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2021 Colorado Hunting License Fees. Non-resident elk tags includes a fishing license and the cost for Non-residents in 2021 is $670.25 for Bull Elk (Antlered) or Either Sex Elk tags and $503.12 for cow/calf (Antlerless). The cost for Non-resident Youth tag is $102.78 Colorado Private Land Elk hunt with Guaranteed Tags. This outfitter has almost 200,000 acres under lease with guaranteed tags. He has a very high success rate throughout the season and runs both archery and rifle hunts. His ranches are all in the Meeker, Craig and Steamboat area which is the epicenter of the most dense elk population in the world We target elk hunts on private property (landowner tags) with the highest opportunity for success. We only offer bull elk hunts with trusted hunting outfitters to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your hunt! . Urge2Hunt offers guaranteed tags for our bull elk hunts in Alberta, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada & Wyoming Private Land Elk & Deer Hunting in Colorado. We and the landowners have designated a low number of Deer and Elk hunters (4-6) per season on each lease to guarantee a non-crowded, highly productive Elk and Deer hunting environment. Our leases offer a wide selection of accommodations. We have leases with cabins, camping availability or if you. COLORADO November Cow Elk Hunt as long as licenses last. 4000 acres of private land, in Migration Corridor. DIY/Semi- Guided Hunt, 2 track ranch roads, this one is for hunters that have hunted elk before. Lowest cost private Land cow elk freezer filler you will find anywhere. You are the only ones on 1 of the two 4000 acre ranches

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1. In Colorado, your landowner tag will let you hunt on public land too. Colorado issues two types of landowner tags: unit-wide and private-land only. The unit-wide tag gives the hunter access to hunt on the private property for which the tag was issued, but also allows the hunter the privilege of hunting all public land in that unit Colorado Private Land Guided Elk Hunts. You will have the opportunity to hunt four private ranches (55,000 acres) along with approximately one thousand acres of BLM land which reaches up to an altitude of well over 10,000 feet. Our elk hunts are fair chase and the terrain and scenery are breathtaking Great questions. 1. Colorado - private land - tags and vouchures. It is criminal activity really. >>>The land owner will give the/his out-of-state hunters/friends those tags, OR they (those out-of-staters) paid the land owner a pretty penny for them and he is smiling all the way to the barn. 2. if the raghorn is a 4pt or had a brow of 5 they. Colorado private land hunts offer services to you with the expert guides for carrying out Elk and mule deer hunting with ease to meet exact requirements. Where the Continental Divide Meets the Sky (970) 723-4045 john@buffalocreek.co

With the largest selection of landowner tags and hunts online, goHUNT has your one-click access to the finest hunting in the Western U.S. 2021 Idaho capped resident elk tags go on sale July 12 — Sawtooth Zone tags on July 14. Analyzing 3D aerial imagery for success. View All An unforgettable OTC Colorado bull elk hunt . Staying in the. Colorado elk tags for sale. Landowner vouchers in several Colorado units for a succesful Colorado Elk Hunt available on Hunters Domain 2021 Colorado Private Land Trophy Elk & or Mule Deer. Early 1st Rifle Elk Only October 16-20, 5 days, $6,800. License Application Deadline April 6, 2021. Rifle Combined Elk & Deer October 30-November 2 or November 3-7, $5,700 Add. Days Avail. 5 Day Elk November 13-17, $5,900 Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. CPW issues hunting and fishing licenses, conducts research to improve wildlife management activities, protects high priority wildlife. A limited number of landowner vouchers for Elk, Deer and Antelope hunting tags are offered each year with trespass rights onto Bar Star Ranch's private hunting ground. The Colorado Hunting Ranch. Access to Bar Star's 7500 acres of private land comes with each voucher

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has set the first or opening season as an Elk Only Season. This will be a drawing for elk tags, however with our Private Land Only either sex tags you will draw your license, and be able to take a bull or a cow on this hunt. Bear tags are available over the counter and can be added at no additional charge PRIVATE LAND OUTFITTED HUNTS. This is one of the best combination elk and deer hunts you will find. There are also a large number of black bears in the early seasons. This productive ranch is completely behind locked gates. This hunt is a hybrid of a guided hunt and a drop camp

Note: Bull elk licenses are over the counter for 2nd and 3rd seasons. If you were born on or after January 1, 1949, you must have a hunter education card or certificate before applying for or purchasing a license in Colorado. For more information go to the Department's website: Colorado Hunter Educatio Managing your Colorado elk and deer points in conjunction with personal expectations can be difficult when you have so many unit, weapon, and hunting seasons to choose from. Therefore, consulting with an expert is critical. If you are considering applying into the Colorado elk and/or deer draw give WTA TAGS a call (1-800-755-8247) or send us an.

