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Elan Ferguson - New York , NY. I am so grateful for Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. I have been so unhappy with my appearance for many years and thought I would never get my smile back! Thanks to being selected for a $7,500 grant towards my implants, I have been given a second chance. I can now begin a new journey and smile again, I have so much. I am writing this report regarding Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. I am not one to say that they are . a ripoff, I will let you decide. I called them because I need dental work done. I have not worked did read reviews on this grant program. It was 50/50, so I did take my chances. When I called Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. —. Its a scam. I went on line to see about a cosmetic dental Grants and found there website. I was very excited. I thought I had found a way to fix something that has been taking my self confidence away. I Called them on the phone and spoke with them. Alex (the lady who answed the phone could not have been more. Cosmetic dentistry grants program reviews. By dentist On Jun 22, 2021. How can I fix my teeth with no money? Does swishing milk help teeth? Previous studies have shown that rinsing black and milk significantly reduces pH in distilled water; however, the moisture content of dental enamel (DS) was not significantly reduced due to the increase in.

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I applied for a grant through Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program, they contact me saying I was eligable for a grant and referred me to Dr. Schrieber's office at DDS Debtal Group in New York City, I left my long time dental office in order to oblige the grant program, I was instructed I needed to complete some basic dental work inorder to recieve the grant so I had 2 teeth pulled in order to. Federal Grants for Dental Implants Scam. I recently found a deal online where it said they were giving federal grants for dental implants. Everything seemed legit at first. They said the money could be used toward any cosmetic procedure, but that a lot of people used it to replace missing teeth and, as long as I was a candidate, I could use my. What is the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program? A Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG Grant) is free to apply for and is available to anyone that wishes to improve their oral health and return confidence to their smile. To be eligible for consideration of a CDG Grant, an applicant simply needs to demonstrate that their mouth is healthy enough to.

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The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants is not very well known even though they give out approximately $1 million in grants for dental implants every year. In order to be accepted you need to take an appointment with a dentist and do tests to figure out if you are in good enough oral health Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. Our review of the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG) program illustrates a central subtheme of this article. Prosthodontists are willing to provide awards to people deemed to offer something of value in exchange: a profitable future customer that generates positive publicity Cosmetic Dentistry Grants is a company that markets itself as a provider of cosmetic and dental implant care at a highly reduced price. They claim to be advancing their mission through their community gift-giving program, which provides up to one million dollars in funding grants every year to the patients who elect to use their services Information about Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program was first submitted to Scambook on Aug 31, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 19 consumer complaints. On average users reported $2131.58 of damages. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 1 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Mar 01, 2013

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program? The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant or the CDG is a popular grant provided by the federal government for those who wish to have a dental surgery but do not have the sufficient amount of money. It is one of the government grants for dental implant programs that help people to have a better teeth I went trough the consultation and informed them (the dentist, not Cosmetic Dentistry) that my dental benefits for the year would start on March 28. I called the dentist to inform them that I would like to begin the procedure for a dental implant, but was informed that they no longer work with Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you'll find that state-funded insurance programs and discount dental programs aren't as likely to provide the care you are looking for. It's possible even that your dental insurance doesn't cover the cosmetic care you want or need.. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants program seeks to be a solution to that problem Recommends. Neutral Outlook. I worked at Cosmetic Dentistry Grant. Pros. They pay $15 an hour, which is a good salary for customer service work. They're located right at Yonge and Eglinton so you don't even have to leave the subway station to get to work. Great job for students Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program has initiated a resolution for compaint 252424 on 02/28/2014. Information about Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program was first submitted to Scambook on Aug 31, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 19 consumer complaints Complaint / review text: I recently required (and still do) a cosmetic dental procedure to address a now-missing tooth. I came upon the website of the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program. I was contacted by Paula Velasco by e-mail and I later contacted her by phone (the first and ONLY time I ever cvonversed with her through ANY medium) and I was referred to a dentist in the metropolitan area

