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One of my favorite ways to incorporate fish eggs is to simply enjoy them as they come, raw. The nutrients in fish eggs are delicate so consuming them without the use of heat is one way to maximize their benefits. I'll also add, that similarly to sushi grade fish, fresh roe doesn't taste fishy, but has a salty-sweet thing going on You gotta love it when so many people try to tell you that salmon caviar does not exist before they even bother to take two seconds to check before making a. Raw eggs do have all the same benefits as cooked eggs. However, eating raw eggs or foods containing them raises concerns about the risk of Salmonella infection. Also, your absorption of some.. Some types of fish eggs may contain parasites. Luckily, if they are properly cooked or frozen for a sufficient time (either for 24 hours at -18 °C or 72 hours at -10 °C), the parasites will be killed and no longer harmful to man. Usually, only the people who fish for themselves and eat them raw are at risk of being infected If you enjoy the taste and texture of raw fish, there are several ways you can reduce the risk of parasitic and bacterial infections. Only eat raw fish that has been frozen: Freezing fish for a.

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Foods You Should Never Eat Rawor undercooked There are several foods that can lead to harmful effects when not eaten raw or undercooked. The list includes not just meat and raw eggs, but many. They are also great scrambled in hen eggs. Put some butter in a frying pan and heat up the pan then place the fish eggs in and scramble up the egg sacks until they turn a light brown. Add in the hen eggs and scramble them with the fish eggs all mixed together until done. Great with bacon, sausage, grits, and jelly toast Handled properly, pasteurized eggs, whether they are packaged or whole in the shell, are safe to eat raw. The USDA recommends using these eggs for uncooked dishes such as homemade mayonnaise, Hollandaise sauce, or Caesar salad dressing

By all means, the caution provided by the other writers (John Burgess, Jon Mixon, Garrick Saito) is completely correct. But as Brian Kearin suggests, there's a lot of fish out there that can be eaten right from the ocean. I embark on a lot of lo.. If you eat raw salmon roe, you will get a salty and fishy taste in your mouth. It is known to have a gooey texture that melts inside the mouth. The masago or flying fish roe, on the other hand, is known to have a mildly sweet and savory flavor. #4. Are the fish eggs on sushi real Of course, you have to source the freshest fish from a trustworthy source, but more importantly, if the fish is to be consumed raw, your fishmonger must sell you a fish that was previously frozen to kill off any parasites


SEAFOOD can be eaten raw, because in order for parasites to survive they need a heavily saline environment, (20%+) Your body is only about 5% saline. Not enough for them to survive. So to recap; sushi is seafood because salt-water fish is relatively safe to eat. Fresh-water fish will kill you. R Even after weaning your child, some fish eggs may still be dangerous when eaten raw. Freshwater fish such as pike, perch, ruff and burbot may be infected with the larvae of the broad fish tapeworm, which can cause diarrhea, dizziness, abdominal pain and anemia if ingested by humans You can get worms from them. But the worm eggs are on the outside on the fins & such. But 72 hours in the freezer or treating the fish will kill said worm eggs on fish. This is fresh fish from the sea Caviar isn't the final word on fish eggs, though, and there are plenty of options that the rest of us can afford. That's lucky for us, because the benefits of eating them are amazing. Fish eggs, also known as roe, are an incredible food rich in micronutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids

Yes you can boil it too and eat it like sushi. I wouldn't eat it raw ok? you might get sick Salmon roe are the developed eggs of salmon. Salmon eggs are red-orange in color and are taken from the inside of the fish. Eating fish roe provides many of the same healthy vitamins and minerals..

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Watch me eat RAW Salmon eggs at the river after catching a Coho and multiple trout. It was a killer day of fishing, with lots of bobber downs, catching rainb.. that said, if you were to cook and eat the eggs immediately after the dipping, so no bad critters had a chance to multiply, incidental transfer of a few bad critters would not matter. Under no circumstances would it be safe to store an egg wash that has been used for raw meat without first cooking the eggs The inside of eggs that appear normal can contain a germ called Salmonella that can make you sick, especially if you eat raw or lightly cooked eggs. Eggs are safe when you cook and handle them properly. How can I reduce my chance of getting a Salmonella infection To avoid Salmonella, you should not eat raw eggs or eggs that have runny whites or yolks. Salmonella can contaminate eggs, even perfectly normal-looking ones. But these eggs can make you sick, especially if they are raw or lightly cooked. Eggs are safe when you cook and handle them properly Depending on egg maturity, the skein, or membrane holding the eggs together, can be tricky to deal with. Keep the eggs cool when not handling. Eat eggs plain, on hearty bread or unsalted crackers,..