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Colorado Guaranteed Tags Archery Elk Hunt. Read more. Colorado Private Land Elk hunt with Guaranteed Tags. Read more. Colorado Ranch Elk Hunt. Read more. High Fence Elk Hunt. Read more. Idaho Archery Elk Hunt. Read more. Idaho Archery Elk Hunt - Private Ranch, Big Bulls. Read more. New Mexico Elk Hunt Landowner vouchers/tags do not affect hunter's bonus points for deer, elk or antelope in the lottery draw. Resident and Non Resident hunters can purchase these landowner vouchers/tags. Colorado. Unit-wide landowner vouchers, allowing hunters to hunt entire units, are available for most species. Private land only vouchers/tags are also offered Our Colorado elk hunts take place on private land in southwest CO and also on exclusive guide use (meaning no other outfitters can guide on it) BLM land. These elk hunts provide high opportunity at bulls scoring 200-300 and in a good moisture year some bigger bulls will be available in any of our scenic Colorado elk hunting areas The landowner tag program has developed over the years with several changes being implemented reflecting fluctuating wildlife populations, and now Colorado has the LPP that has been developed and designed through the decades to facilitate private landowner involvement in wildlife conservation and population growth

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  1. Colorado Private Land Elk Hunts. This hunt occurs in Southeastern Colorado in Game Management Unit 83. This is a great hunt with the potential of harvesting a once in a lifetime bull. This is truly a trophy class ranch where you can take that 300 plus B&C bull. This hunt, though easier than some, is still is an elk hunt
  2. We offer premium, fully guided private land hunts in New Mexico. Public or private land, you will experience a quality hunt. For the elk hunting season, public land tags are no longer available so you will need to go through a private land outfitter New Mexico elk We offer guaranteed landowner tags for Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope in New Mexico.
  3. Colorado Unit 30 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 33/34/35/36/45/361 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 41/42/421 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 40 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 44 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 48/56/481/561 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 49,57,58,581 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 50, 500, 501 Deer Tags
  4. For elk this means where you have approval from the landowner, you may hunt on their private land in Colorado hunting unit 50. Purchasing a hunting voucher from Bar Star ranch grants you approval to hunt our ranch property for the timeframe on the hunting voucher
  5. Elk on Cross Mountain Ranch. When purchasing a big game hunting property in the West, the availability of landowner tags can be an important factor. Landowner programs were established to acknowledge the contribution of private lands to support wildlife and provide a form of compensation to landowners for resources used by wildlife
  6. Request Info. or. Call 1-800-346-8747. Southern Colorado is home to some of the finest elk hunting in the West. This large private ranch provides an unrivaled elk hunting experience with incredibly high elk numbers. The ranch spans from oak groves, ponderosa forests and meadows at 8,000 feet, through thousands of acres of aspen, to deep dark.

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Southern Colorado Premier Trophy Hunting for Elk, Mule Deer & Antelop Private land trespass fee hunts for elk, mule deer and antelope in northwest Colorado, Units 4, 5, and 301. Properties are accessible by foot, ATV or 4x4. Information on game movement, maps and general hunting guideline are provided at arrival Hunting Without Permission on Private Property C.R.S. 33-6-116. Tags in Colorado are often specific to sex, such as a bull elk or doe only tag. Hunters with these specific tags must keep evidence of sex attached to the animal while transporting so that wildlife officials can accurately identify the animals in the hunter's possession Van James was an avid hunter, and he started the 100 plus year old hunting tradition on the ranch that continues to this day. The goal of James Creek Outfitters, LLC is to provide quality, exclusive elk and mule deer hunting and excellent service. Since James Creek Outfitters, LLC is family owned and managed, they particularly enjoy family. Come enjoy a true Guided Colorado Elk Hunt with Silver Spur Outfitters on quality private land. Our guides and staff are committed to providing you with the Hunt of a Lifetime!. Elk Hunts are either four or five day hunts taking place from from September to November. Guided Elk Hunts have a 2 hunter to 1 guide ratio. Our success rate has.