The amount is grant upon the financial condition of the patient, severity of the case, and the eligibility. It grants up to $5000 which is started at $2500. Smile grant program reviews are good as anyone who apply for this program suggested to go with smile grant program reviews before applying The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program or The CDG as it is popularly known is a grant program for people who would like to have dental issues free life. It is one of the government dental implant grants programs that help individuals get a better grin. Folks of all ages and social backgrounds can apply for this award The Dental Grants Program provides you with the opportunity to pay less for implants and cosmetic dentistry services. Thanks to participating practitioners, and a commitment on your part, you can qualify for a Dental Grant that will reduce the cost of your dental work by up to 30%, depending on your procedure Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program . The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) Program provides partial grants to people who need cosmetic services like dental implants. Although CDG doesn't pay the entire cost of getting dental implants, its partial grants can make implants much more affordable

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  1. Dental Grants of Texas providing Best Dental services. We have a team of experts who are completely dedicated to provide general and cosmetic dentistry services with Best Dentists in Dallas. A Texas Non Profit Organization Apply For A Dental Grant (972) 546-0103; Toggle navigation. Home.
  2. At Smile Program, Signup for highly affordable dental care and free discount plan for the best dental treatment by a top-rated local dentists. Call Now 888-455-9692. Smile Program help to find the best dental implants dentist in Riverside, CA and will match you up with the best dentists to save 40% on dentistry in Riverside
  3. In this topic, Cosmetic surgery grants, weight loss grants, implants and dental treatment grants, and etc are strong candidates for a scam. Some have two or three steps treatments, hidden fees, or portions not covered. Health and dental grants are a terrible idea at the most optimistic point of view, epecially when dealing with your body. Stay.
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This dentist is a participating dentist/ in-cahoots in that scam dental grants program and pays them to get people like us into his office. In order to understand in detail their MO, what they do, and how egregious and unethical they are, do yourself a favor and do an online search on 'cosmetic dentistry grants scam' Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant program is an entirely different animal run by a private company rather than a government agency. The Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group operates this clever marketing scheme to help participating offices grow their businesses. Participating dentists offer partial grants to attract new patients. 9. Try for Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) Program. This program supports you pay for dental implants and dentures. This is the private organization with the participating practices fund the program. In fact, practices fund the programs since it is the method to fill chairs There are many different types of dental grants available for adults including the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant through the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group, the Change a Life Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Adults may apply for a dental grant to help fix cosmetic or functional problems with their teeth, gums or mouth The real good news is that the government along with so many non-profit organizations provides grants for dentures. Under this dentures grant, the money is provided under the cosmetic dentistry grants program and its implants, dental grants for the child, adult and seniors and also other treatments

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  1. About Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) Program is owned and operated by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc, (OAAG) a research, information and funding organization founded in 2010 by dental practitioners and industry professionals
  2. Preparing things needed for individuals grants for dental help is important. This will increase your chance of getting the grant for your dental care. What you need to prepare are proof of income from the past year, including pay stubs and tax forms; and the proof of your current permanent address that can be retrieved from the electric bill, water bill, and phone bill
  3. Cosmetic Surgery Grants. 139 likes · 1 talking about this. The Sir Harold Gillies Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program provides you with the option to pay less for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and..
  4. Option #6: Cosmetic Dentistry Grant. If you have patients who are able to wait to begin their treatments, consider sharing information about the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants program with them. The grant provides funding for a number of cosmetic procedures, including veneers, implants, Invisalign, teeth whitening, contouring, and more
  5. A smile design is the process by which a cosmetic dentist uses digital technology and the golden ratio to optimize a patient's smile. Your dentist will consider every aspect of your smile. The design takes into consideration the relationship between every aspect of a person's mouth and face, including the gums, lips, and teeth

The grants for cosmetic surgery are not limited to patients only. But for researchers and medical institutes as well. If you are working on a research project to invent a new surgery type or anything related to cosmetic surgery, then you or your organization can apply for the federal grant for cosmetic surgery Funding programs have eligibility criteria, which an applicant must meet before a funding application will even be considered. USA Grant Applications was designed to give you the help you need to locate and apply for these funds because if you are like most Americans, you just don't know where to start. Apply now

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The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program or The CDG as it is popularly known is a grant program for people who Continue Reading → Posted in: Charity Filed under: cosmetic dentistry grants program , government grants for dental implant Before we begin cosmetic dentistry, we will perform a comprehensive exam of your oral health. If we find concerns about your health-such as bleeding or receding gums-we may postpone cosmetic dentistry until we can ensure your teeth are healthy and sound. This may mean gum disease treatment before or at the same time as your Columbus Ohio. Composite Bonding. 3. Dental Veneers. 4. Teeth Whitening. 5. Implants. Cosmetic dentistry is a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth. And although cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually elective rather than essential, some treatment cases also provide restorative benefits

