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In this video I go and clean all the parts that run the oil. It was a mess but I did it I gently scrubbed her with Dawn dish soap to remove the dirt and oil. Unscrew the base pieces from the lamp. I placed the bottom tub and all of the foliage in hot water with Dawn soap to remove the oil and grime. Once the bottom is removed, you should see your motor In this video I restore the Oil Rain Lamp my mother gave me from my grandmothers house. I been hesitating to work on it as the emotional connection to it is.. How To Clean A Vintage Rain Lamp. by K. Gitter. 4 years ago. A couple of things to note - mineral oil is commonly used in rain lamps. This can be found at your local store in the pharmacy section. Because I am paranoid, I ordered the original oil they used in them from eBay Unplug the lamp to disassemble it for extensive repair or cleaning. Place plastic sheeting under your work area, cover with newspaper, and keep paper towels handy. Reach through the strands and remove the light bulb, statue, and foliage. Slide any decorative bands out of position to expose the screws. Unscrew the top canopy and remove it. Unscrew the cage section from the bottom canopy and remove it. Drain the oil from the bottom basin into a plastic milk jug or bottle if necessary

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Cleaning an oil rain lamp is fairly easy, you only need to perform the following procedure. Carefully dismantle the lamp, without causing any damage to the parts. Discard all the oil, and using a metal cleaner, clean the metal parts using a rag and the cleaning fluid. The foliage and statues needs to be washed with water and soap With a Pail in the bathtub, I turned the Lamp on it's side (over the Pail) and drained out the old oil and held it there for a while to get as much old oil out of it. Then I hung it up on the Shower rod with a large S-hook in the chain. The Plants do not pull out of the holes - but rather the shoots of the plants pull off the base Cleanin The rain lamp (oil lamp, swag lamp) is the old mill version and the sputnik lamp is new with color change LEDs.Along with the vintage fans and lighting!I b..

They worked by using a pump that ran rain lamp oil (which was pretty much mineral oil - any other kind of oil will gum up the pump) over several strands of taut 30-40 lb fishing line to create a slow motion effect of rain. The oil also had to be changed and the lamp and pump cleaned every year or the oil gets rancid If you have a lamp that has clogged drip holes at the top, go ahead and carefully remove the light bulb. Then open the top of the lamp by removing the screws. This will give you access to those top holes, which can be cleaned with a toothpick. STEP 3: Remove the base of the Rain Lamp and wash with hot soapy water In this video I take the steps to fix and restore the pump. This was a big point in the process. Don't mind the grown man crying off camera Dip a microfiber cloth or other soft rag into the water and wash the lamp. For areas that are difficult to reach, scrub with a soft toothbrush. Dry the lamp with a soft, clean rag. Get the Best.. Rain lamps are very attractive pieces of artwork that impart an atmosphere of serenity and grace to their surroundings. In this HomeQuicks article, we shall learn how a rain lamp works, its making, its maintenance, and more

How To Clean A Vintage Rain Lamp. I've always wanted a vintage rain lamp and after searching for a while, I finally found one on Craigslist at a decent price... Article by Candy Knight. 40. Rain Lamp Shabby Chic Lamps She Sheds Light Of Life Vintage Lamps Oil Lamps Better Life Plant Hanger Home Crafts Rain lamps date back to the late 1950s. But by the early '70s their popularity had faded. Nevertheless, they remain a beautiful example of decorative lamps. Traditionally, rain lamps depicted Grecian scenes, often using a statue of Aphrodite among greenery How To Clean A Vintage Rain Lamp. I've always wanted a vintage rain lamp and after searching for a while, I finally found one on Craigslist at a decent price. It was only $35 and listed under vintage lamp Hi I had a Rain Lamp exactly like you described yours. My Favorite Novelty Light. Was pretty & COOL. But I tried to take it apart to fix, I think it was the pump that went bad. I never managed to get it back together again or find another one like it