Wheaton Creek Ranch is a New Mexico private elk hunting ranch providing experienced outfitting and guide services as well as a variety of the best accommodations and facilities in New Mexico. Unlike many other New Mexico outfitters and guides offering private land hunts on contracted lands they only visit a few weeks on a year, we hunt the. A3 will help you achieve your elk hunting dreams! Private Land. We have some of the best exclusive private land elk hunting opportunities available in Arizona. A3 has exclusive access to a private elk ranch covering 65,000 acres that is equally divided between Units 9 and 10 with each side over 30,000 acres Landowner Tags -- Guaranteed Tags -- Archery Bugle Hunts -- Private Land Elk Hunts -- Private Land Colorado Trophy Mule Deer Hunts -- Muzzle Loader Bugle Hunts -- Remote Horseback Colorado Guided Hunts -- Draw Hunts. Home . About Us . Photo Gallery. Hunting Trips . Summer Trips. Rates and Packages *** All Hunts Are DIY Non-Guided Trespass only Hunts on Private Land Private Ranches *** SPECIAL DIY HUNT IN AN AREA THAT HAS NEVER HAD DIY HUNTING BEFORE! This North West Corner of Colorado has more elk than Wyoming and Montana Combined! Colorado has 300,000 elk and 2/3rds of them are in this corner of the state. Not to down play the deer hunting 200 plus class monsters are taken every year. A Premier Private Land Hunting Facility, our approximately 5,000 game-filled acres lies in Game Management Units 11 & 211. Situated a short 30 miles Northwest of Meeker and 15 miles south of Maybell, Colorado, we are located in the direct path of the winter elk migration

1579 N Main Street Ste 100 PO Box 250 Cedar City, UT 84721 Phone: (435) 865-1020 Fax: (435) 865-109 ** You must apply on or before April 6, 2021 for limited elk & deer licenses. (Unit 581) For more information on the draw system and license preference points, contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-297-1192 or at cpw.state.co.us Limited Private Landowner Vouchers for elk & deer on this ranch are available for purchase through us Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada all issue unit-wide landowner tags. In Nevada, where the best deer, elk and pronghorn tags are extremely difficult to obtain through the regular draw, there's no limit to the number of landowner tags a hunter can purchase in a single hunting season Over the counter archery elk and pronghorn licenses are also available. Leftover Limited Licenses available at License Agents or Online. All licenses for separate & 4th season by drawing only. *All deer/elk licenses allocated by limited draw only. Buck deer and bull elk tags are not available in all 4th season hunts

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  1. SELF-GUIDED CABIN HUNTS ON PRIVATE AND PUBLIC LAND $1700 PER PERSON Elk tags are available over the counter on the which are during the 2ndseason (10/23/2010 to 10/31/2010) or the 3rd Colorado elk season (November 6/ through November 13th). 1st and 4th season is a draw with applications due April 5th 201
  2. g landowner tags. 928.242.0105 or 928.368.4105. $ 2950. *2020 New Mexico unit 31, 40 fully guided private land rifle antelope hunt. 100,000+ acres of leased ranches. 3 day rifle hunt fully guided 2 on 1 all trophy care and meat care out of the field, we will have chest.
  3. Hunting at Eagle Rock Ranch. Eagle Rock Ranch is an outstanding location for those Elk and Deer hunters who wish to hunt private land or have the most accessible location to the Green Ridge area. The topography around the ranch runs from 8,100 to over 10,000 feet in elevation

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Thank you for checking us out! Colorado Hunting Game Units 003 & 301. Craig, CO. Jim Stehle. Outfitter #1951. PO BOX 172191. Denver, CO 80217. 303-726-5975. jim@huntcos.com Ridgeline Outfitters has landowner private ranch elk tags for sale - November, December and January late season rifle elk hunts. December and January landowner elk tags are difficult to acquire and we have a limited amount available. Late season hunts in New Mexico offer prime opportunities for trophy 300+ bulls The elk tags are guaranteed (100% draw or leftover) and we have both guided and unguided hunts; mostly on private land. Bull elk hunts have been about 100% shot opportunity for the last 5 years. 100% private ranch includes alfalfa as well as thicker terrain and hills on guided hunt