The CDS Foundation Grants program is currently on hiatus. A grant announcement will be made when the new application cycle is open. The CDS Foundation seeks programs that provide dental homes and education with an emphasis on expanding their services and patient base. Grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000. Restriction 9. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. Teeth are often stained from smoking, food, drink (coffee, tea or red wine) or poor oral hygiene. Bleaching the teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile. (Read more about inlays and onlays The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program or The CDG as it is popularly understood is a grant program for men and women who would like to have dental problems completely free life. It is but one of those government Grants for dental work Program that help people get a much better grin. People of all ages and social backgrounds are able to apply for. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) program provides partial grants to people who need cosmetic services such as dental implants. Although CDG does not pay all the costs of getting dental implants, its partial subsidy can make implants much more affordable

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Website Services. (864) 224-1925. 104 Buford Ave. Anderson, SC 29621. From Business: At Dental Associats of South Carolina, Inc we provide general, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry for the whole family. Dr. Kendon A. Ross, Dr. Malia. 5. Mowlajko Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, LLC Grant Information. PA-19-022. Advancing Imaging, Device Production, and Clinical Capabilities in Digital Dentistry (R43/R44 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) Closes September 5, 2021. Grant Information. RFA-DE-19-006 HOUSTON, July 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Leading dental facility, Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, announced today that their own Dr. Roberto Velasco, D.D.S., has again been selected for. Cosmetic Dentistry . We believe that everybody deserves to have a smile that they love to share with the world. Thats why we practice the full scope of cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers to Invisalign® orthodontic treatment. Our Seattle area patients come to Mill Creek Dentistry because we use the latest techniques combined with an eye for beauty to ensure you.

The Cosmic Dentistry Scholarship Program (CDG) gives partial grants to people who need cosmetic services such as dental implants. Although CDG does not pay the full cost of getting dental implants, its partial grants can make implants much more affordable Project: Dentists Care Inc. (PDC) is a nonprofit, charitable organization formed in 1993. This dental access-to-care program was established by the Florida Dental Association (FDA) and supported by the Florida Dental Association Foundation. It consists of numerous organizations in Florida that provide a safety net of preventive and restorative. Situated at 1519 NE F Street, Gentle Dental Grants Pass offers compassionate dental care from a talented team of skilled dental professionals. Dedicated to patient comfort, we provide a wide spectrum of services, including general dentistry, endodontics, root canals, oral surgery, implants, veneers and periodontics

Some examples of dental grants and government-funded programs include The Give Back a Smile program and the Dental Lifeline Network. Give Back a Smile helps victims of domestic abuse. The Dental Lifeline Network offers assistance to low-income patients with a permanent disability, are age 65 or older, or have an underlying illness We're thrilled to be your first choice for quality dental care in San Diego. (858) 487-6453. Learn about how our services can improve your quality of life and help you reach your oral health goals. Our Services. Comprehensive Dental Care The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2021 grant cycle. For the 2021 grant cycle, the Foundation will be awarding S.M.I.L.E. Grants and S.M.I.L.E. Mini-Grants. Before applying, please review our funding criteria. To apply for a 2021 grant, please use our secure website . Any questions, please email us General, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry in Fairfield, CA When searching for a dental care provider, it's important to find a practice that puts your comfort and satisfaction at the forefront. Frank J. Chen, DDS, Judy Su, DDS, and the entire team at Solano Dental Group combine state-of-the-art technology with a patient-focused approach to.

Mission of Hope is a gospel based aid organization that has been in Haiti for 25 years serving the community with medical aid, nutrition programs and primary and secondary education. Visit www.mohhaiti.org for more info. YouTube. Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. 10 subscribers. Subscribe. Dr Prashant Rao DDS of Cedar Walk Dentistry. Info VA dental care offers free dental care for Veterans in some cases. Find out if you qualify for VA dental care benefits depending on factors like your disability rating, service history, and specific needs. If you don't qualify, find out how to buy dental insurance for Veterans through VA