Paper or fabric towels will work, so choose what you prefer. Then, turn the lamp on. Along the base, you will see small holes in a collection pan at the bottom. Carefully add oil by pouring into these holes a small amount at a time The most complicated part of repairing a rain lamp is disassembling the lamp, which is easy. Unplug the lamp to disassemble it for extensive repair or cleaning. Place plastic sheeting under your work area, cover with newspaper, and keep paper towels handy. Reach through the strands and remove the light bulb, statue, and foliage Regardless of whether your metal lamp is made of brass, steel, nickel, bronze or copper, the initial cleaning is similar. Wipe down the metal parts of the lamp with warm, soapy water and a soft. The above illustration was an easy one because the lamp had been placed in storage dry, without fuel in the font, and had been kept fairly clean over the years. That is an exception as many old lamps have been sitting on a shelf in an attic for decades and were put away wet with fuel in the font

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Rinse the reservoir with hot water until it runs clear when you pour it out. Run your finger along the inside. If it's squeaky clean, you're done. If not, proceed to the next step Therefore, the most effective way to remove a water mark is to clean the entire lampshade. 1 Remove the lampshade from the lamp and vacuum it thoroughly, using a vacuum and a hose attachment How to clean rain lamp. I purchased a rain lamp last week and would like to know how to take the top part of that hangs from the ceiling the basin in the to

3. Clean the burner for even burning. Soak burner in white vinegar if necessary 4. Brush char off wick and clean charcoal out of holes in burner around wick holder 5. If lantern is out and there is still fuel in it - check wick length, replace if needed 6. Always use 150 degree kerosene, or regular lamp oil for best results. 7 If you notice yellowish coloring on the headlights, you need to opt for a more comprehensive clean, using Rain-X or some polishing compound to clean them up and correct the damage. A thin layer of transmission fluid can temporarily clear them up as well. 5. Look for peeling and cracks

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After cleaning the headlights to remove dirt, apply the headlight restorer to the lens. Be sure to spread a decent amount over the entire surface. Leave the restorer on for a few minutes. Gently work the dried restorer around the lens with a soft-bristled brush. Wipe away the residual restorer with a clean cloth Had one of these rain lamps & one of the reasons I got rid of it was the huge amounts of dust that accumulated on the filaments on which the oil dripped down, the plastic foliage & the figure inside. Found this interesting web site about rain lamps Repeat this cleaning process every 2-3 months for top performance. Outdoor lights accumulate dust and debris, so clean them regularly to prevent buildups. On average, a thorough cleaning every 2-3 months keeps them in good working order. This cleaning schedule may change depending on where you live Vintage rain oil lamps are something you either love or hate but so many of us have fantastic childhood memories of them. I was super excited to find a vintage lamp that still worked and just needed some cleaning and a bit of refurbishing. Whether you bought a restored lamp or are refurbishing your own, this is the oil to use

Cover the candle parts with plastic bags and rubber bands so the electrical parts will not get wet. You can take a toothbrush and mild dishwasher detergent in warm water and clean the brass that way. Wipe off soapy water and dirt with a wet cotton cloth. Then once it is clean you can use a brass polish to remove tarnish How to Clean an Oil Lamp. Cleaning the outside of your oil lamp is an easy process. Simply wipe it down with a cloth the way you would dust any other lamp. Cleaning the inside of your lamp, though, is slightly more complicated. First, take out your lamp's wick. If there is any oil still left in the reservoir, pour it into an empty bottle with. Simply rub a thin coat onto the brass, let sit for an hour or so, and then clean the piece with hot, soapy water. Another option is to make a paste of equal parts salt, flour, and white vinegar. 5. Shake lamp shade to remove excess water. Set the lamp shade on absorbent bath towels and let dry completely before reattaching to the lamp. Wetting satin may reveal other less-than-clean spots. Swing Arm Wall Lamp, 2-in-1 270 Angle Adjustable Industrial Rustic Wall Sconces with Plug in Hardwired ON/Off Switch Glass Shade Retro Iron Wall Light Fixtures for Bedside Bedroom Bathroom Living Room. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 298. $89.99. $89. . 99 ($45.00/Count) 11% coupon applied at checkout. Save 11% with coupon

Clean the brass components with a suitable cleaning product. Miles Stair's Wick Shop, which has been selling components for kerosene lamps since 1999, suggests using a liquid car cleaner to clean the metal without damaging the patina. Following the directions for use, apply a light coat of the cleaner to the lamp's brass components Surrounded by half-completed projects and lighting parts, a craftsman in the restoration workshop at Appleton Antique Lighting threads wiring into the crystals of an antique fixture. Like hemlines and film stars, lighting fixtures tend to go in and out of fashion. Count yourself lucky if any of the pendants, chandeliers, ceiling lights, or sconces hung [ How to Clean Headlights with Vinegar. Yes, vinegar and baking soda can clean car headlights, too. Headlight cleaning with baking soda takes advantage of the slightly abrasive compound that is a little tougher than toothpaste and is great for stubborn foggy spots. It can remove the damage from UV light, road debris, and salt from your car.

