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One way to capture lightning, is by doing a Burst in your iPhone's camera. To do this, go into your camera app and hold the button down. You'll see it taking tons of photos one right after the other. Once you take your burst, go to that photo, click select at the bottom, and scroll through all the photos in the burst It was designed to take a range of action shots of someone - for example jumping on a bed! This is what I used to take a burst of photos to capture the storm. All you do is hold the shutter button down on your iPhone and the camera takes over 300 shots every 30 seconds. The phone even chooses the ones it thinks is the best or most in focus

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  1. Lightning photography can require you to take many photos - shot after shot - pointing your lens in the exact same location, just hoping that lightning strikes in the right place. Even with an automatic lightning trigger, this could mean you take dozens of photos in a row during the same storm, with the exact same composition
  2. The lightning trigger causes the shutter to open just when lightning strikes. But : you still need to set ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance. I usually start out by setting my camera to Shutter Priority at 1/4 second, the ISO at 250, white balance to auto, and adjust from there
  3. Obviously, the best way to scan your photos is with a dedicated scanner with the right settings—or maybe by using a photo scanning service like Memories Renewed or DiJiFi.But Google has an app called PhotoScan, available for both iOS and Android, that works remarkably well with almost no work on your part.If you don't want to spend a lot of money or time, this will do a good job
  4. Take the following steps to connect your iPhone to a potable external hard drive; Step 1: With the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to an external hard drive. To confirm if your device is connected to the hard drive, click on 'Files app' button, then 'Browse'. Step 2: Locate and open the Photo app, then select the photos.

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  1. Well wrong. Using two easily available, easily portable, and quite affordable adapters, you can easily view photos on your iPhone right at the trail. These two adapters are the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the Lightning to SD Card reader. Find out more about how to view trail camera photos on iphone
  2. Lightning kills around 2,000 people a year around the world. This makes it one of the world's most dangerous weather phenomena. So, before you grab your metal tripod and head outside in the face of a storm to take photos, do some homework and use liberal amounts of common sense
  3. Set your ISO to 1,600 - or if you can't get that, as high as it'll go. Kill your flash, and brace with a tripod if you can (if not, stabilizing against a tree is a classic move), and shoot as rapidly as you can manage; if your camera has a multi-shot or sport setting, here's when you want to use it. Using a digital SL
  4. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a feature within the iPhone camera that helps take photos when there's a lot of bright light. When shooting in HDR mode, your iPhone will take multiple pictures with different exposure levels and then combine them so that the light levels don't wash out the photo
  5. Another great way to take photos with your iPhone is using the volume buttons on the left side of the device. Both volume up and volume down will do the trick, and using the volume buttons will actually make it feel as if you were using a real camera
  6. g from. Set your camera up and look though the lens to observe a few lightning strikes. Adjust the zoom accordingly. If possible, you want about 20% of the frame to show the ground, and the remaining 80% of the frame to capture the sky
  7. How to copy and export your photos, videos and other files from the photos app in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 to a USB flash drive.Need a Lightning to USB 3 adapter..

Direct Connection The fastest method for transferring a lot of pics to a PC is to attach your smartphone to your computer via the data cable. That's a Lightning connector for modern iPhones, or the.. Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!Each week, Sketchbook Skool's co-founder Koosje Koene shares a tip or a trick with you to help you build your creative habit. One.. Mount your iPhone to a tripod for best results, and frame a shot with at least one moving element in it. Tap the shutter button to take a Live Photo. Now head over to the Photos app and pull up your Live Photo. Swipe up to open Effects. Scroll through the different effects under your photo and tap Long Exposure

Make your exposures in full manual mode, including manual focus. I usually set the focus to infinity. Determine your aperture, shutter, and ISO settings experimentally. You can use f/2.8, 15.. If you don't have a distant light, have a friend walk at least 100 feet away from the camera with a flashlight. Then focus on the lens of the flashlight. Try to shoot lightning that's ahead of the.. After changing the settings from Optimize iPhone Storage to 'Download & keep original photo', the photos already saved in iCloud will stay the same, you have to log in at iCloud.com with your apple ID to transfer the photos to your PC, further to our flash drive. But the photos you take after the setting can be move to the drive directly On your iPhone, head to Settings > Photos, scroll down, and then tap Automatic under Transfer to Mac or PC. Your iPhone automatically converts the photos to.JPEG files when you import them to a PC. If you select Keep Originals instead, your iPhone will give you the original.HEIC files Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the photos you want to back up to your external drive. Tap each photo you want. You can press and drag to select multiple pictures at once. Albums also offer a select all option to choose all the images in a specific album