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Sarasota Dentistry, a leading provider in cosmetic and implant dental care is pleased to announce they will be holding a Sarasota Dentistry Dental National Scholarship Contest. The essay winners selected will receive a $1,500.00 scholarship. Dr. Michael knows the importance of education At Central Florida Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we strive to make our Kissimmee office as efficient and convenient as possible to our clients in the Hunters Creek , Kissimmee , Orlando, and Central Florida area. Included in these web pages is information about our office, including our location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and. St. Mary Health Center. 412 Ann Street / Wilmington, NC 28401 / (910) 763-8163. Call on Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-12:00 pm to make an appointment. *No health insurance required to receive dental services. Must be a resident of the local area

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  1. The following organizations and their respective grants made our list for the best fertility treatment grants of 2021! Cade Foundation The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation offers the Family Building Grant that provides up to $10,000 to infertile families in need
  2. Description: Provides $5,000 to one (1) individual to participate in the 12-month program. Applicant must be either a dental student, graduate student, or resident enrolled in an accredited dental school education program, or an early-career dentist under the age of 40 or in his/her first five years of professional work following residency
  3. To apply for a government grant for a dental procedure, locate the most appropriate grant, follow the application instructions carefully, and verify your resources to avoid scams. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a dental procedure grant. There are national grant options for dental procedures, but some states offer their own grants
  4. by Michael DiFrisco, CAE Find your dental DNA, and more, with the Cosmetic Dental Marketing Institute, the ultimate on... Read More AACD Executive Office 5/27/21 11:24am Practice Marketin
  5. Established as the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1840, the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) is the world's first dental college and offers exceptional educational programs for prospective members of the oral health professions, including a DDS, Denta Hygiene Program, Post Graduate and Dual-Degree Programs with.
  6. A degree in dentistry is valuable for multiple reasons. It will not only give you the opportunity to help people in need, but you can also rest assured that there will always be people needing your assistance: as we all sadly know from experience, teeth have to be constantly repaired and, thus, you should never fear that you will remain without patients. And if this still didn't convince you.
  7. Our dentists volunteer their services each year to Dentistry from the Heart, a program that provided dental care to underprivileged members in our community. We frequently venture out to local schools to provide free dental education and services, plus you'll often find us sponsoring various community festivals and events

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We have a high standard of excellence in personalized dental care which enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health. Should a dental emergency occur, we will make every effort to see and care. Dental bonding, sometimes called a composite restoration, is a dental procedure used to close spaces and fix chips in teeth or to solve other cosmetic dental concerns, like discoloration and cracks. Your dentist applies a moldable, durable composite resin that matches your existing teeth. When cured and hardened by the dentist it repairs any. Your smile is priceless. Learn about the CareCredit credit card and our special financing options for dental. Our healthcare credit card can be used for a variety of dental care and orthodontia procedures including dental implants, tooth repair, crowns or caps, root canals, dental implants, braces, retainers, bite plates, and headgears Prior to leaving military service, Dr. Doherty practiced at Naval Health Clinic Hawaii and was an attending surgeon at the Tripler Army Medical Center OMS Residency program. He trained multiple residents with an emphasis in facial cosmetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, maxillofacial trauma, and dental implantology. In 2009, Dr. Doherty opened. Unfortunately, I broke an old 30 year old Alloy Filling last Friday. I searched for a dentist close to my house and choose Dr. Grants Dental Group. I liked the reviews that I read so I quickly gave them a call. They set me up with an appointment the following Monday in the morning. I walked in and was treated like I had been a patient there.

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AAID credentialed dental implant experts are passionate about helping you live your life the way you want to. You can count on them to give you the smile you deserve, the ability to eat what you want and teeth that feel and act like your natural ones Treatment with Biomimetic Dentistry is able to repair and restore teeth through strong adhesion, eliminating many of the problems that arise from traditional dentistry. He is a full-time professor at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC (University of Southern California) , having trained and has mentored many of the top dentists around. Dental Care Seattle. Home Services Cosmetic Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Preventative Dentistry Invisalign® Our Team Overview Dr. Michael Mulick Dr. Nick Radandt Dr. Shana Reidy Dr. Brigitte Higgins Dr. Victor Barry Showcase Office Tour Reviews Resources Community. Pay Online Forms Contact Us (206) 325-0166 James Butler, DMD, is an implant and general dentist at Innovative Dental Ideas. He is the founder and president of his practice located in Hilliard, Ohio. Dr. Butler earned his dental degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky, graduating in 1982 with top honors in orthodontics, periodontics, and.