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Solus SCO-338 120V Grounded Convenience Electrical Outlet w/Rain Shield for Outdoor Lamp Post and Poles, Energy Saving and Weather Resistant, ETL Listed. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 651. $24.95. $24. . 95. Get it as soon as Mon, May 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Cleaning the Batteries. Solar lights, like many electronics, may malfunction if exposed to humid environments. This is why many electronics suggest that they be stored in a cool, dry location when not in use. Moisture can collect within electronics if left in a humid environment, or as a result of heavy rain, causing the wires or batteries to. Otherwise, mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and allow it to soak for a few hours to a few days' time. Rinse. For example, you can cleanse it with sunshine in the summer, snow in the winter, rain in the fall, and with salt or rice in the spring. More about all those methods later on in this post. If a negative ion generators creeps you out, you can buy a Himilayan salt lamp, which produces negative ions and absorbs negative energy. How to clean. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to clean a Hummel figurine. The materials required for this task are: light fluid or ammonia, warm water soft cloth and a toothbrush. Begin by mixing the fluid into some warm water and dipping the cloth into the water. With the wet cloth, apply it onto the figurines and rub it gently. If you can't remove the stubborn spot, use the toothbrush and clean.

Fix that cloudy plastic covering the solar cells by coating it with a thin layer of clear nail polish or a spray-on clear lacquer. These clear coatings render the plastic clear once again. Cover the areas surrounding the plastic -- either the housing for the cells or the lid of a light with a built-in solar panel -- with painter's tape before applying the chosen clear-coat material American Gas Lamp Works' open flame gas lamps provide a dramatic ambiance to outdoor settings, entrances, and walkways. We recommend the following routine maintenance for your open flame lamp, best performed by a professional service person: Clean glass and remove debris at least twice per year I have a rain lamp. Ive wanted it for 20 years, and my grandma finally handed it down. On the way home from her house with it, I was t-boned and lost some of the oil.... Article by Irma Ramos. 30. Plywood Furniture Repurposed Furniture Kelly Wearstler Rain Lamp I Love Lamp Lamp Socket How To Make Curtains Pretty Box The Way Home

Especially after you use the lamp, clean with warm, soapy water or window cleaner and a soft cloth. Step 4 Add oil to the lamp. To add more oil, remove the chimney, unscrew the burner, leave the wick undisturbed, add the oil to within 1/2 to 1 inch of the top and re-assemble. Be sure there is always at least a 1 inch coverage of oil over the. Acer Chromebook 315 15.6 Celeron N4000 4GB Ram 32GB eMMC Chrome OS. $169.99. $219.00 | 22% off. - Previous price: $219.00 22% off. LG CordZero A906SM Rechargeable Cordless Stick Vacuum Plus Matte Silver 25.55 V. $269.99. $499.99 | 46% off. - Previous price: $499.99 46% off. adidas 3-Stripes Jogger Pants Men's 6. Consider adding a few drops of food coloring if you are using water in your lamp as well. Fill your lamp part way with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Stir the water with a spoon, then add your wick and oil. The water will sink to the bottom and the oil will float on top, giving you a stripped effect How to Refinish Shiny Brass Lighting. Brass lighting fixtures will lose their luster over time. Outdoor lights take the worst beating, accumulating pollen, dust, rain and other particles in the. Clean your brass jewelry as often as you need to keep your favorite chain looking its best. Advertisement Step 1 Prepare a natural cleansing solution. Squeeze one slice of lemon, or add five to six drops of lemon juice, into 1 cup of hot water. Add 1 tbsp. of salt, stirring to dissolve. Alternately, heat 1 cup of distilled white vinegar in a.