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Private Lands Hunting. Southwest Colorado is home to a deceiving number of elk - our clients hunt on private lands in the aspen covered mountains near Durango and all the way into the low country. And some of the best hunting takes place in low elk density areas along the Utah border. This is where the huge bulls of Utah often find their way. Hunting with Randy Newberg Elk Talk; Colorado has the biggest elk herd in the world. This video tells you how the Colorado Limited-entry elk tag drawing syst.. Hunt Colorado! Rocky Mountain Ranches Private land trespass fee hunts on quality ranches Guaranteed Tags Urge 2 Hunt Deer/Elk tags - DIY or guided for all species West Texas Hunting Private Land Free Range Native and Exotic Game. Nearly 1 Million Texas Acres! MORE Hunting Guides & Outfitters Alberta - Arizona - California Colorado - Idaho - Mexic Our hunts are on 4,200 acres of private land bordering 3000 + acres of BLM. We are here to not only provide you with a hunt, we are here to provide you with life long memories Landowner Tags - Archery Hunts - Private Land Elk Hunts - Private Land Mule Deer Hunt - Colorado GMU 12 & 13 - Colorado Guided Hun

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Elk Hunting. Our 5,000 to 10,000 acres of private land is located close to Aguilar in Southern Colorado which is an excellent hunting spot for elk bull and cow. You find several big meadows, pinon trees, ponderosa and cedar. We have several year round water holes and a nice spring fed creek running through. Simply, a paradise for elk • 2018 Archery Elk Hunt Price: $3,000 a hunter • •Archery Elk Season Dates: August 25-30, • •Sept 1-6 or Sept 17-23 • •Archery Elk hunts are 6 days of hunting • •Nearest Town: Glenwood Springs, Colorado • •Food & Lodging Included on Archery Elk Hunts • •2018 Rifle Elk Hunt Price: $3,000 a hunter • •Rifle Elk Season Dates: Nov 3-11 • •Food & Lodging Included on. Hunt with Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd for Colorado Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope hunting on private land. We offer great prices with quality hunts. Call us today at 970-439-1894 OR Cell 970-439-1911 for more information Tags and vouchers are the key words for landowner tags or landowner vouchers that are used to get the hunter special licenses and by-pass the lottery Draw. Many time they are bundled with a Trespass hunt so that the voucher includes the tresspass fee. The can be for licenses for Deer, Elk and Antelope

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Lease #3 - Willow Creek Ranch $3,000 per hunter. The Willow Creek Ranch is located North of Craig, east of Highway 13, in hunting unit 4. Combination elk and deer hunting. OTC elk tags. Timber consists of oak and aspen; has some open meadows and creek bottoms. Willow Creek meanders through the ranch for 1.5 miles This hunt will require that hunters apply for a Cow Elk Tag for Private Land Only in Units 4, 5 & 301 ***** ALL HUNTING WILL BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH COLORADO PARKS & WILDLIFE REGULATIONS. Each hunter born after 1949 is required to have a hunter education class before obtaining a Colorado hunting license

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Live. •. Fishtail Ranch hunts take place on private ranch land in Unit 4 Northern New Mexico, this means guaranteed licenses (NO DRAW REQUIRED) in a quality unit with one of the highest success rates in the state. Private land allows us to control both the number of hunters and the number of elk harvested, helping to maintain a quality elk herd Other Fees. $91.75. Season Notes. Aug 25 - Nov 18, 2018. Private Land Only - 54 S of South Castle Creek, CR 730, Carbon Creek and Squaw Gulch; W of Hwy 135; N of US 50; E of Gunnison River, Antelope Creek, CR 818, CR 727 and USFS Trail 438. 5-Year Comparison Graph. 1st Muzzleloader - Cow. 56%. 80% Big game hunt recommendations. After receiving feedback from the elk committee, which consists of DWR representatives and other organizations — including Brigham Young University wildlife researchers, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the Utah Farm Bureau — as well as private landowners, sportsmen and other members of the public, DWR biologists are recommending.