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  1. Fish eggs such as those from salmon however can be easily and safely processed into caviar and are safe to eat. For high quality products the egg sacs should be carefully removed from the fish at the place of catch, put into plastic bags and then packed into ice
  2. FDA: Eating Fish: What Pregnant Women and Parents Should Know, Egg Safety: What You Need to Know, Raw Dough's a Raw Deal and Could Make You Sick. USDA: Fresh Pork from Farm to Table.
  3. I learned a long time ago that Perch & Walleye eggs are good eating even if they are just prepared like the perch & walleye fillets. The one thing you have to do is remove the eggs from the protective skeen. I usually do this by slicing the skeen open and gently scraping the eggs off with a knife

Answered 1 year ago · Author has 115 answers and 62.5K answer views They contain numerous important nutrients and can provide you with impressive health benefits. Raw eggs do have all the same benefits as cooked eggs. However, eating raw eggs or foods containing them raises concerns about the risk of Salmonella infection must substitute raw shell eggs with pasteurized shell, liquid, frozen or dry eggs in the preparation of foods except when raw eggs are combined as an ingredient immediately before baking and the eggs are thoroughly cooked to a ready-to-eat form, such as a cake or bread, which is in compliance with WAC 246-215; 3-801.11(E) (2) Fish can serve as either a power food or an inflammatory, toxic nightmare for your body, all depending on what fish you choose. That why it's so important to pay attention to (and avoid) the fish you should never eat. It's incredibly important to get ample omega-3 fatty acids, and certain fish can serve as potent sources. But due to issues. Add in the hen eggs and scramble them with the fish eggs all mixed together until done. Great with bacon, sausage, grits, and jelly toast. A breakfast fit for a king! P.S. Don't turn up the heat to high when you are browning the scrambled fish eggs because they tend to pop until the water gets out of them

If you're a '90s kid, you might remember the moment in Beauty and the Beast when the hulking Gaston gulps down several raw (and in-shell) eggs, crediting this dietary choice with helping him grow to be the size of a barge. Of course, the consumption of raw eggs isn't just confined to swaggering Disney villains; from protein shakes to steak tartare to meringues, uncooked egg. A cherished delicacy in much of the world, fish roe is relatively underused in the United States. Admittedly the uncooked roe sacs look unsettling and lack the uncomplicated familiarity of boneless fillets, but the eggs are deeply flavorful and can form the centerpiece of a memorable meal in their own right raw eggs; raw fish, such as sushi or sashimi; People on a raw food diet can eat olives if they are sun-cured. How to prepare food. When preparing food in a raw food diet, people tend to follow. Ingestion of infected fish or squid by other fish allows the spread of the infection. Ingestion by marine mammals is necessary for the larvae to develop into adult worms. However, accidental human consumption of raw or undercooked marine fish that harbor the infected larvae can result in an allergic reaction, sometimes causing the individual to. What You Need to Know About Egg Safety. Fresh eggs, even those with clean, uncracked shells, may contain bacteria called Salmonella that can cause foodborne illness, often called food poisoning.