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Wick maintenance is important. Keep the wick clean and trimmed to produce a nice, even flame. It will produce a better light, and provide a more even heat distribution, especially to the sides of the chimney. When you initially light the lamp, keep the flame low. This will allow the chimney to gradually warm up 4. Clean the solar panels with vinegar. Using vinegar is also an excellent method to clean solar panels because it is natural and has the capacity to clean metal and crystal objects. You need to mix 2 cups of water, a half teaspoon of a mild detergent or soap, and a quarter cup of vinegar in a spray bottle Fill a bucket with warm water and mix just enough mild detergent to work up a bit of a lather. Do not use any other cleaning agents, like bleach as this will damage the surface. Use a garden hose to spray water all over the solar lights. This will remove much of the loose dust and dirt on the panels Step 1. Select a liquor or wine bottle to use for the lava lamp and thoroughly wash it. For maximum visibility, choose a bottle made of clear glass, since darker colors are more difficult to see through. Soak the bottles in hot, soapy water and peel off their labels, if desired. For a tight seal, try to use bottles with screw-on tops, as.

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Oil rain lamps by SteamPunk Steele. March 22 at 2:38 PM ·. Hey everyone, This is the ultra rare Engaged in a kiss oil rain lamp. This is one of the rarest and most asked about rain lamp in my collection. this lamp is in great condition and will come with a 3 year warranty, and a free replacement pump. This lamp is 3000.00 A down-pointing lamp has an up-pointing socket opening which can collect water on the LED leads which will rust. In the process of pulling lamps, several of the diffuser lenses came off. Normally these can just be pushed back on again, although they never seat quite as tightly as they did originally Lamp Restoration. After many years as kerosene lamp enthusiasts, we have gained extensive knowledge of the workings of antique kerosene lamps and have enjoyed repairing and restoring many oil lamps to their former glory. As a consequence, we now offer a comprehensive oil lamp restoration and repair service Torch or head lamp to see inside the camera and inspect the body. Sensor loupe - this is a great cheap item that is a magnifier with LED lights allowing you to clearly and easily see the sensor.

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Tips for cleaning cloudy glass: Leave the object in vinegar and water overnight to loosen calcium deposits, rinse with water and dry with a microfiber towel. Vaseline or petroleum jelly can sometimes remove light calcium build-up. Let it sit for 4-5 days before removing. Fill with lukewarm water and drop in a denture cleaner tablet Wash off the baking soda solution to reveal the results. Repeat till desired clarity is achieved. WD40. Wash the headlight lens with soap and water. Shake a can of WD40 or any silicone based lubricant and spray it onto the whole headlight lens. Wipe off with a clean rag. WD40 is a known remedy for yellowed headlights The vintage lamp had accrued a lot of dust, whereever it had been stored. The first thing I did was give it a quick clean-up, not with a harsh agent because we actually kind of like the patina that has formed during it's lifetime, but with a simple toothbrush and a light cleansing mix of Barkeeper's Friend and water The nature-inspired Rain Lamp uses a pump system to circulate water through a glass globe, allowing for a slow, steady drip of droplets that are projected by light onto surrounding surfaces

6 Steps To Clean Headlights On A Car. Cleaning your car's headlights should be a regular part of your car's maintenance. In this guide, we will teach you how to clean and restore your headlights in six easy steps. You'll learn about common products and the best methods for cleaning a foggy headlight housing Would you give me your advice as to how I can clean the lamp and bring it back to it's original luster. Dr. Steve A [last name deleted for privacy by Editor] 2004. A. Dr. Steve, I don't know if you found an answer to brass cleaning but I would like to tell you about a product that I found that you don't need a lot of muscle to get it to work 1. First thing's first: clean and declutter your house. Get rid of all the clutter by putting things away or disposing of them, and make sure you clean every corner. Open all the blinds, and, weather-permitting, open your windows. Let in as much light and fresh air as you can while cleaning It can be used for lighting purposes. It can be used on cloth to make water resistant clothing. A brimmed hat that has been impregnated with Crisco will certainly repel rain and keep your head warmer than a hat that is rain-soaked, especially one of those late autumn rains where the temps are in the high 30s or low 40s