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As most hunters interested in Colorado elk hunting know, unit 76 is one of the top producing units. Though not one of the Super Trophy units, it does produce some great quality bulls. * In the drawing, it is taking 10 or more years to draw these tags. * Fully guided hunters stay in a modern cabin. Hunt will include lodging, guide, meals and. Hunt Colorado unit 481 for elk with a guaranteed landowner tag. All seasons and weapon choices are available. Stay in the guest house / hunting lodge or camp on the ranch or surrounding forest service lands

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Tag Price. $496.75. PP Fee. $9.00. Other Fees. $91.75. Season Notes. Aug 25 - Sep 23, 2018. Except on Bosque del Oso in GMU 861 and is only valid on Private Land in units 4, 5, 12, 23, 24, 33, and 441 In Colorado, limited licenses are distributed for big game hunting. Big game licenses are limited to a number of specific units and hunting seasons. They are distributed through a license application and drawing processed managed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Private-land-only licenses can be applied for with special permission from a landowner

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Colorado Colorado is often at the top of the list for beginner elk hunters. The state has more elk than any other, with more than 280,000 animals. Colorado sells either sex and cow-only archery tags over the counter. For rifle hunters, bull tags can be purchased over the counter for the state's second and third rifle seasons Our Loco Mountain Ranch hunts are CO High Altitude Hunting at its best, with the ranch starting at 9,000 feet and going up to 11,300 feet. This Colorado private ranch has over 3,500 acres of great hunting terrain and we have Federal permits for nearby public land. Todd's Loco 7x7. Gary's 6x6 Scored 332. Mike's 35 Loco Buck, scored 198 Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country. With an estimated population of around 280,000, the elk are spread out over millions of acres of private and public land. The low cost of licenses, large herds, and a really incredible make Colorado the state where more elk hunters flock each year than anywhere else in the Rocky Mountains These landowner tags are good for the private land to which the voucher is allocated. Bucks & Bulls ® offers fully guided one-on-one and two-on-one big game hunts for monster trophy mule deer bucks, huge Utah bull elk, New Mexico trophy bull elk, Boone and Crockett New Mexico antelope, and Utah Shiras moose. Colorado horse-back adventures for. Current price $1,000.00 per voucher. These are muzzleloader vouchers only. Colorado state license $326.00 non resident. Non-guided do it yourself hunt. Now booking for 2013, 2014. Let Grouse Mesa Outfitters help you realize your dream hunt on one of our fully-guided, private land elk hunts on horseback near Chama in northern New Mexico! 

5-Day Mule Deer hunts include all meals, lodging and are guided exclusively on Private Land! Our Private-Land mule deer hunts in Western Colorado, have seen a 90 to 100% success rate during the past two years. We only take a limited number of deer hunts on this ranch. All tags are draw, and we also have land owner tags G Five Deer and Elk Hunting land in Routt, CO 153,705 Acres. Price. $1000 - $5000. This 3,500 - acres hunting location is situated in Routt County in Colorado. This land provide a great opportunity for hunters to hunt Deer and Elk. Elk can be found at elevation of 8,500 feet

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New Mexico Unit 6C, 13, 45, 52 and 53 Self Guided Landowner Vouchers HuntersTrailhead Featured Elk Hunt. NM135E. Unit 6C * The tags are valid unit wide and hunters are not required to hire a guide. * Unit 6C borders the famous and very popular Valles Caldera National Preserve Our hunts are private land hunts that border U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), CO Parks and Wildlife and National Forest areas. We have many BLM permits in place in GMU's 42, 33, 32 and 22, therefore we have the option of hunting off of the private land if the opportunity arises. Hunting has been a strong family tradition in the Snyder. With our guaranteed tags, private land access and knowledge of the area we have the ability to put you on the game. In our Salmon river canyon we hunt a combination of both frontcountry and backcountry. Doing this allows us to be versatile and not only pattern the elk and deer herds, but to cater to every hunters limitations as well

Hamilton, Colorado 81638. (970) 824-9317. gilmarranch@gmail.com. Bull Elk in the Winter. Gilmar Ranch March 2008. Photograph by Michelle Cox. We invite you to hunt with us at the Gilmar Ranch located in the. beautiful Williams Fork Valley of. Northwest Colorado and join us in a rich legacy of hunting Rocky Mountain Ranches is a licensed Colorado big game hunting outfitter specializing in offering non-guided, private land hunts. We offer some of the finest Colorado elk hunting, Colorado mule deer hunting, and Colorado pronghorn antelope hunting on private ranches in the Colorado Rockies. Our private ranches range in size from 1000 to 6000.