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  1. After kids are on solid food, some parents have no problem letting them have raw fish. The generally recommended age at which kids can eat some kinds of raw fish varies from around age 2 1/2 to 3, all the way up to school age or age 6. Raw shellfish is the least safe type of raw seafood. The safety of raw seafood varies by type
  2. Fish: Fresh and canned fish, including salmon and tuna, are perfectly fine to eat while on the diet. Eggs: Protein-rich eggs are a Whole30 friendly food. Fruit: Since added sugar is not allowed, fruit can help curb sweet cravings. Eat in moderation, though, since fruit contains lots of natural sugars
  3. g bacteria and germs with the crayfish as well. Eating crayfish raw can easily cause several different bacterial disorders within your body
  4. The eggs of a fish, sometimes along with the membrane of the ovary that holds them, are called roe. The word is a noun and is both singular and plural. Fish eggs consumed by humans are typically referred to as caviar and eaten raw. The original designation of caviar applied only to roe from wild sturgeon in the Caspian and Black Sea, narrowed.
  5. g more adventurous and preparing these dishes in their own kitchens, it's important to know the answer to the question: Is raw fish actually safe to eat? And if so, when? Not to dissuade you from consu
  6. g raw fish because some species of fish can.

When humans eat these fish in a raw or undercooked form, the larvae attach to the wall of the small intestine and can eventually develop into full-length tapeworms. Not hungry? j/Unsplash Very. The fish eggs typically found on sushi are either the tiny red tobiko (flying fish roe), yellow, crunchy kazunoko (herring roe), spicy tarako (cod roe), or ikura, shown above. Ikura are much larger than most other fish eggs used for sushi and burst like mini water balloons when you bite them In addition to raw fish, raw eggs are also eaten often in Japan. The most common way to have a raw egg is with white rice, and the preparation is quite simple: After preparing a hot bowl of rice, crack a raw egg on top, and then drizzle with soy sauce Besides microbiological contamination, the consumption of RTE raw fish also carries a risk of contracting parasitic diseases. An example is herring worm disease, which is caused by parasites or roundworms attaching to the wall of the stomach, intestine or esophagus. Roundworms can grow up to 3 cm long and are commonly found in marine fish The faster you eat it, the less the egg gets poached, and vice versa. This allows you to control how raw the egg is when you consume it. You can also leave the yoke for last. It's just generally a really delicious dish, that many people look forward to when autumn begins

Swallowing a parasite might harm you, but only if you eat the fish raw Image via howtogetpregnantfast.us If you are serving fish raw, and one of those guys manages to stay intact after you sliced the fish, and makes it all the way to your tummy intact, you are in trouble You can get it by eating undercooked fish or squid. Symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and mild fever. If you experience a tingling sensation in your throat while eating raw fish or squid, you may be able to cough up the worm before swallowing. It's still extremely rare in Singapore, but it's not unheard of When eating fish, oysters, and other shellfish: Do not eat raw fish (such as sushi or sashimi), raw oysters, or any other raw shellfish. Make sure all fish and shellfish you eat is cooked thoroughly. Heat all casseroles to 165°F (73.9°C). Warm hot dogs and lunch meats to steaming before you eat them Raw fish is incredibly beneficial to dogs. It is an excellent whole food and is full of healthy omega-3s. While in some parts of the world there are fish that are not recommending for eating, throughout North America you can find an array of fresh fish to add to your raw fed dog's diet Chickens can eat fish, both raw and cooked, and there are many benefits in them doing so. Fish is abundant in high quality protein, vitamins and minerals and can easily be purchased and stored. There are many varieties of fish in which you can look to feed; the best ones being those that a lean and low in fat

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Many foods can cause food poisoning, including meat, raw fish, eggs, and produce. Learn more about the causes and how to prevent food poisoning in this article Stick to cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. Foods to Avoid During Chemo: 5. Raw honey. Raw honey and local honey are touted for people with allergies, but they contain bacteria that can be harmful to those with lowered immune systems. Foods to Avoid During Chemo: 6. Raw fish While arctic foxes in the wild eat more fish and other small game mammals, keeping up with a rabbit, duck, quail raw diet is perfectly fine. Do foxes eat fish? You can also feed them fish, but you would make sure that it is mostly filleted with no sharp bones. If the fox would eat fish in the wild then you can be sure that fish is safe for them Smoked fish. Deli-prepared salads with egg, ham, chicken, or seafood. Refrigerated pâté—Sorry foodies! Unwashed fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables that can hide dirt and other contaminants. Unpasteurized fruit juice or cider. Raw sprouts like alfalfa sprouts. Raw or undercooked beef (especially ground beef) or other. 2. You get more satisfaction after eating. 'I am still definitely a plant-based eater,' says Daniela Fischer, who now has scrambled eggs or an omelette with lots of vegetables 2-3 times a week.