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  1. If you don't have your laptop because you're traveling light, consider a SanDisk iXpand. It's essentially a USB flash drive with a Lightning connector, so you can quickly and easily off-load your..
  2. We recommend that you toggle this setting OFF. When ON, whenever you take an HDR photo, your iPhone automatically saves multiple copies of that same photo. Saving copies means your photos take up more storage on your iPhone. If you always review your pictures and delete the version you don't want to keep; it's not an issue
  3. Night mode automatically turns on when the camera detects a low-light environment. The Night mode icon at the top of the display turns yellow when the feature is active. Depending on how dark the scene is, your iPhone might take a Night mode photo quickly, or it might take several seconds
  4. By tapping on the lightning icon in the top left, you can toggle the flash on, Well, you don't need to travel to a desert or the bottom of the ocean to get the best-looking iPhone photos,.

Simply dial your +/- brightness 'exposure compensation' down to minus 1 or minus 2 and the next photo your camera takes will be darker. Once you're happy with how your photos are turning out, a safe way to take lightning shots is to set your drive mode to continuous shooting and then plug in a cable release How to use Portrait mode on iPhone. 1. Start the Camera app and then tap or swipe in the menu at the bottom of the screen to choose Portrait. 2. Wait until the lighting mode turns yellow to. How to Use a USB Drive with an iPad: Lightning Cable Port. Option 1: You can follow the instructions used for the iPhone, and use a special USB made for a Lightning port. Advertisement. Option 2: You can purchase a cable that is Lightning to USB Take a photo once the settings are ready. Tap on the white circle to do so. To take a burst, hold the circle down. This will take multiple photos. You can later view and keep the best parts of your burst in the camera roll. To adjust the lighting to match or highlight an area, tap on the screen, then swipe up or down Also, take a look at FileExplorer. It can access Photos and some external devices. It might be able to see the SD card reader. Do you require that this be an SD card? There are some Lightning memory stick devices (e.g. SanDisk) that can certainly store photos

Step 2: Unlock the iPhone so as to make the device discoverable to the PC. Step 3: Once the device is connected to the PC, the iPhone will start to initiate the process of installing the drivers. Step 4: And autoplay will appear on the PC. After that select import pictures and videos option to import all the photos Portrait selfies taken by the author while testing the iPhone X on skates and in sub-zero temperatures. Portrait mode also includes optional lighting effects, called Portrait Lighting, which allow you to artificially light the subject to give them more definition.. The iPhone X has Portrait mode for the rear telephoto camera, but thanks to the TrueDepth front camera system, it also lets users.

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People take millions of photos on the iPhone every day - making it the world's most popular camera, according to photo-sharing site Flickr.. Taking great iPhone photos is not always easy because. Many astrophotographers will take multiple images and then 'stack' the images using a desktop computer, but NightCap Camera stacks images in the iPhone or iPad, says amateur astronomer Mike. If you're wanting to know how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your computer, you have lots of options. The classic way to download pictures from your iPhone is to use the photo transfer feature in the built-in Photos app that both Mac and PC offer. Getting photos off your iPhone may be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. This article will make transferring your pictures from. iPhone 12 photography tips: How to take your best ever images on your phone. The iPhone 12 isn't Apple's top phone, but it can still take incredible photos Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all of the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn't appear automatically, click the device's name in the Photos sidebar

Step 1: Connect iPhone 12 to PC. Connect your iPhone 12 to your computer using the included Lightning-to-USB cable. Unlock your iPhone and wait for a message that asks you to trust your computer. Choose Trust to give the permission. Then you can go to This PC and find the connected device in File Explorer. Step 2: Copy iPhone 12 Photos and. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a lightning-to-USB cable. Open Finder on your Mac. On the left sidebar, click on the name of your iPhone under Devices. Click Photos. Check the Sync Photos box. Choose the folder or app on your iPhone that you want to sync photos and videos from

