially called People's Republic of Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia.It is next to the North-east Indian provincial regions of India, which converges with Southeast Asia to the east. Its full name is The People's Republic of Bangladesh. The capital and the largest city is Dhaka (formerly Dacca). Bangladesh is surrounded on three sides by the Republic of India (Bharat. Emad congrats, bangladesh is the fastest growing economy on south east asia, simple reason is it did not get into enemity with india and waste money on weapon but invested in human resources, it.

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The History of true news in Bangladesh. 127 likes. gaibandh Bangladesh News. Get your fix of Bangladesh news! Read daily online newspapers and news sites relating to Bangladesh. Bangladesh News in English. Bangladesh News in Bengali - বাংলা. Periodicals - Bangladesh related magazines, ezines, and periodicals. If you are depressed by all the bad news, have some fun at Jutar Bari. Essay/Composition on 'Newspaper' for J.S.C and S.S.C Exam Bangladesh. 1:04:00 PM. In every year, English teacher of all schools keep the Essay/Composition of Newspaper in their suggestion as an important one. It is really a nice composition for JSC and S.S.C level students of Bangladesh education board. Here is a nice format of this essay 1971 war: Witness to history. A visit to Dhaka can be an overwhelming experience — not just because of the traffic, pollution, congestion or humidity, but also due to its history. As a Pakistani, I felt remorse, guilt and shame every time I walked into the corridors of Dhaka University 1947 and Bangladesh: The third unknown history. East Pakistan was firmly on its way to becoming Bangladesh after a detour. (Archives/Representational) I had asked my aunt where she thought her home was. She smiled and said, I was born there, India, but I raised my family here, in Bangladesh. This is my home.. My aunt is from West Bengal

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This is not a history of the war that Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India record. It is a reclaimed human story as told by survivors. Women and the War. The rape of women in the 1971 war is poorly documented, but in Bangladesh only Pakistanis are blamed for the crime. This allows the Bengali men who violated Bengali and Bihari women to hide their. The river port of Narayanganj is one of the oldest in Bangladesh. [1] It is also a center of business and industry, especially the jute trade and processing plants, and the textile sector of the country. It is nicknamed the Dundee of Bangladesh due to the presence of its many jute mills. Dundee was the first industrialised Juteopolis in the world A Quarter of Bangladesh Is Flooded. Millions Have Lost Everything. The country's latest calamity illustrates a striking inequity of our time: The people least responsible for climate change are. The Financial Express (FE) is the first financial daily of Bangladesh in English under the ownership of company -- International Publications Limited which was incorporated under the Companies Act in the year, 1993. The FE started its journey in 1993. In terms of circulation this daily now ranks second, both in its print and on online editions, among its contemporaries, in English language, in. The human death toll over only 267 days was incredible. Just to give for five out of the eighteen districts some incomplete statistics published in Bangladesh newspapers or by an Inquiry Committee, the Pakistani army killed 100,000 Bengalis in Dacca, 150,000 in Khulna, 75,000 in Jessore, 95,000 in Comilla, and 100,000 in Chittagong

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1755 - Alaungpaya founds the Konbaung dynasty. 1824-26 - First Anglo-Burmese war ends with the Treaty of Yandabo, according to which Burma ceded the Arakan coastal strip, between Chittagong and. A newspaper is a printed periodical whose purpose is to deliver news and other information in an up-to-date, factual manner. Newspapers appear most commonly in daily editions, but may also be issued twice a day or weekly. History Public officials in ancient Rome posted news of the day in a public space, but it was not until the invention of. Thus the worst genocide of the history of world began in Bangladesh. The brutal (West) Pakistan army's death squads roamed the streets of Dhaka, killed some 7,000 people (most of them were civilians, university students and partly were un-armed police and EPR soldiers) in a single night, and within a week, half the population of Dhaka had fled, and at least 30,000 people had been.

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Find historical newspapers from across the United States and beyond. Explore newspaper articles and clippings for help with genealogy, history and other research The safety of Bangladesh's garment factories is again in the spotlight five years after the worst industrial accident in the country's history. More than 1,100 people died and thousands more were.

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Bangladesh is a small South Asian country which borders India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. Since it gained independence in 1971, Bangladesh's economy has been growing about 6% annually. However, while the economy in Bangladesh is becoming more progressive, socially, Bangladesh still has room for advancement The number of fires has increased more than threefold across Bangladesh since 1997; with the year 2018 seeing a daily average of 53. Fire Service and Civil Defence statistics showed that around 250,000 fires occurred in the country between January 1, 1997 and December 31, 2018, according to the online database Dataful News, interviews and architecture projects from Bangladesh Latest news in Bangladesh Throughout human history, the movement of populations-in search of food, shelter, or better economic. History & Evolution of Bangladesh Internet Sumon Ahmed Sabir sumon@fiberathome.net 2. Technology evolution & Growth User experience & Usage Trend Policy Impact 3. Time Line • 1993-1996 Off line Email Era (UUCP) • 1996 VSAT Based Internet Service • 1996-2002 Dial Up Internet • 2000 First HFC Deployed in Dhaka • 2001-2005 xDSL Service.

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In 1999, over 200,000 Biharis were still living in 66 camps of Bangladesh with poor facilities. Two generations of Biharis now live in camps. For some members of the younger generation, Bangladesh is the only home they have ever known, and Bengali is the language they have learned Police arrest Bangladesh factory owners after fire kills 52. Police in Bangladesh say they have arrested eight people on murder charges in connection with a factory fire that killed at least 52. In-depth: What students are being taught about the separation of East Pakistan. DAWN.COM, December 16, 2010. By Misha Hussain, in Dhaka. DHAKA: Few would argue with the sequence of events that lead to the liberation of Bangladesh as described in the textbooks being taught to tenth grade students in Bangladesh 1979 - Already controlling 80% of the bag market in Europe, plastic bags go abroad and are widely introduced to the United States. Plastic companies begin to aggressively market their product as superior to paper and reusable bags. Photo by Creative Commons. 1982 - Safeway and Kroger, two of the biggest supermarket chains in the United States, switch to plastic bags Some key dates in the history of Bangladesh: 1947 - British colonial rule over India ends. A largely Muslim state comprising East and West Pakistan is established, either side of India Workers in factories in Bangladesh making clothes for western firms continue to suffer from poor working conditions two years after a factory collapse that killed 1,100 people and prompted.