In general, it is best to prevent your dog from eating any kind of raw fish. Raw fish may contain harmful pathogens like bacteria and parasites (flukes, roundworms, and tapeworms). It may also contain dangerous heavy metals and bones. Any of these can make dogs and humans sick. Even if your dog is unaffected by pathogens in raw fish, there is a. If you're concerned about raw egg when eating out or buying food, ask the person serving you if it contains raw egg and if so, if the eggs have the British Lion stamp. Avoiding the spread of bacteria There can be bacteria on the shell as well as inside the egg, which can spread very easily to other foods, as well as to hands, utensils and worktops

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Yes, chickens can eat raw fish. Just as humans can eat sushi, there are no downsides for chickens. This might save you some time on prep work, but just make sure the fish is fresh. Most chickens don't seem to have a preference for raw vs. fresh fish, so it's really up to you Eggs. Even if you don't take them runny for breakfast, raw eggs can sometimes be found in some salad dressings, sauces, drinks (like homemade eggnog), as well as cookie dough and cake batter.

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Mushi is steamed, chawan is a tea cup.Chawanmushi is egg custard steamed in a tea cup, and when shirako is in season, you may find it on top or buried within your custard.. These are the most. Best Fish to Eat During Pregnancy. Confusing top fish to eat lists abound, but fish advice for moms-to-be is a lot simpler than a Google search may make it seem. Popular types like catfish, clams, cod, crab, pollock, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, trout, and canned tuna are all not only safe fish, but healthy fish to eat during pregnancy Ferrets can eat eggs but as with fish, too much of it is not recommended. Feed him just one egg a week and as a treat not food. Conclusion Ferrets are carnivorous and depend on meat for nutrients. If you are wondering if ferrets eat fish, the answer is yes but it all depends. He can eat fish as a treat, when fresh and raw

Eggs aren't recommended as the sole dietary source of protein for your cat, but cats can eat eggs to supplement the protein in the rest of their diet. Egg whites contain protein without fat. Egg yolks, on the other hand, contain mostly fat with some protein. So take note that feeding your cat egg yolks will increase the fat content of their diet Can Huskies Eat Eggs. Huskies can eat eggs. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and are a great way to add more nutrients to their diet. But like all foods, it does have its risks. Feeding your Husky raw eggs isn't necessarily dangerous, but there is a small chance of contracting salmonella and E. Coli, which can cause food poisoning (just. Raw shellfish pose a concern for everybody, and they should be avoided altogether during pregnancy. Raw Eggs: Raw eggs or any foods that contain raw eggs should be avoided because of the potential exposure to salmonella. Some homemade Caesar dressings, mayonnaise, homemade ice cream or custards, and Hollandaise sauces may be made with raw eggs

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  1. Cereals, Grains, Flours and Other Ingredients to Limit on a Low FODMAP Diet: Cacao powder (2 teaspoons / 4.5 grams) Oats, rolled (½ cup) High FODMAP Cereals, Grains, Flours and Other Ingredients to Avoid: Barley. Besan flour. Cereal, muesli or granola with wheat, honey or dried fruit. Chickpea flour
  2. Can Cats Eat Raw Fish Bones? No, big fish bones can cause threat to a cat's neck and get stuck. Fish bones are less likely to pose a problem when you feed fish that are the right size so the fish bones are too small to get trapped in the first place
  3. On the days when you feel hungry, make sure to load up on high-protein foods, such as lean meats (chicken, turkey and fish), eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, cheese, milk and yogurt. You need to fortify your body and help repair any damage from the treatment