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Photos purport to show 'iPhone 6' Lightning port, microphone flex cable. A pair of images out of Asia on Friday supposedly show a flex cable for an unannounced Apple product, containing a. Take Your iPhone to Apple for Service. If nothing works or if you simply want an expert to take a look at your iPhone, you can take it to your nearest Apple Store or certified service center. The Apple Genius or the repair experts should be able to help you get rid of moisture or water from your iPhone

Now, open the Camera app and capture pictures. The shutter sound will be audible in the connected earphones and not the iPhone speaker. 6. Play Music While Taking Pictures. This is another nifty trick to hide the camera shutter sound from prying ears. Open a music player of your choice on the iPhone and play any soundtrack at a good volume A dirty Lightning port is one of the most common causes of an iPhone not charging. Because many of us take our iPhones everywhere, the Lightning port (and other openings on the iPhone) tend to collect dust, pocket lint, gunk and other debris that may accumulate over time

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1. Use File Explorer to Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC. The easiest way to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows PC is to simply plug in with a Lightning cable and copy them over using File Explorer: Connect the iPhone to your PC via USB. Unlock the iOS device and tap Allow or Trust Step 3: In this step, you will see a pop-out window with the iPhone data types. Because you want to get your iPhone photos this time, you should check Photos here, and then click on the Confirm button to continue. Step 4: Some minutes later, the software will enter its results interface with only downloaded iPhone photos on it The only way to charge the iPhone battery is to take the FLIR One off and use the normal Apple lightning cable. The bad thing is that you can't use the FLIR One AND use the lightning cable at the. To get the clearest pictures, try to take your photos at a narrower aperture f/11. This will ensure that you get the widest shot you can and capture all the detail of the moon with sharpness. You can go slightly higher than this if you need to, if your lens takes clearer pictures at a certain aperture. It can be different for every lens If you work in the graphics sector and need the quickest way to transfer your bulk of HD photos, or maybe you just simply want to transfer a lot of photos that would take too much space, using a lightning-to-USB cable or any cable is probably better than wireless transmission. It is a faster method of data transmission because the data are.

Connect iPhone to Windows 10 computer -> Allow it to access photos and videos. Open File Explorer -> select This PC in the left sidebar -> select your iPhone under it. Double click on the Internal Storage in the right pane to open it. Double click DCIM -> select all folders to copy or copy only the photos you want 4. Used the Lightning keyboard to pair the iPhone to the Bluetooth keyboard. The reason for this is that I still needed to connect the phone to the laptop to backup to iTunes. If I only used the Lightning keyboard, as soon as I unplugged it to plug the phone into the laptop, I would have no way to click Trust Computer Once the Photos are imported, you will find them all in Imports Album within the Photos App on your iPhone. 1. Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhone Using SD Card Reader. The preferred method to transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone is to use Lightning to SD Card Reader and iOS Photos App to transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone. 1 Today I learned that it's possible to directly connect an iPhone to an iPad via a Lightning cable. To create a dual-sided Lightning cable, just take a regular Lightning cable and connect the USB end to a Lightning to USB Camera adapter.This, in essence, creates a Lightning to Lightning cable that can be used to directly connect an iPhone to an iPad How to import photos from iPhone to Mac. As one would expect, transferring photos from an iPhone to a Mac is pretty straightforward. Here are your top options: Import to Photos via a Lightning Cable. When you connect your iPhone to your Mac, the Photos app automatically launches, asking if you'd like to import photos

Plug your iPhone into your Mac with a Lightning cable. When you see an image of your phone appear in AnyTrans, tap the Messages icon on the right side of the app window. Select the message threads you'd like to save. Click the to Mac icon at the top right of the AnyTrans window. That's all it takes Part 3: How to sync photos from iPhone to computer using Windows Photo Gallery. It is well-known that Photos app for Mac is able to sync photos from iPhone to Mac simply and quickly. Now, Windows 10 has built-in a similar photo gallery app, also called Photos. And if you want to sync photos from iPhone to computer running Windows 10, you may have a try Windows Photo Gallery Steps to transfer from SD card to iPhone with Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader: Step 1. Insert your SD card to the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and connect the reader to your iPhone. Step 2. After the connection, the photos or videos saved in the SD card should automatically open to the Import tab