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Kerosene is all I use in my oil lamps. I can buy it in bulk for around $6 per gallon. I find it burns just as clean as lamp oil at up to a quarter the price. As for odor, my family and I don't notice any difference than from lamp oil. reply; Submitted by Araksya on 12 June 2013 - 10:24pm Vintage TABLE TOP GRIST MILL RAIN LAMP - NICE WORKING CONDITION - 17 High. $100.95 + shipping + shipping + shipping. Vintage 1970s MCM Oil Rain Hanging Swag Lamp Nude Greek Goddess Woman 16 $118.50 + shipping + shipping + shipping. 64oz Hughes UV Black Light Blue! Drakeol 35 Vintage Rain Lamp Oil- Creators Overfilling your lamp can do a couple things, it can cause damaging pressure to build up and crack the carbide chamber and it makes for a lot of carbide residue, caustic lime, to clean up. You can carry a loaded lamp safely if it's dry. That means both chambers. No water up top and a dry carbide chamber After removing the lacquer, clean the brass piece by soaking it in hot, soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to remove any caked on dirt or dust. Rinse the piece well and then dry it with a clean cloth For clean and attractive looking hardwood floors and linoleum and ceramic tile, the floor and wall brush does an outstanding job of removing surface litter and dirt. Dusting Brush To keep your home thoroughly clean, dust overlooked places, such as windowsills, venetian blinds, lamp shades, lighting fixtures, moldings, houseplants, screens and.

Iron/manganese will cause discoloration on the quartz sleeve that surrounds the UV lamp and reduces the transmission of UV light, they will also absorb UV energy. Iron and Magnesium should be removed from water by pre-treatment or at least reduced to no more than .3 ppm for iron and no more than .05 ppm for manganese Ensure there is no water inside the solar lamp. Although outdoor solar lights are built to withstand water and rain, they can be overwhelmed, especially during heavy rains, and end up not functioning. If the solar light is filled with water, disassemble it as needed and dry off all the accessories, paying close attention to the sensor Essential oil diffusers break down the essential oils so that the aroma can be dispersed throughout the whole room. It's a great way to use essential oils since this brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy. However, it's troublesome when the diffuser starts functioning improperly or even breaks. At times, all it needs is a good clean-up, but it may also need some other. To clean and restore shine, prepare an acid-abrasive paste in a bowl and slather it onto the copper surface. Give it a few minutes of dwell time, and then buff with a soft cloth, rinse, and dry. In a pinch, rely on the acid in tomatoes to effectively clean copper. As ketchup or tomato paste, it's already at the ideal consistency

How to Safely Use an Oil Lamp in the House. Oil lamps provide warm, mood-enhancing lighting and are ideal sources of illumination when the electricity goes out. They have simple designs and are. Pre Clean: Use protective goggles and rubber gloves. Strong concentrations of oxi-clean will irritate your skin Place the mixture away from children or pets. Be sure to remove all nonessential items from the plastic. Soaking paper decals and delicate labels is risky. Add 2 Tbsp of Oxi-Clean / Oxi Magic per gallon of warm water DIRECTIONS 1. If you want to protect your copper while it is still new and shiny, clean any oil or other contaminants from the metal. This can be done by simply wiping the metal with a solvent cleaner like xylene or denatured alcohol which can be purchased at most hardware or paint stores Replacing the Light & Rain sensor. Replacing the Light & Rain sensor on your Mercedes isn't as complicated as you may think. In fact, you can purchase the part you need online and then fit it to your car yourself in as little as an hour. If you'd prefer to have the professionals take care of it, you can take it to your local Mercedes dealership

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Central to my housekeeping strategy is organizing the entire home - room by room - around the needs of every member of the family. Get the whole family involved in house cleaning. After all, the reason most homes look war-torn is that rooms haven't been set up for daily living by parents and kids. To make matters worse, often one adult. Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Odorless, Clean Burning Fuel for Indoor and Outdoor Use with E-Z Fill Cap and Pouring Spout - 32oz - by Ner Mitzvah 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,519 7 offers from $7.2 An oil lamp. Ultra-clean or ultra-pure lamp oils are made from standard kerosene, but are distilled multiple times to reduce pollutants. This results in a very clean-burning oil that serves as one of the most popular types in use today. This oil burns cleanly and leaves less sooty residue on the lamp and other surfaces