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  1. You should never take any chances when it comes to your meat and fish. You should not consume chicken that is more than 24 hours after its use-by date as raw chicken can harbour bacteria.
  2. After eating 12 eggs a day for a whole week (that's 84 eggs), his weight had dropped by 3.8 pounds to 201.6, and his body fat had gone down by 0.8 percent. My waist also saw a noticeable decrease.
  3. Meat & Eggs. Vata does well with eggs and a variety of different meats, if you choose to eat them. That said, vata can be easily be pacified without these animal foods, if your diet doesn't already include them. If you do eat meat, the meats to favor are those that are nourishing, sweet, moist, and relatively easy to digest
  4. Meat, Fish etc. What about meat, fish or eggs when you have Constipation? The high protein animal products don't leave much in terms of fibre for the colon. If you stick to good and basic foods here it will mean that your fat intake will be less
  5. s, protein, and healthy fats, and though the yolks are high in cholesterol, studies have shown that the cholesterol you find in eggs doesn't.
  6. In the United States, there's a lot of fear surrounding raw eggs, but a common breakfast dish in Japan is a raw egg over rice with soy sauce, and sometimes natto or chives. As a kid, my mother.

Measures you can take to prevent tapeworm infection include: Do not eat raw or undercooked fish. Cook fish at 145°F (63°C) for at least 4 minutes. Use a food thermometer to measure the thickest part of the fish. Freeze fish at -4°F (-20°C) or below for 7 days, or at -35°F (-31°C) or below for 15 hours When you feed your dogs with 10% meat, the calcium requirement of your dogs will surely be complied. To create more balance regarding the health and mineral needs of your Huskies, addition of eggs, fish, whole prey is vital. To further support and develop healthy joints among your dogs, glucosamine and chondrointin should be in their diet If you eat fish often, you can use the ESF Guide to choose the safest fish to keep and eat from any Michigan lake or river. Is that fish limited to 1 or 2 meals per month in the ESF Guide? Use the map to find another lake or river nearby where you can eat more! Clean When you clean your fish, try trimming away as much of the fat as you can see Eating out can be enjoyable, but there are some simple guidelines you should follow to help prevent foodborne illness: • Always order meat, poultry, and fish well done. Do not eat raw seafood including oysters on the half shell, raw clams, sushi and sashimi

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  1. Love salmon. Canned salmon. Salmon steaks. Any kind of salmon. My favorite that I've been eating for 40 years: salmon n' eggs. Mix a can of salmon with two or three fresh eggs and scramble it in a pan. Put it on white bread for a sandwich or eat it by the spoon and take a bite of the bread
  2. You are safe to eat fish as long as you stick to cooked fish and seafood, smoked fish, raw or lightly cooked fish in sushi, fish that was frozen, cooked shellfish, and cold pre-cooked prawns
  3. Hollandaise sauce, some mayonnaises and freshly prepared salad dressings may contain raw egg. Ice cream, eggnog, tiramisu, and some cake icings may also contain raw or undercooked eggs. Be sure to check the ingredient list. Try to avoid eating a lot of eggs if you are also experiencing digestion issues from your chemo. Eggs can be constipating
  4. Fish eggs are a terrific food. I have come to love the taste, and eat it right off the spoon just like you do. Russians, who truly appreciate fish eggs, will eat them with plenty of butter on small pieces of toast, or cover them with sour cream. But many appreciate the fish eggs just by themselves
  5. contains more protein. Heating can destroy the allergic protein in the egg white. For this reason some people can eat hard-boiled egg or other food with cooked eggs and not get symptoms. This does not mean that the allergy is gone. Before deciding if you are free of an egg allergy, you will need to watch closely for symptoms of allergy
  6. Cooking kills the salmonella bacteria in raw eggs. Also, feeding cooked eggs instead of raw eggs will save you the pain of trying to brush out a dried raw egg from your poodle's furry face. Egg Allergies. Some poodles may have egg allergies. You may notice these through symptoms like dry, itchy skin, redness, and sores
  7. On the other hand, tarpon can actually still be eaten without having to face the trouble of deboning. Yes, these massive fish remain edible even when served raw. However, you should remember to choose only the ones caught from saltwater if ever you decide to eat it without cooking
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Important foods to avoid include raw shellfish and undercooked eggs. Eating a healthful diet is essential during pregnancy, but there are some foods that pregnant women should avoid altogether Water and Nile monitors are the ones known to eat fish. Therefore, you should not give your bearded dragon fish, including cooked, canned or raw tuna, goldfish, minnows, salmon, feeder fish, tilapia, and so on. Raw fish carries a lot of parasites, harmful bacteria, and other germs. Furthermore, giving them excessive fish can deplete vitamin B3.