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  1. Import photos from an iPhone to a Mac using Photos. One of the quickest methods is to plug the Lightning-to-USB cable you use to charge the iPhone into one of your Mac's USB ports. When an iPhone is connected, the macOS Photos app automatically opens and suggests importing your photos. Here's the import process, step by step
  2. Every year when Apple launches a new iPhone, it proudly boasts of just how powerful an ISP it ships with. Yet, the company never added its single-camera Portrait mode solution as seen on the iPhone XR to its older yet powerful devices like the iPhone 8, iPhone 7.A new jailbreak tweak named PortraitXI from developer Foxfortmobile aims to do just that
  3. Step 1. At your PC or laptop, look for the USB port. Step 2. Plug your iPhone's lightning cable into the USB port. Step 3. Once connected to the computer, your iPhone will prompt a menu. Tap Trust this PC on your iPhone to proceed. Step 4. In your computer, go to My Computer folder here

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Backup Your iPhone Using iTunes. Plug the Lightning connector on your Lightning cable (charging cable) into the Lightning port on your iPhone. Plug the other end of your Lightning cable into a USB port on your computer. Open iTunes on your computer. Click on the iPhone icon in the upper left hand corner of iTunes Take advantage of situations that require a long exposure by using a tripod to stabilize your camera. This can include photographing lightning or the Milky Way Part 1. Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card without iCloud The primary choice for transferring pictures from iPad to SD card is using our suggested tool:Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS).This is a great program that does not only manage pictures but also all other files you need, including transfering music, videos and more. The wonderful tool with powerful functions is completely compatible.

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Easy to use - Simply plug it in, and download the Bolt app from the App Store**, and then back up your camera roll. The Bolt will make storing your iPhone or iPad photos and videos stress-free. With the Bolt you can take photos and videos directly to the device instead of using your iPhone or iPad storage The default Camera app on your iPhone can take some pretty incredible photos during the day. Newer iPhone models can even make nighttime shots look good. But you can't just point and shoot if you want to capture some pretty spectacular fireworks photos on July 4th, New Year's Eve, or another pyrotechnic celebration Taking great photos on your iPhone. If you happen to own Apple's newest model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you'll be able to take pictures that are almost indistinguishable from professionals As an example below I took this photo in a series of burst photos when trying to capture the lightning in a storm. I took over 150 images in the burst, but just this 1 that captured the lightning strike. Previously, in the previous generation of iPhone models (iPhone 10 and below) you simply used to hold down the shutter button in the Camera App How to Take Great Landscape Photos with Your iPhone. Lightning strobed just west of the beach immediately followed by a peal of thunder that would have stopped the stoutest of hearts

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Burst Mode refers to when the camera on your iPhone captures a series of photos in rapid succession, at a rate of ten frames per second. It's a great way to shoot an action scene or an unexpected. While you can invest in a professional lighting kit, a selfie light, or a white light box for product shots, you can also get stunning photos using an iPhone without spending any money by leveraging natural light. Take photos during the day and use sunlight to light your photos. If taking photos inside, place the subject of the photo near a window

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Our own Ben Lovejoy shared his tips for taking good iPhone photos a few while taking photos by utilizing the physical volume buttons to snap pictures. lightning differs drastically from. It is a photograph of the Moon, taken with an iPhone. You need only witness one of these to know that the Moon, in an iPhone photo, does not look like the Moon. It looks like a yellow, ovular blur. Bring up the Control Center. > On iPhone with Face ID (iPhone X and later), swipe down from the top right corner (where the battery icon is). > On iPhone with Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Drag the volume slider to zero. Open the Camera and take a picture. No click sound

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Hold the iPhone over the document you wish to scan until you see a yellow box form over the top of the text. You can choose to scan in Auto or Manual mode. In Auto mode Notes will take the scan as. — Open up the iPhone camera, and make sure Live photos is on. Tap the round icon on top of the screen, next to the flash, to turn it on. Then take a photo, preferably of something with motion Apple's Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. Image via Apple Option 2: Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. Apple's Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter connects right to the Lightning port on your iPhone, and you insert a USB-to-Mini-USB cable into it. That cable would go right into the Mini-USB port on your DSLR access the iPhone photos. Restoring Photos to your Camera Library The iXpand Flash Drive can be used to copy photos to a new iPhone. To Restore Photos from the iXpand Flash Drive to the iPhone or iPad, choose the Restore option. This will copy the photos from the Destination/Source Folder selected to the camera roll on the iPhone or iPad