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the lamp module has.been.replaced.. To.replace.the. lamp, follow the procedures.listed. under.Replacing. the Lamp section on.pages.59- 0.. .Warning- Do not look into the projector's lens when the lamp is on. The bright light may hurt your eyes. .Warning- To reduce the risk of fi re or electric shock, do not expose this projector to rain. Rare Vintage Hanging Oil Rain Lamp - Goddess Lady Greek - 21 - Clean & Working! $495.00 + $49.00 shipping. Vintage Hanging Oil Rain Lamp Motion Nude Lady Goddess 1970s Brass 36 $399.00 + $50.00 shipping. 1970's Mineral Oil Rain 30 Lamp - Pedestal Vintage Venus Greek Goddess Statue. $299.9 One can clean a brass table lamp by: applying rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) to a light sponge and rubbing it against the lamp. Then wipe the lamp with the yellow cloth that came with the alcohol to.

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Clean the connector (Photo, Step 2 below) and check again. Check for broken wires near the connector. If you still have problems, make an appointment to have the wiring checked. If the lights on the tester function properly, the problem is the trailer lights or harness and you need to some trailer lights troubleshooting. Step 2 The cost of lamp repair is between $30 to $100, depending on the complexity of the problem. Prices to repair a lamp vary widely, due to the many styles and ages of lamps. You also can choose between fix-it shops, a handyman on-site service, or specialty shops found on this page's Angie's List of Pros near your location

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  1. Upcycling CDs to Night Lamp. 12 materials. $10. 4 Hours. Easy. Lamp shades that are semi-modern. The base and the sides are made of hard wood with clear finish. It is super soft to the touch and will add a great mood next to your bed. YouTube
  2. If it does get wet, however, turn out the sweatband, and let the hat stand on the sweatband, or rest on the crown to dry. If you're planning on using it often in the rain or snow, consider a wool hat, or purchase a rain cover. Helpful Tips for Wool, Felt, & Fur Hats: Avoid exposing your hat to heat, such as radiators, lamps, stoves and car.
  3. Benefits of Solar Lamp Posts . There are plenty of benefits from investing in a solar lamp post. Firstly, solar lamp posts come in all sorts of aesthetics so you can easily purchase one that'll help in creating a lovely outdoor space, yard, or patio.. Solar lamp posts are also energy-efficient since they're utilizing a clean power source - sunlight
  4. i-cakes and cookies 1.Small items are cooked with heat generated by a light bulb encased in the Easy-Bake Oven's housing 1.Although the style and color of the Easy-Bake Oven has changed over the years, the light bulb cooking mechanism.
  5. Clean-burning kerosene went on to become a coveted solution for lighthouses, locomotives, ships, streets, and much more. However, kerosene eventually fell victim to the innovation of electric lighting. Although we often think of these lamps with nostalgia, they are still used for emergencies and in lieu of candles or electric light fixtures.
  6. Rinse the spot with clean water, and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. How to Clean Rust Off Stainless Steel - Cleaning Stubborn Spots. Your best efforts might not get difficult rust spots out of stainless steel. If you run across a tough stain that homemade cleaning solutions can't handle, you'll need to reach for more potent agents
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One word: moisture. Keeping your car's interior as dry as possible is your best weapon against mildew, which means you need to ensure that every entry point for water is properly sealed. Window-stripping, windshield trim, the drains for your sunroof, door trim and the rubber sealant for your trunk all need to be doing their job to keep your. Contact Us. 2806-A Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95062; 888-600-5426 (Toll Free) 831-462-8500 (Office) 831-515-5119 (Fax) Email U There are some isolated circumstances in which using a heat lamp is necessary (for example, if you are farrowing piglets in the winter), but 9 times out of 10, a heat lamp is going to be more of a hazard than a help. Heat lamps, particularly when mounted in a straw-bedded barn, are a very common cause of fires Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Odorless, Clean Burning Fuel for Indoor and Outdoor Use with E-Z Fill Cap and Pouring Spout - 32oz - by Ner Mitzvah. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,517. $14.89 $ 14. 89. Save more with Subscribe & Save. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 16. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

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