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Can Cats Eat Raw Salmon Skin. Can cats eat the raw salmon skin? Raw or cooked, The answer is 'No'. But, only if the fish has been thoroughly cooked. The answer could be 'Yes'. But keep the limit of feeding in moderation. Contrary to popular belief. The skin of most fish is totally edible as well as Salmon Smoked salmon: Like the raw fish, it is not okay for pregnant women to eat smoked salmon due to the risk of listeria and other parasite poisonings [ 8, 9, 20] . So make sure to stay away from smoked salmon preparations like lox, gravlax, and mousse [18] . Caviar comprising of cured salmon roe or eggs is also a no-no during pregnancy [27]

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Eggs are denser than Greek yogurt, so you can have a larger portion of the latter. Meals are smaller and more frequent. You'll likely eat at least four times a day with a couple protein. Any raw shellfish (including marinated raw mussels) Don't eat. Smoked fish, shellfish and crustacea. Chilled, pre-cooked fish, mussels, oysters*, scallops*, salmon, crayfish, prawns, and similar. Don't eat unless heated until piping hot (over 70°C) Freshly cooked fish, mussels, oysters, crayfish, scallops, and similar Raw fish can carry harmful bacteria such as listeria or salmonella, and it can even contain parasites such as roundworms, flukes, or tapeworms. Buy frozen fish and check the date when it was frozen or freeze the raw fish for a few weeks to eliminate the parasites before you give it to your dog Date created: Thu, Mar 18, 2021 10:24 PM. Best answers. Raw fish is at risk of carrying harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria. This is problematic for two reasons. One, it can make your dog sick, and two, according to the FDA, it can also make you and other members of your family ill

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Can cats eat raw eggs? Definitely not. Eggs are great for cats, but only after they've been cooked properly. Raw eggs can harbour lots of nasty bacteria like salmonella. A dose of salmonella will lead to serious food poisoning, with the symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea, extreme lethargy, and weight loss Fish, worms, amphibians, and eggs are suitable for most snakes. Larger mammals, such as chicks and baby rabbits, offer variety. However, the 'alternative' snake foods are snacks rather than staple foods. Snakes don't need or crave variety. They can live their entire lives eating only rodents and remain perfectly healthy The simple answer: Yes, dogs can eat fish. Fish can form the basis for a healthy and nutritious diet for your dog, Hohenhaus said. Not only can you cook up a fresh piece of fish for your furry friend, there are also are many complete and balanced fish-based dog foods on the market, she added before eating. • If you eat fish one or more times a week, ask WIC or your doctor for more information. What Can't I Eat? X Some foods to AVOID while pregnant: •Raw or rare meat, chicken, or turkey • Raw or soft-cooked eggs • Deli meat spreads or patés • Unpasteurized raw milk • Unpasteurized juice or cider • Raw sprouts, like. The consensus among breastfeeding experts seems to be that eating raw-fish-sushi doesn't pose a problem for a breastfeeding baby (though it has the potential to make mom sick). Can a nursing mother eat unpasteurized soft cheeses? Yes, nursing mothers can eat soft cheeses

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Broccoli. You can eat this cruciferous vegetable raw or cooked. It will bring you high levels of fiber along with vitamins C and K. Brussels Sprouts. These highly nutritious vegetables also feature high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K. Cauliflower. The versatile vegetable contains copious amounts of vitamins C, K, and folate Dogs can eat a little bit of egg each day, but it's important to feed eggs like you would any treat. Eggs are about 70 calories each, so how much you feed depends on your dog's size. Keep the 10 Percent Treat Rule in mind. The egg you feed should only make up 10 percent of your dog's total daily calories

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If your chickens eat raw beef that has bacteria in it, they may get food poisoning. This is even more likely when the beef is no longer fresh. Besides food poisoning, chickens can get a variety of other diseases from raw beef. So, as much as you can, avoid giving your chickens raw beef. Cooked Beef. Chickens can eat cooked beef safely

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