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  1. Free and Low Income Dental Services. Dental services are expensive, so many Americans tend to neglect treatment. Many jobs in the U.S. also have a lack of dental coverage, which leaves low-income families struggling to find affordable dental care.Fortunately, low-income dental services are possible to find with research and patience
  2. Smile Program is a California based company, founded by two individuals that had a vision of making high-quality dental care more affordable. The program only works with high-qualified dental providers that prioritize patient care. I originally had just googled online, to see if I can get help to get the procedure done, and the Smile Program.
  3. ations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital. Details about this program can be found on the Child Dental.
  4. Connecticut's Top Premier Biological & Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Yuriy May, awarded Best Biological Holistic Dentist in Connecticut in 2017-2020 USA, and Best Ceramic Implant Dentist Globally in 2020 by the IAOCI has become known as USA's best ceramic dental implant dentist. Dr
  5. Humboldt Health Foundation Angel Fund provides small grants to meet immediate medical or health related needs of individuals who are residents of Humboldt County. The Angel Fund is designed to provide rapid help for defined medical and healthcare related needs for people residing within Humboldt County. Funds are generally granted on a one time.
  6. Learn more about our Children's Dentist! Brick Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. 132 Drum Point Road. Brick, NJ 08723. (732) 920-9220. Permit Numbers 5637, 5435. Prev Next

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Solutions Grants Program Basics May 15, 2020 Speakers Naomi Cantu Homeless Program Administrator 512‐475‐3975 Kali Adams Homeless Programs Performance Specialist 512‐475‐1431 Program email: esg@tdhca.state.tx.us We're ready to deliver the oral health care you need, when you need it. We never stopped taking care of critical patients. As we open our doors to treat the broader oral health needs of the community, your safety continues to be our top priority. We're taking additional safety precautions to keep you, our team members and the community safe

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Medford OR Rogue Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PC. Dr. Michael Doherty at Rogue Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PC in Medford, Oregon practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery, providing dental implant surgery, wisdom teeth removal, and cosmetic facial procedures including facelift and brow lift, as well as skin care treatments such as. The most important thing for you to do is to apply. We know the most frustrating part about all of it is the time that it takes to research the grants that fit you best, but that is why we are here to help you! We want to help you find the most suitable, helpful, and beneficial grants with the least amount of time and effort. Apply Now

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The start of 2020 brought a new venture for the UF College of Dentistry to serve as part of UF Health Wildlight in Nassau County, north of Jacksonville. The new medical facility boasts 40,000 square feet of office and medical space for primary care use using a patient-centered model focused on prevention and early diagnosis Patient Information - English Patient Information - Spanish St. Petersburg Dental Center Mission Our 12-month certificate program is designed to provide advanced clinical and didactic training in all disciplines of general dentistry beyond the training received in dental school. Patient treatment is frequently complex and challenging, with multiple opportunities for experience in dental. Services Bigelow & Pastrell Family Dentistry is a dentist/dental office located in Grants Pass, OR. A dentist is trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the gums, teeth, and jaw. Please call Bigelow & Pastrell Family Dentistry at (541) 476-4199 to schedule an appointment in Grants Pass, OR or get more information Our inviting prosthodontists in Broomfield, Colorado, can help you achieve a healthier smile. The prosthodontists at Denver Restorative Dentistry are experts in restorative and cosmetic dentistry with specialized expertise in implants, dentures, crowns, veneers and full-mouth reconstruction. The doctors have helped hundreds of patients get the. In addition to teaching hands-on programs, he has presented workshops and lectures at dental meetings and has authored many articles on aesthetic and restorative dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Alabama Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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By providing general dental services along with specialty, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry we make it easy to get the dental care your entire family needs. From Dental Cleanings and Braces to Root Canals and Dental Implants we're here to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile. Oral Exam. Root Canals. Teeth Whitening Koo then received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1999 from the University of Texas Health Science Center. He went on to pursue a residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Texas Houston dental program. Dr. Steve Koo graduated in 2007 and joined Dr. Thomas Weil as a partner to form Piney Point Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focus on diagnosing and treating malocclusions, otherwise known as crooked teeth or bad bites. Orthodontists are dentists who, in addition to completing dental school, also completed three additional years of specialized study and a residence program in order to learn the more specialized.