Hunt #5090 Guided Rifle Mule Deer/Elk Lodge 7000 Ac Private Up to 190 Deer. From $1,995.00. Quick Shop Some elk herds living in the mix of private and public holdings may spend most of their days on private land, but the rut and fall snows often drive them across private fences to public land. For high success on public land, hunt the fringes of the larger private parcels in your desired area Excellent resident elk populations mean lots of opportunities to fill your elk tag on a mature bull. Hunters go into the field with professional guides and stay in clean, spacious lodging and eat home cooked meals. Everyone hunts exclusively on private lands and we boast a high success rate on mature bull elk ELK HUNT PRICING We offer Public and Private land options, for Draw tags, as well as guaranteed/landowner tags. We also offer hunts in Quality/High Demand Units for bulls in the 320 - 400+ range Colorado Private Land hunting. Elk tag: $601 . Bull Elk tag: $454 . Cow Deer tag: $361 . Fishing is included with all big game tags. If you choose to pay for your hunt with a Credit Card, there is a 3% Charge to the cost of your hunt. CONTACT SPARKY FOR MORE INFO SPARKY@M2DCAMO.COM OR CAL

Wildlife in the area include elk, mule deer, black bear, big horn sheep, mountain , antelope, and an occasional moose. Colorado has more elk than any other U.S. state or Canadian province. The elk herd in our area is estimated at 42,000 animals. And while its best known for elk, it produces quality mule deer bucks and bears as well Many elk will be average Colorado bulls, but we do take some nice bulls that score well over 300 inches. Average Costs: Public Land Wilderness Hunts are $5000 guided and $2500 for drop camps. Private land hunts are fully guided and prices vary by ranch. Please call pricing. Hunts do not include the cost of the necessary Colorado licenses Colorado guided elk deer private land hunt. Hunt ID: CO-5025 About the Hunt Provider: The hunt provid er has 3,000 acres of private land with a drop camp, cabin and lodge. The mountain is public at the top but you have to get through private land to get there so this is the perfect setup Arrow J Outfitters is a small, family owned and operated hunting operation in Northwest Colorado's unit 3 on private land acres on the Little Snake River in between Baggs, Wyoming ans Craig, Colorado. We offer limited deer, elk, and combo hunts! Arrow J Outfitters is licensed, bonded, and insured. Colorado Outfitter #2974 Trapping was allowed soon after hunting. And today, hunting and trapping season is year-round on private land. Night hunting is allowed, on private land with a permit. Snare traps are allowed. There is no longer a bag limit, but tags are required: $13.75 each for Idaho residents and $31.75 for nonresidents

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Want to Shoot a Monster Arizona Trophy Elk? Ridgeline Oufitters is Arizona's premier elk hunting outfitter. Public land hunts or private land hunts with guaranteed landowner tags available. Archery, Muzzle Loader or Rifle Hunts Colorado High Country Adventures is a professional hunting association offering outfitters, guides and guided hunts for elk, antelope and deer hunting outfitters in Colorado, Wyoming, and British Columbia. We have big game hunting for elk, mule deer, antelope, whitetail deer, black bear, moose and Rocky Mountain goat. Elk hunting guides and outfitters in Colorado August Cow Elk Hunts Colorado. Our Private Land Only (PLO) Rifle Cow Elk Hunts take place in Mid-Late August in North Central Colorado. PLO (Private Land Only) Cow Elk Hunts provide the opportunity to employ a variety of hunting methods ranging from spot and stalk, stalking on well used game trails, sitting over large willow choked river bottoms and vast fresh cut hay fields Experience the best in guided deer and elk hunting with Colorado Trophies. Hunt over tens of thousands of private acres in beautiful southwestern Colorado An unbelievable hunting experience, simply put. The Montosa Ranch is one of the top hunting ranches in the state of New Mexico and to top it all off the accomodations are second to none. Eric Kern and his guides have been featured hunting the ranch on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's TV show Team Elk, Driven TV with Pat and Nicole and the Crush with Lee and Tiffany